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On the refinery theme, any images that have been uploaded to the library and inserted in pages or posts do not appear, just the image box with an “x” in the box and the image name. This happens with all of the images.

Send your wp-admin login details to hello[AT]lovethemes[DOT]co and I’ll take a look.

You have set no featured image in a portfolio item and you are using the WordPress gallery function within portfolio items which is the wrong way to do it.

Check the documentation included with the theme for the correct way to set it up.


On the Refinery theme we’ve had a bit of an issue with the portfolio page and shortcodes. We’re running Wordpress 4.8.1(The current latest ver.) and the shortcodes aren’t working. The portfolio page is also not pulling images through in neat columns and rows. Do you know what the issue might be?

Thanks, Bish

Use the contact form on my profile page and send me WP Admin details so I can take a look.

I sent the details yesterday, did you receive them?

Yes. There are no issues. It looks like you’re using the theme incorrectly. You have no featured image set for the portfolio items and you’re using the WordPress gallery shortcode inside the portfolio items.

Refer to the Docs included with the theme for correct usage.