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One more question: On your example page on Themeforest, I see a LinkedIn social at the bottom, but I don’t see the LinkedIn in the customize. How do I get it?


Update to the latest version, this was recently added.

Tried updating through WP. Says I am up to date, but no LinkedIn.

Redownload the theme and overwrite.

Hello! Love the theme. Just bought it over the weekend for my website. Now I am admittedly a beginner, and I am kind of learning as I go with customizing it- but I do have a question. I tried googling the answer to no avail, and if this is a blatantly stupid or obvious question I am sorry! How do I change the background color?? I’ve found how to adjust the accent color, but even in the custom CSS I cannot for the life of me find where the value for the background is listed to change it… Thanks in advance for your help!

If its not the accent color then you’ll need to modify assets/css/application.css and find/change the color.

Ok I figured it out now, thank you so much!

You’re welcome! Don’t forget to rate via your downloads. ;)

Hello again iKreativ, Quick question. Have you considered saving the header images at 2560px so it display properly on large displays? Also, the hyphen the divides the quote from the persons name is not centered properly. I fixed this with a simple css change #testimonials ul li hr { margin: 10px 47.5% 20px 47.5%; } Last item of concern, did you anticipate people wanting to have multiple images per project? I find it weird that anyone would place the additional images below the primary image when the lightbox (prettybox, w.e.) doesn’t link into the other image. I on have just implemented my own fix for my site but thought this was the only weak point in the theme.

Take Care,

It should do, everytime I push an update you should receive an email from Themeforest.

Hmm that is strange. It must of been something on themeforests end.

Hmm, possibly.

Hello! I saw your theme and I need a structure like this: Picture above and just below the menu!

I have a question: instead of the picture you can insert a slideshow? Do you have advice? The sidebar to the right in the blog you can delete and “transform” the structure as an element in all ‘other: image, article title, article preview text, date and article writer and tags?

I wanted to get this info to be able to buy and I saw in the comments that you’re very helpful!

Sorry for the English … thank you! :)

The header is static, if you want a slider version have a look at my Epicism theme, very similar to Refinery.

The sidebar is widgetized, add or delete whatever you like from there.

Hi iKreativ,

1.] Where would I add the title text for the blog page as in your example?

2.] I have been unsuccessful in getting sidebars on the home page only? possible to have unique sidebar than the blog?

what am I doing wrong?

I really dont know, email wp-login to hello[AT]ikreativ[DOT]com, Ill jump in and look.

I want the updated version but how do i overwrite the old version?

If i just add the updated theme, wordpress says that the destination folder already exists. /var/www/

Does it mean that i have to delete the old version before i install the new? And if i do that, would everything on my website be deleted?

Upload and overwrite via FTP

I downloaded the zip file and it would not upload to Wordpress. Then I unzipped it and saw a 2nd xip file in the first zip file. I uploaded that one (even there were not directions telling me to) and I now have a VERY basic version of this theme but it really looks nothing like the live demo. How do I get the correct file?

No, Wordpress uses .XML to import content, are you sure you’re doing it correctly?

Ok, I got it working. This is MUCH harder than it should be! My other Wordpress templates for my other websites just worked.

Now when I try to add a page that has a “parent” page it does not show up in the parent dropdown menu.

Do you have a phone number I could call?

I wouldn’t say it was hard, the demo content is just there for example purposes, you could just start with your own content.

Use the Wordpress menu system for ordering and creating drop menus. Again, explained in the DOCS.

Thanks for the great theme!

Is there any way for me to change the name of the Blog page in the same way that you can change the name of all other pages?

I have created a Page and given it a title. Then, I’ve gone into WP settings> Reading and set that page for my posts. Still, when I load that page it is just called “Blog”


Sorry, I’m confusing myself with support requests!

Email me wp-login dude, I’ll look for you. hello[AT]ikreativ[DOT]com. Easier than back and forth on comments.


what is the custom css that I need to input to remove the 100% width on images?

Ahh I just checked your site, I assume the ones in blog? If so, there is img.featured in assets/css/application.css that needs the width: 100% removing too.

yes! that worked! thanks so much! will I have to change it again when I upgrade?

I don’t think so, a few people dislike the theme messing with their images so I may remove it altogether.


What would the proper header size be in order for optimized viewing on larger screens (such as a 27 inch imac). the 1920×400 header is too short horizontally?


thank other question… how do i link the “sign up” buttons on the pricing back to another page…such as the contact us page?

Inside of the pricing shortcode you add your link: [pricing heading=”Demo” price=”FREE” link=”#” name=”Sign Up”

Great theme, just need a fix for the responsive CSS; if you have a sub menu in the navigation it doesn’t display the text at all when it opens to the right on small devices and small browser windows, please see here: I’m running the latest version of the theme, please can you advise how I can fix this?

Many thanks


Make sure your menu is named Primary

Apologies, I had it as ‘Primary Menu’, thank you

You’re welcome!


Love the template. I have an issue where I can’t upload any image via WordPress. Is this a common issue? For example I cannot upload any header for my site.. Looking forward to hear from you

This is what I get when I upload the Zip file: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Never mind, I’m being dumb. Got the site to work thank you!

No worries.

Quick question, final issues is how I can change the Header text and color? Thanks in advance!

Yes that one

Here is my website: and I would like to change the black Division text

Yeah, header, look for #tagline.

Hello, I am really pleased with the Refinery theme. However, I cannot import sample data on my wordpress. I get the following error:

“Sorry, there has been an error. The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads.”

I have tried solutions offered in forums (changing file permissions, adding uploads folder manually, ticking/unticking uploads option to organise it by year/month, disabling plugins etc.). I even contacted my domain support and they said they have “moved your domain to its dedicated application pool which should fix if there are any server related issues”. I am still getting this error.

Are you able to advise on how to resolve this? Thanks a lot.

Sounds like it could be, not a single person has had an install issue.

Thanks for your replies, I can confirm the issue has been resolved by my host and the theme is working fine now :)

Awesome, thanks for letting us know.

I bought the Refinery skin from yourself and I’m having a few problems with it. I’m trying to set up a page with comments, however, with the skin in use, it does not display any comments nor does the submit button appear on the page until you hover over it. (which would be the result of wild guesswork) I tested the page with another skin and it displays the comments, submit button and form correctly and as it should, therefore this indicates that it is a problem with the skin. Is this a known issue with the skin? And can you advise me how to fix, or provide me with an updated skin which corrects these issues. Regards,

This is what it looks like with Refinery skin:

Here is the submit button:

And this is what it looks like with test skin I tried

What have you modified? If you check the demo you’ll notice the commentbox is dark with a white button, yours is white.

Wait, have you just tried dropping a commentbox inside a page? That won’t work.


Quick question: is it possible to change the author name on the portfolio pages?



Open functions/fn.posttypes.php, look at the portfolio post type function near the top, in the ‘supports’ section, it should have ‘author’ in there.

It did not. I have edited it. Thanks.

Strange, the latest version definately has it. At least yours is fixed now! Enjoy.

I’d love to write custom CSS, but there is no CSS to reference on the stylesheet. I uploaded the theme via ftp, and even updated the stylesheet to one you provided to another user in an earlier comment.

I’m not a novice, but I’m also not an expert. Am I just missing something entirely?

The custom CSS is just a standalone stylesheet for you to either add or override CSS.

It is in Appearance > Custom CSS, and any CSS you like there.

The stylesheet for the theme is blank. I haven’t written any custom CSS because there is nothing written in the theme’s stylesheet for me to override.

It’s supposed to be blank, it’s a place for you to write YOUR own CSS without editing the original theme CSS, so if you make a mistake you can just delete everything in there and it will revert back to the theme default.

Hi again, iKreativ!

so I’m trying to tie up some loose ends, I can’t seem to change the css file where its set to make images 100% width. there is nothing in it? can you tell me the css that I can add to the custom css file? perhaps that will simplify this process??

also the drop down menu seems to always show up under “about us”, no matter what its actually under. And I am unable to select drop down elements as they disappear. Any thoughts?


ok, I looked there, those look like they pertain to column widths? I don’t see anything regarding image?

I’ve also re-downloaded the files and upgraded and I’m still getting the sub menu off to the left hand side.

I think I found the image reference .one_half img, .one_third img, .two_third img, .one_quarter img, .one_fifth img { height: auto; }

I added the above to custom css (child theme) am I missing something?

Yes, but you’d be better removing the width: 100% from those selectors actually in scaffolding.css rather than trying to overwrite in custom css

oh and what is the default font that you use for the site?

The font throughout the theme is Helvetica.

thank you!

You’re welcome!

Great theme so far. Any plan on adding instagram, tumblr, and flickr to the social media list?

sorry, my fault, thinking of a different theme. assets/css/application.css remove the transforms

beautiful. your support is great. changing the theme from 4 stars to 5.

No worries, enjoy.