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Hi there, This is a great theme and I’m having a small strange thing happen with links to Vimeo. Instead of taking the visitor to the URL at Vimeo, a box opens up with a message: “Oops The embed code for this video is not valid”

But I’m not trying to embed a video, I’m trying to direct the visitor to a vimeo page. You can see what I mean here. The IMDB link works fine, but the Vimeo one (and also the one in the footer) brings up this error.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks – i found it – it was called something else. Thanks for your help.

No worries.

I’m having problems setting up the portfolio page. I’ve added items and a portfolio page, but I cannot get the items to show on that page. Is there a shortcode I am missing??

Choose the portfolio template from the page attributes:

Funny, I did this million times last night and nothing. Then I try from a new computer and all of the “Projects” are there. Maybe something to do with the cache. Thanks

Possibly. No problem!

If appreciate it you could leave a rating:


When I load my site on mobile platform the menu is not loading/blank. Any ideas why?

Is there a better way to request support?

Make sure the menu you created is name Primary or it wont be populated. You can send emails via the form on my profile page:


Is there a way to disable the text on the page headers? While it looks really good, we just want to feature the logo on the headers and no text. I’ve done some work arounds, but but idea – I’ve set to clear text and that works, but technically the text is still there.

You’ll need to modify the tagline section of header.php

Hi! The icons are just showing as the short code. Is there something wrong? It was fine a few days ago.

The plugin is not conflicting. The social icons at the bottom of the page are not working with ALL plugins disabled. If no plugins are enabled then plugin conflict is not possible. See footer of

I’m just going of what you said: “I think the problem might be with “Virtue / Pinnacle ToolKit” plugin?”

Will take a look.


Could you let me know how to slow down the transition on the testimonials?


Hey. Sure.

Open refinery/assets/js/application.js, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the JS for the testimonials.

fadeIn: 1000, stay: 5000, fadeOut: 500

Increase the stay: value to slow it down.

Perfect, thanks!

No worries!

Hi there, I have Refinery running on this website -

It all works beautifully apart from the social media icons which don’t work in the latest version of Chrome (44.0.2403.155).

Can you advise please? Thanks, Rowena

Hey, yes we’re pushing updates to fix the Chrome 44 update.

In the meantime, if you’d like to fix it right away, download this .ZIP file, extract the contents and upload / overwrite the current ones in the theme.

Hi, the site is not fully responsive on mobile. Maybe I have something configured improperly? I’m talking about the header/slider image and logo. When you go to mobile or re-size browser to small the logo is barely viable and off center. Is there something I can do?

Looks like you’ve modified header.php and you have broken code in there.


I bought your theme recently and my web developer installed it using word press (I am not so tech savvy so please excuse my lingo).

The theme works perfectly on the site (, but it is not working correctly on mobile. When I load the page on my iPhone 6, or my partners 5, neither of us are able to click and load the menu button.

My web developer has asked me to contact you to see if you are able to advise a fix?



Link to the site?

I can’t find any issues, and it is working fine for me.

Hi, where can I find ‘Older Posts >>’ to edit the Older Posts text? I can’t seem to locate it in the theme. Thanks in advance!




I contacted you a month ago re Refinery running on

The menu still keeps failing on mobile, I’ve experienced problems on iphone 5, 6 and now also on both the nexus 5 and 6. The problems are inconsistent. Sometimes the site menu works, then an hour later it wont.

The menu is listed as primary as you recommended.

Very concerning as it’s a business that I run and desperately need it to work.

Can you help?



If the problem is inconsistent, then that sounds like a server issue, it may be load related on the server, or one of your plugins may be causing the issue.

If it was the theme the issue would be persistent.

Disable all plugins and see if this fixes your issue. If not, contact your hosting company and ask them to check the server logs for any errors.

I cannot see any errors coming from the frontend, and it is working here, it is VERY slow to load on a mobile though…

Hello, where can I find “fields checking of existing form” for the contact form, so I can insert CAPTCHA code there? Thank you.

Thanks for the response, but this is still not working for me. Which lines either in template-contact.php or contact-form.php are responsible for checking that required information is filled in when clicking submit button? I don’t know where exactly to insert CAPTCHA code so that the submit button checks correct CAPTCHA has been entered before sending contact form email to me to prevent spam.

Adding a your own CAPTCHA is modification, unfortunately, support does not cover custom modifications.

Okay, thanks anyway.

Hi There,

I love the theme and have been using for a couple years.

After the most recent Wordpress update, it seems like the shortcodes are no longer working in my pages. They show up right in the body of the text and do not control the column devisions. You will see what I mean at the site.


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Hi there, The theme is now showing the html links around photo captions and other images. You can see an example lower on the page here:

Please let me know how can we fix this. Thanks


Great – thanks! Was it anything I should know about for the future?

Replied to your email.

Hello! i was just wondering if you could me, i’ve been trying to change the color of the footer on the Refinery theme. It was a black when the company I work for said their website was okay, but then the person who did it changed it to a gray. Can you help me find the right section to change it back to gray please?

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The user of the blog updated to WordPress 4.4 and there are issues when adding a caption. The url of the image is displayed in the caption. Will there be a update to Refinery for 4.4?

I’m a novice in php. Not sure where to add it correctly. Can you send me functions.php for refinery with the code added?

Never mind I figured it out. Thanks.

No worries!

I can not get anything the theme says it does to work. From the portfolio page to the home page. i keep trying to figure out how to take the url stuff out from under the pictures but nothing. at this point im thinking i should have invested in another theme for $51.

ok is there a short code for the logo, to get it to scale down when it is viewed from the phone or tablet. I am a college student and still learning all of this.

No logo areas dont use shortcodes. You’d need to write some CSS.

ok ill ask my professor to help me out when i get to school tomorrow.

Drop down and responsive menus don’t work anymore. Running WordPress Version 4.5.2. Could that be the problem? Please let me know if this is an issue that has a fix.

Thank you!

Possibly, this theme is only tested upto 4.3. Although I can’t see a WordPress upgrade breaking the menu or drop downs.

I purchased the Refinery theme a couple of months ago. The theme is showing the html links around photo captions and other images. You can see it here: and

i just discovered I should create galleries for images on these pages. problem solved!


shortcodes still don’t work!!! It’s Wordpress 4.7.2 and also a year after a previous comment notified you that your workless shortcodes don’t work. You also didn’t reply to my developer regarding this issue.

Can you provide more details? Shortcodes are still working fine on the demo.

Also, this theme is only tested to 4.3, so that may be an issue.