Discussion on Refrakt | Photography Theme for WordPress

Discussion on Refrakt | Photography Theme for WordPress

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I’m unable to upload my theme, can someone please help me?

Hi, Please check following guide https://www.envato.com/blog/install-themeforest-wordpress-theme/

If you’re still unable to install it then let us know through our profile for support to help.


Hi Support Pre-sale question

I saw that you recently updated the theme, but in the change log the updates refer to compatibility with Wordpress 5.0, which is already quite old.

Is it your mistake or is the change log not up to date?

... Version 2.6

Compatible with WordPress 5.0 ...

One more question:

In your demo you use a homepage with youtube video, but it is possible to use a local mp4 video, to have the possibility of auto play, right?

Thank you

Hi, The information is correct, it is compatible with WordPress 5 as well as 6. WordPress 4 to 5 was a major change. You can use the theme with latest version of WordPress.

You can use revolution slider to create a video slide and use MP4 video. But auto play will be subjective to the browser allowing it. It will not autoplay if the user has not interacted with the site. This function has been in the browser since many years now. You can autoplay videos if there is no audio in it or if the video is set to mute.


Hello imaginem,

first thank you for the nice theme.

I’ve got a full screen slider homepage, working since I’ve installed the theme a long time ago.

Now i’ve run into (found) some trouble with the vertical menu while using a mobile device lately. The Slideshow does collapse the opened menu every time the transition of the slideshow in the background happens.

This does happen in the newest version of chrome (mobile) and brave browser (which to your knowledge is a chrome derivate). I’ve tried MS Edge a few seconds ago and the problem is showing up there too, while firefox does not collapse the opened menu.

I’ve read about some kind of script refresh function inside the chrome browser (derivates) which may cause the trouble.

Is there a quick fix you are able to provide outside the paid support? That would be great.


Hi, Could you send us an email with details along with site url for us to get this through support.

You can email via https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


Thank you for offering your help so quickly!

I’ve found a workaround for me to “solve” the problem, it isn’t the slideshow that causes the trouble. The problem does appear if I do create a menu structure with subpoints with expanding sub-subpoints inside the navigation and the menu does only collapse in case these sub-subpoints are expanded.

Since this (workaround-vanished) problem is minor for me and just showing up inside the chrome (derivate) browsers I’ll leave it like that. But thank you again for offering help such quickly, even without me having paid support options :)

Good to hear it’s working. We can check this through support if you need at any time. Let us know through our profile.


Hello. About 1 month ago you confirmed here that your theme is PHP 8 compatible. This is not correct however since your page builder, which is a core component of the theme, does not work with PHP 8. When will this be addressed? Thanks

Hi, It’s working on our side. Could you contact us through our profile to check why yours is giving issues.

Did you ensure to update the theme as well as the plugins?

You can find those in wp-admin > Appearance > Install Plugins

You can contact us via https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


Pre-sales question – is webp graphic file format fully supported by the theme?


The file format webp is not part of WordPress generation, so in general webp support is added through plugins. If you can add this through plugins then it should work. The theme does not enforce any specific file format and depends on WordPress media library to provide it the images.


Hello. Pre-sales question: Is this theme compatible with PHP 8.0 Thanks in advance.

Hi, Yes, it is compatible with PHP 8.


Hello, is your theme compatible with WP 5.8?


Yes, it is compatible with WordPress 5.8. Do update the theme to latest. You can update using Envato Market plugin with option 3: in following url https://envato.com/blog/install-themeforest-wordpress-theme/


i like the Refrakt theme, but i have a problm with Thumbnail, when page load the image goes over the image above, how i can fix it?
if i resize the browser all image adjust their positions


Sorry to hear about the trouble.

Do you have the theme updated. If you upgraded WordPress to latest then do ensure to upgrade the theme as well. Otherwise it can cause problems.

You can upgrade the theme using Envato Market plugin. That’s option 3 in the following link https://envato.com/blog/install-themeforest-wordpress-theme/

After upgrading the theme do update all the plugins in notice as well. You’ll find those in wp-admin > Appearance > Install Plugins.

And if you use a caching plugin, purge cache as last step.

If this still doesn’t solve it then send us a mail via our profile for support to check why this is happening. https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


Hi Theme option does not open and I can no longer edit my homepage or add images to a Thumbnails Grid. Do you have an idea? Thank you for your help Best regards Isabelle

Unfortunately I still have a problem, unable to add images to Thumbnails Grid. Thank you for help. Isabelle

Sorry I’ve updated all your plugin and it’s ok. Thanks

Good to hear :) You’re most welcome and thank you.

Hi, i just updated to the latest WP. Since then, the fullscreen frontpage is empty. All other pages are ok. The reason seems to be that the media gallery is empty, too. I checked many answers from google concerning a empty gallery, but nothing works. I deactivated all plugins – same problem. I deactivated template – same problem. Only thing i found is this message from the firefox console:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).live is not a function <anonymous> https://anette-klein-persoenlich.de/wp-content/themes/refrakt/js/common.js:235 jQuery 4 i fireWith ready J common.js:235:56 <anonym> https://anette-klein-persoenlich.de/wp-content/themes/refrakt/js/common.js:235 jQuery 4 i fireWith ready J

Has anyone an idea how to fix this?

Best wishes Till


WordPress 5.5 came with a lot of changes. The smoothest way to upgrade WordPress is to upgrade everything else and then upgrade WordPress last since that’s the core.

To solve this you can upgrade the theme to latest. Make sure to upgrading all the plugins in notice as well.

You’ll find the list of plugins related to the theme in wp-admin > Appearance > Install Plugins

If you use a caching plugin then ensure purging cache afterwards.

This should get everything working.

If this still doesn’t resolve then send us a mail via our profile for us to help. https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


Theme just stopped working and most of the wordpress buttons even dont work anymore. It doesnt allow to reinstall/import demo data. Has it happened to someone else?


Right now what has happened is updating to WordPress 5.5 without updating anything else has caused problems.

Updating of WordPress 5.5 should be done last after updating the theme and plugins. We understand that it may have been autoupdated by the webhost.

If you already updated WordPress 5.5 without updating the theme then you’ll need to activate the plugin in following link which was made by WordPress and launched with WordPress 5.5. Install and activate jquery migrate helper plugin first.

The plugin will give notices but it acts as a migratory function if you updated WordPress to 5.5 first while keeping everything else old.

So install the migrate helper plugin. You can ignore the notices since it is for the older theme version.

Next update the theme and then update the required plugins in notice. This is an important step.

If you can’t update from Envato Market thumbnail then goto wp-admin > Appearance > Themes Click on Theme screenshot and you should get the option to update from there aswell.

Could you try this and let us know.

If you still see issues after updating the theme then let us know through theme support for us to help. You can still register there and post.

Here’s how to update the theme

Upgrading is easy with https://envato.com/market-plugin/ After upgrading the theme make sure all the required plugins are also up-to-date You can do so by going to the ‘Install Plugins’ submenu within Appearance menu. Here’s screenshot https://d.pr/i/xeNL32

The Install plugins submenu will only be there if there are plugins that require updating. In addition to the submenu you’ll also get a notice to update the plugins.

Let us know through theme support if there’s any problem.

You can Register to support forum then create a New Support Thread here


Really cool theme! Thanks!

Thank you. Great if you could mention this in review. You can click the ‘downloads’ tab and review under the theme. Thanks :)

O and yea, sorry, – I already have purchased your theme and therefore maybe there is possibility to make some script changes so the vertical page navigation menu stays open on the active page and highlight the active menu item.

Will wait for your feedback!

Hi, Yes, we can help with this. Could you post to our support forum so that we can help.

You can Register to support forum then create a New Support Thread here


Guys… I am interested to obtain your WP Theme, but only with following condition. Can you make available option that VERTICAL menu stays open on active page and do not closes.

We have the website where this kind vertical menu is needed, but it must stay open on active page and with highlighted menu item which is active.

If you can manage to do that I will buy your theme!

Will wait for your answer! All the best!

Is the theme fully compatible with 5.5?

Hi, Yes, make sure to update the theme and update plugins in notice as well. If you use a lot of third party plugins then do make sure if they are compatible as well.

Let us know through theme support if there’s any problem and we can help. You can still register.

You can Register to support forum then create a New Support Thread here


Love this theme. My support is expired, but I’m hoping you can answer this question before I purchase extended support in case it’s not necessary. I am running the latest version, 3.7, and am unable to edit text sections in “Imaginem page builder”. ie. the text block simply doesn’t show up to edit. Is this a known issue that is being worked on, or do I need to purchase support extension to have this resolved?

Hi, Could you check if you have the latest latest version of theme. Also keep WordPress up-to-date. If you have an old version of the theme with new WordPress then this can happen.

After updating the theme make sure to update all the bundled plugins in notice as well. You should see the notice once the theme is updated. If you did not get the notice then visit wp-admin > Appearance > Install plugins to see the plugins related to the theme and update them.

If this doesn’t solve it then check if it is a plugin conflict. You can check this by disabling all the third party plugins not recommended by the theme.

If this solves the problem then you can check by activating each plugin one by one to see which one caused the issue.

If it still doesn’t work then we’ll need to check through theme support.

You can update the theme easily using https://envato.com/market-plugin/


Hi I am interested in buying your theme, however, I was just talking to a friend who is a web designer, who says that your current version of this particular theme isn’t compatible with Woocommerce Quick View plugin as he says the theme has a conflict with this plugin that prevents it from launching on click.

will you be updating your theme any time soon to resolve this issue?

I really like some of your themes, but don’t want to purchase if its going to conflict with the woo plugins I am currently using.


We checked the Quick View plugin. Although it is named WooCommerce Quick view it isn’t by WooCommerce.

We checked the plugin with TwentyTwenty theme and it doesn’t seem to be fully working with WooCommerce. WooCommerce variable products don’t work with the plugin. The plugin carousel in quickview doesn’t work accurately with related products either. You can check their support section to see both those addressed. It’s likely to cause problems with the themes if there are issues present with default WordPress theme.


Can post and page have sidebar? Can I create custom sidebar and add other menu on sidebar , such as navigation menus, recommend pages , posts for different pages and posts?


You can have sidebars for posts and pages. You can also create custom sidebars from theme options and use it for pages.

You can add nav menus to the sidebar. Recommended pages is a functions that isn’t there in WordPress or the theme.


Is it possible for the vertical menu not to be collapsible so that the sub-menu items are always visible?


Currently it isn’t there but we can help with the implantation through theme support.


Is it possible to make a personalized order for the categories of the portfolio?

It’s good, I did it with “Taxonomy terms order


Thanks !

Yes, you can use that plugin which can order the taxonomy terms.



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