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thank you for the update… your work is appreciated…

thank you for keeping the theme up to date…

Thank you very much. We’re glad you like it.

Hi, Congrats for your theme! It’s amazing! I’m very glad to use your template. I bought it a long time ago and I’m still very satisfied.

Now I’ve tried to update to wp 4.0 with refresh version 3.0 but slides moved on the left and also menu bar have shifted or partly disappeared. How can I update to wp 4.0 correctly? Can you help me please?

I had to reinstall wordpress 3.8.1 in order to restore my website.

Besides in Refresh settings>Front page options If I try to add a new frontpage I see Page not found message so I can’t add a new page. What can I do?

Thank you so much for your support.


Thank you for using our theme. Please go to the forum http://support.itoutcome.com and post your question there. Also add a private message afterwards, including wp-admin user and password and ftp access so we can have a look.

Thank you

Thank you very much for your help.

you fixed it so quickly! you’re great! everything is ok now!

I’m glad to hear everything is ok.

Thank you

Hi, Thanks for WordPress v4 Compatibility.

I have a problem with special characters in Title. When i enter this Stone Float’s it will be as Stone Floats at title. How can i add special characters to title?


So I just tested it and it works… So please send me an e-mail with your website and wp-admin user and password so I can have a look.

Thank you

It was my mistake to enable web font, Sorry.

Ok. No problem :)

I have just purchased the theme but when I have installed the site has gone blank, I have been told it’s connected to the twitter widget?

Does anyone know how to help?


Please post your question on the support forum: support.itoutcome.com

Also post a private reply to your question with wp-admin user and password and ftp access

Thank you.

Tried asking question on your support forum but can’t see anywhere to add new topic. I just bought this theme and have exactly the same issue as this poster from 3 years ago:


When I try the solution, the corrected code is already in place but still my content has all the HTML code/formatting stripped out.


Could you please post the question? The link you gave me shows me a lot of comments. And for the forum you need to register a new user.

Thank you

Hi, I have registered a new user on the forum and am logged in but there’s no ‘New Topic’ option as far as I can see.

The question it relates to is the one from ‘familychoice’ on the comments link that says:

“The theme seems to strip out formatting from the ‘Front Page’ ‘Page Content’ section.” So any bullet points or line breaks I add are stripped out when using either ‘Custom Element’ or ‘Front Page’ options on the front page.


So thank you for pointing that out. The forum lists were on the right side as widgets, and they just disappeared. I really don’t know what happened. They are back there now. You could post your question there and then post a reply (marked as private) with your ftp details and wp-admin user and password so I can have a look at your website and fix your problem.

Thank you

Thanks for the updates, much appreciated.

You’re welcome


It doesn’t wrap the sentence like sample front page when I apply the latest post. I want to make just 3-4 line + ‘read more’ button.

and what do I do when it doesn’t have any feature images? It was crash like left side.


Could you please post this question on the forum? http://support.itoutcome.com And also post a private reply there with your wp-admin user and password.

Thank you

So I’ve basically started to work on a wordpress website and i noticed your theme was out of date, how do i update it?


You just download the latest version from themeforest and simply replace all the files.

I have tried to register on the support forum but have not received any emails. I have checked and tried again and still nothing! My reason for wanting help was that I updated the theme and now have a black website!!!!!! also….... /wp-admin doe not work either!!! help!!

help!! your support site still isnt letting me register – email just doesnt arrive in my inbox!! and my site is still down!


You’re supposed to add the password yourself. I’ve sent you an e-mail just in case.

Hi, I have taken over control of my company’s website & am trying to get everything up-to-date. The original designer has gone MIA so I can’t contact him to help with the sites.

I have updated to WP 4.2.2 & am having problems with the slide images, they have moved to the left & I can’t figure out how to fix it. I am not sure what version of ReFresh is running, not sure where to update it either!

Can you please help me to get the site displaying correctly?

Thanks for the help!

Sorry, But I don’t see the “purchased” tag next to your name.

Because the website designer did it all – and then left & we can’t contact him to fix anything, so I have to do it all!

Ok, Please send me an e-mail to alex@itoutcome.com with your wp-admin access and ftp access.

Thank you