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What a fantastic theme! Congratulations. My clients really love the horizontal scrolling. On your live demo you have the “Buy Now” and “Style Editor” tabs on the far right. Is this a plug-in that you use? I’ve tried a few similar slide tab and pull tab plug ins but they don’t seem to work. Could you advise the best plug in to use for this?

Thank you. All the tab plug-ins we use seem to lock the horizontal scroll ability of the theme. Lastly, I am trying to reduce the line spacing of the copy on posts and pages, but am unable to find it in the style.css files. Where can I change this?

Try pasting this in the custom css box in theme settings:
.post-column p { line-height: 20px; }
Default is 24px;

Thanks so much. It works.

Hi, We have a pre-sale question : are your portfolio and blog articles sortable by category ? I mean is it possible to sort portfolio items by a specific category rather than by date ? Thank you !

Hey, yes the theme supports categories, but it does not provide any filters. However you can use main menu sub items for this. See this example of blog category:

Elegant challenge though.I am trying to add buttons at the bottom of the home page that will slide the page when clicked instead of using the mouse or if I have to use the mouse or arrow keys, the page should slide to a specific area in the same page.How can this be achieved?

The theme does not support anything like this by default, but it’s possible to modify it to do so. That being said this will be far from simple – advanced frontend developer skills will be required. Broadly speaking you will have to add the buttons to theme/templates/header.php inside the main-content-wrapper. The style them in theme/assets/css/main-stylesheet.css and create the javascript code that actually slides the whole thing in theme/assets/js/theme.js. This is about as detailed an answer I can give you without actually coding.


I need some advice on how to remove date, comments, author, category and Share from home page and blog posts(across the site) using css. Appreciate a quick response from you on this.

Hey, check your e-mail ;)

Hi, I want to buy HTML site template. Do you plan to have an html version soon?

Thanks, jp

No, unfortunately there will not be an HTML version for Regolith.

Is there any way to start a paragraph from the next column in Posts. Basically, I have some text which I want to appear in say column 1 and then next paragraph to start in column 2.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Also this would make the text splitting arguably worse since the text would be very uneven. Every user visiting your site will have a different screen height so the only way to split the text in a way that looks consistently good is word by word.

Hi, nice template! Please I need advice on how to remove date, comments, author, category and Share from home page and blog posts

Hey, Try pasting this in the custom css box in theme settings:
.date-comments-1 { display: none; }
.accessories { display: none; }


The theme looks great but would have loved it if it came with a shop/woocommerce functionality. Would recommend you guy to do so in your next major update.

Thanks, we’ll think about this ;)

Hi! Perfect theme, great work!

Please take a look at my test-page;

I don’t have the form. Contact Form 7 is installed and activated :) Do i something wrong or is this a known issue (maybe after WP update etc.)

Second; how can i add different fonts (for selecting through the Visual Editor), because i have to type in turkish :/

Thank you very much!!!

I sended you an email. Thank you!

check e-mail ;)

All problems fixed… You are AWESOME! Thank u very much!!!

Hi, just a question. Does the portfolio have a filtering system – or can it be structured through “categories”, and do these categories have a unique url? thanks :)

Yes, the portfolio has categories. For example, this is a category page:

The only way to filter them is to place sub menu items under porfolio, for each of the categories you want to make easily selectable for your visitors.

Hello, there are some issues, i want to ask about. I hope you have solutions

1- If a visitor hasn’t a mouse with a wheel he/she will be confused if he/she don’t see a scroll bar on the right side because he/she don’t know that it’s a horizontal page. The scrolbar on the bottom is not always visible and the visitor has to point the mouse(arrow) exactly to the bottom of the window to make it visible. Even then, it’s too thin and not recognisable. The same problem exists, if the visitor is on a laptop and don’t use a mouse (with a mousewheel). Isn’t it possible to make the horizontal scrollbar thicker and always visible, or something to take attention on this.

2- If you hover on a menu item, the submenus are opening but if you have (for example) more then 11 or 12 submenus, the lower submenus disappear on the bottom of the page. They doesn’t fit into the screen. It is worse if the screen is smaller. Isn’t it possible that the submenus slide to the top of the screen, beginnig with the first submenu on the top? The only current solution is to have only a few submenus.

3- If you have 4 or 5 lines of information in the footer (i think you call the info on the bottom of the header “footer”, e.g. “copyright” and “phone number” etc.) and the screen is small, this info overlaps the menu items on a small screen.

The first issue is the most important thing. For the second, one can reduce the submenu items and for the third it’s possible to delete the info.

I sended you an e-mail including screenshots. I want to use this theme, more precisely; i have to use it because it’s amazing. Even if there are no solutions. But if,.. that would be fantastic.

Thank you very much!

Hi, thank you very much. I’ll try that and inform you afterwards. Do you want the link of the webside? It’s:

Thanks! The scrollbar doesn’t dissappear now and the height is tribled (i made it 20 px). :) But i didn’t understand what you mean with;

“2. Make these changes to assets/js/theme.js: 3. Normally the compact menu should kick in.”

I’m in Turkey, i can’t see the page, because it’s prohibited by the government :/ (I don’t now why)

But anyway, it works! Thank you!!!

(I can imagine you have a lot off work to do, really; thank you very much!!!)

Check your e-mail. I resent you the pastebin content in an e-mail.

Hi :D What an awesome theme. I just installed it and have a little bit trouble with editing portfolio posts. Just two quick questions: Why does it crop my images if they are bigger than 820*620 – Can’t these just scale down ? And second: How can I insert a gallery (like displayed in the psd) inline in a column ? Thank you & Best regards, Ben


My website is not displaying icons and social icons. I checked the short codes and they’re fine. I also checked If the color of Icons was the same of the background but is not. What else could be?

Thank you!

Can you give me a link to your site so I can check this out in action? It’s best if you create a topic in our support system for this:

Your website uses font awesome version 4.2.0, but the theme is built with 3.2.1 which is incompatible with the 4.2.0. Looks like it’s loaded by visual composer. You should be able to resolve this by either disabling visual composer or editing theme/theme-functions.php and replacing this:
wp_enqueue_style( 'font-awesome', PLSH_CSS_URL . 'font-awesome.css' );
with this:
wp_enqueue_style( 'plsh-font-awesome', PLSH_CSS_URL . 'font-awesome.css' ); 


I’m trying to filter portfolio by categories using the code you provided in the documentation [portfolio_list count=”6” title=”Blog posts” category=”travel” tag=”mountains” /] but is not working fine. If I use the short code [portfolio_list], it shows the whole portfolio. If I add other attributes, nothing is showing up (neither the title).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Hey, Can you give me access to your sites wp-admin so I can check this out in action? To send me the access please create an topic in our support system and include the credentials in a private reply.

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Hello guys, WP 4.5 is coming soon. So is your theme ready for it or will you release a new version of Regplith for WP 4.5? regards René

So far it looks like 4.5 will not introduce any breaking changes, so it’s very likely that not update will be necessary.


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Hey, i have a question, how can I make bigger the horizontal scrollbar in portfolio items? it a bit hard to find the scrollbar for some clients. thanks a lot Tim


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thanks a lot for your answer. I was wondering how can I make work a button in JS to scroll right in the page. Here you can see an example of a Right Buttion Arrow, Onclick it scrolls to the right, I think it will be easier to scroll ^^ Thanks a lot Tim

You would have to write extra javascript code that handles this button click and scrolls the page. I don’t have any code examples to give you for this, but this might be usefull:

webinti Purchased

ok thanks a lot. Have a nice weekend! Tim

Hello, i am using your regolith theme for my shopify site. i want to make few changes in that, i dont want it to be ecommerce site .. just want to list products and one can contact me in email for delivery and pricing.. i dont want to show pricing and other information displaying there with product.. Can you tell me how to do that ?

Thanks in Advance .


Can you please create support ticket in our forum here? Specify exactly what you want to hide except prices and “Add to cart” buttons, attach screenshots, provide links to the pages you want to modify.

Hello, I have problems with Relolight when I ise Ipad, its not responsive.


Please check reply to your support ticket here.

Hello, I have since two days a strange issue. Some pages and all posts are not visible in the frontend – only white screens in Google Chrome (Version 54.0.2840.71 m), Firefox (V49.0.2) and Safari (V5.1.7). On IE Edge (V38.14393.0.0) all pages are visible. I copied my installation to my testserver, but there is still the same issue. Please help to fix the issue. Best regards, René


We just submitted update regarding to this issue and now it is available for download. After update issue should be solved.

Hey, thank you for your quick support. Work’s fine with V1.0.8


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Hi, I bought this theme and started integrating. But seems woo commerce didn’t work well. How can I get it work? Any documentation about woo commerce integrate?

Hey, WooCommerce is not supported. Due to the horizontal layout and difficulties it presents, it will be very to hard get WooCommerce working.