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This is really a unique idea and the design is very good. Well done.

Thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

Awesome Design, I like it so much. Good luck dude :)

Neat, unique ideas here , congrats.

Kind Regards,

Great job!Good luck :)

Really unique design, strongly consider using it for my portfolio! Only thing I don’t like is, that you don’t see you can scroll. Because the scrollbar is only visable when you actually start swiping or scrolling.

Thanks, we’ll probably add an option to always show the scrollbar in future updates.

wow work !! but i want html site template !!! i want to buy HTML site template

Hey. HTML should be online in the next couple of weeks ;)

waiting to buy !!

Great job, the idea of design – it is super! But, I can not understand why on my tablet it shows white screen :(

Thanks. What tablet are you using?

PRESTIGIO MULTIPAD 2 Screenshot here http://cl.ly/image/253V3a454107 . Thought Error in Nicescroll …. but the demo works here http://areaaperta.com/nicescroll/demo.html


Please test on IE windowsphone (nokia 925)mistake with touch scroll… Why you don t use sidemenu like gmail app?

Regards MTH

Hey. Will try to get our hands on a windows phone device. We didn’t really consider such sidemenu sollution. But thanks, for suggestions.

I am thinking of using this theme. Can I add a login area? If so, what plugin would you suggest?


Hey. I don’t have any experience with such a plugins, but the first one I managed to find was this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/customer-area/

It’s possible that it might not work “out of the box” and require some style modifications to fit the theme.

Thing about using this theme…

Can you have 2 sidebars? Can you have the company logo on all pages? Can you have a client login?


No. This theme has no sidebars actually, just a header, that’s aligned like a sidebar. You can add/change logo to the header easily.

Hi, dear sir, I can’t use ‘protect function’ in this theme cause the input area will not be shown correctly. is there anything i can do to solve this problem?

Hello, it has no password input area for example:

my wordpress edition is 3.7 and 3.8.

and the menu(as photos below) will not show in iPad when i scroll to right


1. Sorry, we’ll fix this for the next update of theme coming later this week. (password protection)

2. We disabled this on purpose, since touchscreen scrolling operates differently than pc’s so, the following motion can’t be made to operate smoothly.

I LOVE this design and the horizontal scrolling! However I just want to know if I can embed videos into my post? And if so, is it possible to have the videos playable on the homepage? Thanks in advance.

By default videos can’t be embeded, because a security feature mandated by Themeforest prevents that. That however can be disabled easily an you should be able to post a youtube video. However you would have to size it to fit the column width manually.

First of all, well done! Very nice template! Anyway i have a problem. My images are not showing and i cannot upload images with the media browser in wordpress admin. This is since i have activated this theme. Please help me out.

Thanks in advance

Hey. The problem is most likely related to incorrect folder permissions on your server. Make sure, that themes and uploads folder have permissions, that allow wordpress to write files. 775 should be ok. More info here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_File_Permissions

Hello, I really like your theme. I have few questions before purchse: - the home page can be set to be as in here : www.photochic.ro ? - in portofoliu is possible to disable thumbnails? I really like horizontal galleries but I don’t want the little square thumbnails. Thank you very much, Adina

still not working …

Ok, thanks. we’ll look into this.

The other themes made by you works well.

Hello :) I’m testing your theme, you can see it here: www.test.dumitrescuphoto.ro I cannot create Portofolio, and I wonder what I’m doing wrong. I made a page for portofolio, with template Portofolio Archive, and added 2 portofolios, but it not show them. On blog section it works well. Thank you Adina

Hey, sorry for late answer, we were on christmas break. Portfolio does not require a template page to be manually created. Wordpress normally knows to grab and use it automatically. I suggest you try deleting the page you created and then opening Settings -> Permalinks page. That will cause WP to flush link settings and your portfolios should be available under test.dumitrescuphoto.ro/portfolio/

The portfolio defaults to ‘recent’ and only shows a single portfolio. If I select ‘Featured’ – it shows all portfolios.

How do I set Featured as the default or change them all to ‘Recent’?

You should be using this for case studies: http://www.hemmingsnewhomes.com/portfolio/

How did you make the current case studies page?

I just created a page and selected the ‘portfolio archive’ page template. The portfolio link above works, which is baffling as there is no ‘portfolio’ page. Strange but it solved the issue.

Wordpress does that automatically – it just grabs appropriate template by filename, so you never need to do it manually. I’m glad it’s ok now.


Great horizontal scroll! Is there any way to include sidebars? it’s always complicated in horizontal themes but maybe u could include it like a second menu bar which appears after clicking the blog… muef… Other think, is it possible to have filterable portfolio? and I see only gallery portfolio, what about video?

Thank you, Cheers!


1) Currently we don’t have a sidebar in the plans, but this might change in the future.

2) Portfolios can be filtered with 3 predefined modes – recent, featured and commented. Apart from that they also have categories and tags.

3) You can insert videos into posts and portfolios.

Hello, Great theme!! I already buyed, but I thought is an Html template.

Is my mistake, but do you plan to have an html version soon?

Thnaks in advance.



No, we will not be releasing this as a HTML version for various reasons – namely the markup/javascript is too complex to be easily adapted. However if you e-mail me to support@planetshine.net I can send the you the HTML’s, but they have no Javascripts wired into them.

Great, but IE11 touch on Windows 8 tablet dose not work for me … Could you please check?