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Fantastic Design! Well done :)

Thank you! :)

Very impressive. This will do very well. Only issue is the weather not detecting my location. Is this detected client or server side?

It is a simple html layout, the weather api on our wordpress theme is using PHP to detect location.

Thanks, but it does say on the item details for the HTML version that it automatically detects weather based on country and city.

Could you point out where exactly does it say that?

This is just a html version, we offer wordpress version too.

Clean and awesome work! best of luck with sales :)

Wp version? And Nice work ;)

Yes, we do offer a wordpress version too.

It seems like a Piccione Theme revision…isn’t it?

No, not really.

Hi, nice theme. I think i can use this for a project. Any idea where i can get the weather feed from (using PHP) for this HTML template? (i don’t want to use Wordpress, just some PHP code).

We are using this API for our theme:

Looking so Awesome Templates…


hi, very nice… exactly what i was looking f or. There’s one thing with the menu above the REGANTO logo (Photogallery, Shortcodes, Achieve, etc.) it turns into a scrolling bar when viewed portrait in a mobile.


It is meant for the responsive version, mobile devices.

yes I know… but I see the same thing in different mobile devices…. it’s the same issue reported by cortex.

Simply swipe to scroll in your mobile device.


I’m loving the template, there’s a small fix that I need if possible.

I have some users that still use 1024×728 pc browsers, when I’m on such resolution I see a bottom scroll bar. What div needs to be fixed so it doesnt happen?

thanks in advance.

It seems that there has been some kind of mix up. We released the update again now, it should be available soon.

have you already updated your online demo with this fix? because I keep seeing the scrolling bar at 1024×728. Besides that I did alot of changes to your general template, and I’ll have to check every single div to detect the wanted change, it would be easier if you tell me which div to fix. thanks

Yes, the problem seems to be fixed on our demo page too.
As for the changes – there was only one class modified – ”.boxed” on line 150 in “css/main-stylesheet.css”. We did add “width: 100%;” to it.
That’s all.

I have troubles with latin characters, i think the montserrat JS not support… is possible enable latin characters?

How do i can use the Ligthbox like modal window… i not find codes or examples on your documentations…

Wonderful theme. I’ve also bought the Wordpress version. I do have a bug notice, the print article feature is not working. The format is messed up and it displays “none” before every article (which is also a bug with the Wordpress version).

Thank you for your feedback. We will launch an update on this ASAP.

Demo not working :(

There are currently some difficulties with our servers.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

hello, i buy, but i cant, download. please help me.

Please contact Themeforest support on this regard.

hi i just purchased this template and it is all great, but i have one concern, when you go to Photo Gallery and try to click and see the next image, the page scroll up again, basically you loose you position on the page, is there a way to fix that? thanks, Afshin

That is because it is just a link with an hashtag #, the actual images doesn’t change.

oh, so you are saying that if i actually put the control on the page it will not jump right?

Yes, it shouldn’t be.

Hello, just getting started with the template. Very nice btw. Anyway, noticed on the default homepage that ‘css/repsonsive/full.css’ is linked but the file is missing. This is also the case for your live preview on themeforest. No other pages reference this stylesheet.

The template certainly seems to be working fine without it, however, I just wanted to check and see if it was something I needed. Or if it’s just a leftover include from a previous version.


nm, I figured it out

Hello I’m considering on purchasing this theme and wanted to know if I could make the weather static to one city instead? So basically no matter where someone is visiting from the weather will only show the weather for the city I have selected.

Unfortunately no, currently this feature is not available.

no worries I thought I just ask but I found a work around to get a custom weather widget from codecanyon :)

hello, the not work fine because there is one error:

Error: SyntaxError: missing } in compound statement Source file: Row: 1, column: 60 Source Code: xtPhoto(theone); return false; }); newImg.src = imageSrc;}

can I resolve this?

thank you very much!

have you found the solution?