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The responsive theme on iphone 5 looks terribly messed up. Please see Are you sure this theme is actually finished? Can you give some pointers as to why the mobile site looks terrible.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the themes code, the demo works perfectly and out of 202 people who have bought the theme only you have this issue.

That is because the HTML you are adding in the content section is what is breaking, this for instance: this is not valid HTML.

That is nothing to do with the theme, that is content, content that you have added.

As for CSS errors, ever thought that these are edge errors that come from using vendor prefixes like -moz -webkit etc?

These errors don’t break a single thing, they are necessary.

meeow, to be clear i have checked thoroughly and the html on page is actually correct. there are no unclosed or unopen braces, so why w3c validator flags those errors i have no idea. this is wordpress 3.6.1 i have not added any css only expanded slightly on the tagline class in responsive.css so that i can change page title colour and message text colour in the header to prevent obscuration on various dark or light header backgrounds. Also note that a 400px wide logo causes problem on mobile, it doesn’t scale down or centre for smaller devices, unlike on page graphics and so causes a layout problem, same too with header image and most probably with page backgrounds / watermarks that i originally added. Now that i am aware of these issues,limitations, inconsistencies i have gone back to orginal theme files and can hopefully resolve. my only complaint is the lack of theme customisation eg colour, typeface, reversed logos etc that can be done in wordpress without having to manually edit css and php templates and that is why i believe this is a weaker theme in comparison to other similarly priced themes. however if NO customisation is required i’m sure it is fine. by the way the contact form worked in a peculiar way too. all in all this has been a very odd experience”

This is not valid HTML

Hello, I bought and installed this nice theme and everything works perfectly. Very nice layout. However, the contact form is not working (no email sent by the site) and also I would like to install the CF 7 instead, without breaking your visual layout. Can you help me on this? Thanks in advance!

It works, however the custom button doesn’t appear. Please check How comes?

Actually it does show up only in homepage, but I want it to show up only in portfolio projects!

Set a featured image on the page, it is outlined in the docs.

my mobile view is glitchy looking…any thoughts?

No because responsive is media queries, it must be a godaddy cache issue of some sort. Never heard of anyone not being able to save a file though.


this is the path i have as to where the css file is being matter what i edit on the file it is still not showing up on mobile... any other possible suggestions?

nevermind…fixed it thanks….


Hi Scott, great theme. Love the simplicity and design.

Anyway just a quick one, I have noticed when using Safari on my macbook the primary nav holder at the top of the page creeps up when scrolling down then back up the page. It seems to stick, not sure if it’s the css or java.

Not a big problem as it seems ok on Firefox but if you could take a look I’d be most appreciative.


Latest version of safari? Doesn’t seem to do it on latest.

Holy crap that was a fast reply…Safari 7.0.2 on Mac, seems like it’s the latest.

I’ll check it out further.


I know the theme says ‘Translation ready’. Does it support WPML? It’s not on their compatible list.

Thank you,


I’ve not personally tested but there a few users using it perfectly.

Hallo, just bought the theme and setting it up for a friend of a mine. I’m struggling to get thumbnails to work, though. Here’s my problem: my portfolio images are not always square, so I need to define a different area for the thumbnail. I can change the thumbnail inside the “Edit image” menu, but this wouldn’t reflect on the portfolio page. How can I do this?

Thanks in advance!

You’ll need to modify the CSS and also the function that resizes the image inside functions.php look for this:

add_image_size( 'portfolio', 250, 200, true );

Edit to the size you want, or remove altogether.

I also want to add this solution, maybe someone else could find this interesting. If you want to avoid scrolling everytime you navigate between portfolio items, add this code just before the </head> tag inside header.php:

<script type="text/javascript">
function add_primary_anchor_to(klass) {
  var link = jQuery(jQuery.find('.portfolio ' + klass)).parent();
  var current_link_href = jQuery(link).attr('href');
  jQuery(link).attr('href', current_link_href + "#primary");

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

Hello, I just purchased this and I was trying to play with it a bit and I found a problem. I created a primary menu, and I really need submenus so I’ve put two of them in the menu. The problem is, one of the submenus doesn’t show in the right spot! I expect it to drop down from it’s parent, but it’s not. It drops down from another item.

I’m new to WP so it’s most likely my mistake, but I cannot see where I did something wrong. Here’s two images of the problem and the menu setup.

Awesome, looks like when I pushed the original fix to Themeforest it actually hasn’t gone up.

Don’t worry, I just hope this helps other folks too.

Yeah, I’ll be re-uploading the fix too.


I have recently purchased this theme (Version 1.2) and have set up the primary menu navigation. The drop down menus only drop down in a fixed position under the first menu item and they don’t follow the rest of the menu items. It does this in both Safari and Firefox.

I’ve not made any edits to the site yet – any suggestions?

You need to login with the purchasing account for support.


Hello again…

I have recently purchased this theme (Version 1.2) and have set up the primary menu navigation. The drop down menus only drop down in a fixed position under the first menu item and they don’t follow the rest of the menu items. It does this in both Safari and Firefox.

I’ve not made any edits to the site yet – any suggestions?


If you read back to the previous comment before yours, this was fixed and pushed as an update but it appears something has gone wrong and the update never went live so the bug still exists, I have to re-upload the fix but you can just grab the application.css from the demo and replace yours with it.

Grab it here:

Along this thread, my navigation menu isn’t showing up on an iPhone. The three line symbol is there and when you click it the screen moves to the left to show the black space where the menu in the demo appears, but there are no menu items showing.

The menu is assigned to Primary navigation and shows fine on a larger monitor.

Suggestions? Thanks!

Make sure the menu is called Primary.

I don’t think that detail (that the new menu should be called ‘Primary’ is in the documentation. But it worked! Thanks for your quick reply.

It’s mentioned in the Docs. Glad it’s working!

Hi there, I have created a page called Portfolio, which I’ve set to the Portfolio template. I’ve added a featured image which shows up. However, when you click either of the portfolio items, the header image disappears. What have I done wrong? Thanks! Allyson

This is explained in the Docs.

For blog posts, archives, single posts etc…you set that image in Appearance > Customize > Header.

Sorry – you’re right. I had done it but I guess I didn’t wait for the image to finish uploading and I had closed it before it was ready! Working just fine now. Fabulous theme and support! Thanks!

Haha, no problem, enjoy!

What is the best way to remove the sliding part of the content?

Thanks. I just bought and installed this theme and noticed something in chrome. It adds a few hundred pixels in height on chrome where in IE the scroll window is based on content height. I havent edited any css yet. Just content. None of the divs extend to the very bottom either. Any clues?

I’m not seeing that in Chrome. Follow the Docs, import the sample.xml so it is set like the demo then see.

I reinstalled everything, even chrome. Tested on localhost and 2 different web servers. Tried it on 4 different computers but the Issue persisted. The only thing that fixed this problem was removing the animation from the tagline. Not sure how it is escaping everyone else.

The menu, which works perfectly on desktop version, is not working for mobile devices. I’ve noticed a lot of people have faced the same issue. The answer was supposed to be “set menu as Primary”. I’ve done that but still got nothing.

Am I missing something? Is there any other step I need to follow? PS: I created several WordPress pages and added them automatically into my primary menu.


Name it Primary.

Excellent! Thanks!

No worries!

I’m trying to make the contact feature to work. My admin email is from gmail. It’s all set in Settings > General. When I try to send an email via this contact feature, nothing arrives in my inbox. I tried removing this ‘if’ statement from ‘contact-form.php’ but that didn’t work too. I’ve already checked all my folders in gmail, including spam, social and promotions.

I’m I missing something here?

You have never faced this error before? Do you think my server is blocking this contact feature? Is there a way to unblock it?

No, never and no other users have reported it. It could be the server and it could be many different things depending on server configuration, but it really should just work.

When you fill out the form testing, make sure you put valid credentials into the form, including a real email.

Is it possible to add the portfolio gallery frame into other pages besides the home page?

So, on my page, selecting the html editting, I should add something like this: <?php get_template_part( ‘portfolio’, ‘my_page’ ); ?> ?

Could you send me an example, please?

No, you need to edit the actual page template or location where you want it to appear, i.e: if I wanted to display it in a page called about, I would open page.php via Appearance > Editor and do something like this:

<?php if ( is_page( ‘about’ ) ) : ?> <?php get_template_part( ‘inc/portfolio’ ); ?> <?php endif; ?>

Perfect! Thanks!

I added this javascript (very simple js) I made into this page in my website, which contains the portfolio widget in the bottom (or footer?) of the page. Suddenly, the portfolio widget is not showing the images it used (and it is supposed) to show. Is there any workaround I can do to solve this issue?

Wordpress includes its own version of jQuery, which will be the latest. removing this is bad practise. You should make your script work with the Wordpress version of jQuery.

It may be the way you are using jQuery in your script, you should be doing jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

The solution is: insert into aplication.js the javascript code and remove those previous references I did on my page. Problem solved.

Yes, because application.js uses jQuery correctly. I assume you used with just $ which is why your script failed.

Hi there, I’m on v 1.2 but having an issue with drop down menus.

The first item in a list is fine, but when you are on t he page of other menu items, the page name shows in the nav menu flush left with no padding.

I’ve tested this theory out by adding more pages under the menu item.

I’ve tried replacing the application.css page as mentioned in other posts.

here is an example

Thanks for your help.

Modify application.css, the padding seems wrong here: nav#primary ul li.current_page_item

Change the padding to suit.

Thanks I removed all the padding and the problem is resolved. Truly appreciate the fantastic support for this theme!

You’re welcome!


Is this theme compatible with WordPress 3.9?