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With the portfolio pieces, is the functionality just to zoom and make the image larger a setting you can switch to or do they only go to a new page?

You’d remove the link in the page template and add a CSS class to the a tag.

Very doable, thinking about buying this but just double checking a lot of things first, thank you for the quick responses!

No worries.

If I dont want a header on a page – how do I turn it off? See for the white space at the top.

You’ll need to add a Wordpress conditional to header.php

<php if ( ! is_page( 'page-name' ) ) : ?>
    // do header
<?php endif; ?>


No worries.

Which template controls the layout of the portfolio section of the front page?



The theme looks great! Two question before I am sold. Can I display recent works on the homepage (is the homepage widgetized)? Also, can you customize the animation on a per page basis/per element basis?

The homepage on this isn’t widgetized, but wouldn’t be hard to add.

The portfolio module allows recent works on the homepage, shown on the demo.

You can add animation to anything, it’s just a CSS class.

Right on! I will purchase tomorrow. Thanks.

No worries!

Hello again! I am really enjoying the them, but is it possible to set multiple images to a project. I would like to show several images per project. Thanks,

Just insert them into the project page. The featured image shows initially and anything in the content will show when you click through to view the project.

I have found a solution for myself sorry for waisting your time.

No worries.


I am having a couple of issues with the template. The responsive menu will not work on my smart phone or tablet. I tried to load the latest update but when I go to activate it I loose all the formatting and the site just looks like it is broken (raw HTML) so I am using the original theme (because of this I have not updated yet to Wordpress 8.1 – still running on 3.7.1.). I tried to upload via FTP and Wordpress installer and both create the same problem, can you suggest a suitable fix?

Also how do I get rid of the call to action that appears on home page photo (on your template you call it “Purchase This Theme”)?


Make sure your menu is named Primary. The call to is controlled via Appearance > Customize.

Thanks for the quick response. Menu fix has worked!

Also I realised if you leave the call boxes empty then it won’t show!

Thanks again!

No worries, enjoy!

Hi Just bought this theme. tried to install in

however it is not like demo page. Is there any xml to import as demo?

and i could not find the theme customization in the admin. is there any seperate theme customization feature or should i edit in code?


Ahhh, sorry, my fault. Single post headers are controlled via Appearance > Customize > Header

Blog, single post, single portfolio will have the same header unless you modify the code to pull them through individually.

View the demo for how it works.

no worries. thanks for the help

You’re welcome. If there is anything else just shout!

first of all, great theme, I really enjoyed working with this one, very easy to use and looks great!

just a few small glitches: the menu on my responsive (iPhone 5) doesn’t seem to be working. whenever I import an image into a page content area it comes in HUGE even if I’ve uploaded it at the exact size that I want it to be.

any help much appreciated!

I just deleted and re added the menu. Maybe something from a plugin was cached.

good to know thanks!

You’re welcome!


I’m struggling with a few things.

First is the social media icons. The GooglePlus icon shows up just fine, but the Twitter and Facebook icons are not.

Also, I was wondering if it would be possible to add a LinkedIn icon?

Second, I was also wondering if the attribution for the quote is supposed to be lined up as it is (directly below the line and slightly to the right). I’d prefer it if I could center it and make it a little larger.

Third, on the contact page the map shows up with a location called “Juniper Post” pinned, but that’s not us and I’m not sure how to fix it.

Fourth, is it possible to remove the “Filter by Item Type” on the Portfolio page?

And finally, our logo shows up off-center when the site is viewed on an iPhone. Can this be fixed without using a smaller image?

Thanks so much for the great theme and for your help,


the page

Okay, thanks! The only thing is the map—I have put the zip code in the options panel, but it’s displaying the incorrect map.

Actually, changing the social media links to the user names did not help in getting the icons. The squares and links are there, but the actual icons for the sites are not showing up.

Whatever zip you put in Google maps is what you need to put in the contact section, if it’s wrong then it is something wrong with google maps as it is just embedded.

For the social links I’d need to look at it.

Great theme, I am having trouble with the main menu though. When I scroll over the menu items the drop downs are all showing under the 2nd menu item instead of under their own menu item. Please take a look at the link below and let me know what I can do.

Thanks LB

Whoops, bug.

I’ll push an update, in the meantime if you’d like to fix now, open application.css Add position: relative; to nav#primary ul li and then change nav#primary ul li ul to this:

nav#primary ul li ul {
    background: #222429;
    width: 150px;
    display: none;
    position: absolute;
    left: 0;
    margin-top: 20px;
    padding: 10px 15px 0 15px;
    z-index: 99999;

Thank you so much! That fixed it! :)

You’re welcome, please take the time to rate the theme via your downloads.

Hi, quick question on my portfolio page. The first portfolio object when inside it has the left arrow (sprite_prev), but I would like it to point to the right. How can this be done? See what I mean here

Hey, great stuff I managed to sort this. For anyone just change the li elements around

Good job :)

Good job :)

Is there a way to have the header image on each portfolio to same as the header on the main portfolio page?

Main Page Porfolio Pages

I replied to your email this morning with the relevant code.

yes you did, my apologies. Guys this guy is brilliant. A must purchase theme with great support

Purchased, but it wont install on my WP hosted by GoDaddy. Here is what I get…

Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

ANy help would be appreciated.

Unzip the file you downloaded, INSIDE that you will find the Documentation folder and the actual theme zip, this is what you install.

Hi. A client of mine chose this theme to use for their website. I have made a few modifications that they requested to this template; however, there is one that I am having difficulty making. I was wondering if you could provide some insight for me.

How can I disable the navigation bar from switching to the mobile-friendly format? I’m not sure what the trigger is for this. Or, how can I change the value at which this style switch takes place?

Thank you!

assets/css/responsive.css Look in each media query for this:

nav#primary ul
    display: none;

nav#primary .open
    display: inherit;

Switch those values around to show normal nav and hide mobile nav.

Thank you for your help!

No worries!

The images on my page are still stretched – how can this be resolved?

No problem. You can do anything with the map that you can do with Google Maps, as thats just what it is, an embedded map.

Nice thanks a LOT

No prob buddy.

I am trying to add some images in the portfolio.

First, once I set the portfolio page to portfolio in the template, the images in the content no longer show, but I get a filter that I can’t remove.

Second, the images I have loaded were set at medium (300×248), but the images is gigantic.

I had a theme before I installed this one, has that caused a problem?

How do I get the content to show on the content section and how do I get the images to display correctly?


assets/css/scaffolding.css again look for the img section.

That did it. Thanks so much. Everything is really looking good now :)

No worries. Enjoy! Don’t forget to rate ;)

Hello, It’s probably an easy one for you … How do i decide which mail the contact form go to? Now when i submit the form i don’t see it in any of my mails. That’s the url: Thank you, Ido

Sorry, you need to login with the purchasing account for support.

Hello, It’s probably an easy one for you … How do i decide which mail the contact form go to? Now when i submit the form i don’t see it in any of my mails. That’s the url: Thank you, Ido

One more question, when a user is submiting a for is it possible to make the system send him a notification for that like “Thank you for reaching out! we promise to reply back asap, Bfree Team” ?

You can, but you’d need to modify the script inc/contact-form.php.

Ok, thank you.

In the portfolio section on the frontpage Is there a way to show the portfolio page title that belongs to the featured image above it?

You’d need to modify quite a lot to make it work like that.

what would you charge to do it?

Email me the site details and exactly what you require and I’ll give you a price. hello[AT]ikreativ[DOT]com

Hi, I am using this template to build a website for a local brewery. They want to use a social icon for Can you point me in the right direction for adding this icon? I see that the CSS for the social icons is being imported into the minified.css.php when I inspect the page using Chrome; however, when I open the individually imported CSS files, I am not seeing where the icon classes are located.

Thank you for your time!

inc/social.php and assets/css/application.css

Great! Thank so much!

No worries, enjoy! Don’t forget to rate ;)