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Nice Theme !! Clean & Elegant Design !! GLWS ;)


Elegant work , wish you the best with sales!

Kind Regards,

Really Awesome Work! Good luck, dude ! :)

Really love the theme, quick suggestion save the big full images as progressive jpegs they’ll load a ton faster! – The blog images took a while

FYI: The first post image was the slow loading cause, it was 7mb! Stripped it down to 266kb

Ahah thought so ;D Just making sure no buyers get scared away!

Lol, yeah, cheers ;) I’ll cache and gzip it too.

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)


A lot of cool animations. Great work :)


Good parallax effect, smooth. Where can I get the header photo? Love it! :)

Thats easy! :D

Ok, sent you a message to keep this area a bit tidy. ;)

No worries!


Is there an easy way to integrate Google analytics code? I guess I’ll have to put it into the body of the page myself?

would you recommend any plugins to use for social sharing?

regards – rob

I used to have a theme option to pop in analytics but to be honest, it’s pretty pointless. It’s just as easy to go to Appearance > Editor and open header.php and pop in your code right above the closing </head> tag.

The theme has social integration built-in, but if you’d like more, such ass ‘share this’ etc…I’d suggest using

Just want to say how great the support is for this theme – I’m working on a project for a client and the hosting service was blocking a theme function, and iKreativ got back to me within an hour with custom code to make the theme work.

In other words – great and fast support that let me get the job done. Thanks!

Looking forward to building out the whole site with the theme.

Glad you’re liking it, enjoy! Anything else just ask!

Hi iKreativ

Quick question – my blog pieces are showing as the current date – rather than the date they were published – any ideas?



hello[at]ikreativ[dot]com I’ll check it out tomorrow.

all done – great support – cheers!

You’re welcome!

Nice theme! Next time you can use photos from my new project with free photos:


Hi, great theme, couple of questions,

I can’t get my blog to display when I create a blog page for it, the page is just blank.

My second question is, can I edit the layout of the blog, I want to run the headings for my articles across the full width of the page as some of them are quite long. I can amend them via inspect element in Chrome, but can’t see where to actually edit it in the theme. Many thanks!

1) Create a page, head to Settings > Reading and set that page as posts page.

2) You’d need to open refinery/index.php And move the title out of the one_third and put it at the top in the two_third

If you do it then I’d suggest copying those changes over to archives.php, search.php and 404.php as they display the same.


Awesome, thanks Scott, appreciate the quick reply too.

No worries. Dont forget to rate the theme ;)

Just bought the wordpress download after purchasing the html one and I couldn’t get that to work…

I am having a few issues…

1) In the demo where it says “purchase this item” as a button in the slider on top – I don’t know how to make that on mine. 2) The header image for the blog page is not the featured image, it is the homepage image. How do I fix? 3) My home page has no section for team 4) I also cant figure out how to add buttons like “Meet them all” 5) For team – there is nothing to add skills 6) Pricing page – price options and formatting is not there 7) On every header image – there is no words and the its just the logo

Sorry for all the questions, I really love the theme and want it to look great and I am semi newbie.

Thanks :)

The installation of the the sample will create pages and everything for you! Just install the theme and run the import :)


You’re welcome. Enjoy!


Let me just start off by saying that you’ve done a great job with this theme! The demo looks very elegant. I have a couple of questions before I make this purchase, though.

I know enough HTML and CSS to make whatever styling I want, but I’m looking for things to be made simple and easy for myself. So, my first question is: Does this theme include Shortcodes or a Pagebuilder? If not, are there any plans to incorporate either in a later release if it were to be requested?

Second question: For the portfolio, I’d really like to have descriptions on the side of my projects rather than beneath. Is this an option or could it be implemented in the next release?

Those are my only two questions for now. I just want to make sure that it’ll be fairly easy to obtain an aesthetically pleasing look once I start from scratch with this theme. I’ve purchased many themes in the past that have a beautiful demo but the backend is a nightmare or empty of features—and those authors know this, so they don’t sport a “Features” page on the demo (not that I’m implying that you’ve done the same).

Appreciate your work! Looking forward to hearing your response, and thank you very much.

No way to define the header as 90% the height of the browser, giving the illusion that the nav is at the bottom?

What you’re trying to do is going to conflict quite a lot, sticky nav, parallax header, fixed footer etc. You’re going to need to change quite a bit.

The easiest way, albeit a bit hacky, would be to just increase the px value in responsive.css. As the media queries target specific sizes you can pretty much guess what the px height will be.

Hello there,

I’ve just purchased this theme, and am in Wordpress attempting to see a preview but I get a Wordpress login screen (perpetually) that says: Session expired. Please log in again. You will not move away from this page.

I doubt this is an issue with your theme – I’m tech-saavy but I don’t use wordpress much. I just uploaded the zipfile and wanted to check out the theme before I went live. Could it be something in my existing wordpress site files that it doesn’t like?

Thanks for any help!

I think I found the problem fix on a forum – it’s a wordpress bug – when the site address and the WordPress address are not the same, it causes this problem. I’m going to make some changes to fix that and hopefully that will fix it!

Thanks for the lightening quick response!

No problem!

Hello! I absolutely love this theme and would like to use it as a student portfolio. I did notice, however, that the page “jumps” up when the nav bar attaches to the top of the browser. I find it jarring and was wondering if this was a problem with my browser or just a part of the theme. Could this be fixed somehow?

Thank you, Rebecca

Also, is it possible to replace the lightboxed images in the portfolio entries with a slider (with text)? Sorry for the hassle, I just want to make sure I can make this work for my needs :)

Yeah just noticed that slight jump, will push an update to fix that shortly.

If you are comfortable editing HTML, CSS etc..then adding a slider instead is straightforward.


Hi !

Just bought the theme, but menu doesn’t work on iPhone 5 Safari and Chrome. Nothing appears on the right side .

What’s wrong ? DO you plan an update for this critical bug ?

thanks a lot !

Name your menu Primary ;)

Ok ! That works ! Thanks a lot ;)

No problem, enjoy!

Dont forget to rate ;)

Hey iKreativ. I just bought this theme and it is too complicated for me.. I thought it had “theme options” and i see that there’s only CSS. Im totally new in this website world and can’t use the CSS. Is it possible to get my money back?

The theme is very nice i just dont have the skills that is needed :(

(sorry for the poor english, im from denmark)

1) In Appearance > Custom CSS put this and modify the size to suit:

#tagline h1.tagline {
    font-size: 40px;

2) Again, Appearance > Editor look for social.php, in there wherever you want instagram to appear put this and change the username to yours obviously:

<li><a href=""><i class="icon-instagram"></i></a></li>

Can i have the searchbox in the menu line instead of in the sidebar?

You could add one but you may need to style it. In Appearance > Editor open header.php and drop this in where you want it to appear, style to suit if needed.

<?php get_search_form(); ?>

Hi, I just purchased this theme but when I installed and activated the theme, it loads the pages but there is no stylesheet. just a bare bones site. See here, What can I do to fix this? I thought the file would install fine and I could start building right away.

The blog is different from a normal page, set the image in Appearance > Customize > Header

This will show on the blog and on pages that don’t have a featured image set.

scratch that. premature questioning.

Hi I’m wondering whether the portfolio offers an image slider?

Not currently, maybe in a future release!