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Also, I am trying to add products from vendor dashboard, it just adds the product’s basic description. Beyond that it takes me to a page saying No subscription pack has been found!

Step 1 (Successfully completed): http://prntscr.com/hc3bha Step 2 (Unsuccessful): http://prntscr.com/hc3auk

Alright – I will see to it. Btw

1.) What features does your theme have for Dokan? I mean you stated you have extended support for Dokan plugin.

2.) I am having issue in Products section, it is crippled. See here: http://prntscr.com/hc4k72

1. Many things like better store page, additional shortcodes for vendor list, connections with User profile, store locator, better vendor block in product pages and many other things

2. Right top corner (Screen options) and enable/disable columns

Thank you so much dear – problem fixed. Where can I find the shortcodes for vendor list? also, where can I create more shortcodes as per my requirements – can I?

Hey!! will you please let me know is this associated with theme, I think there is some adware attack my website: https://prnt.sc/hc3eul More than 184 requests are there on my site. visit this https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/ZL5w2/http://gadgets.a2dweb.com Please let me know the issue

I don’t see this on your site


It looks like ads scripts and statistic scripts than virus. I see you have huge amount of such scripts on sites

Please, note, our theme doesn’t have any external scripts or any external connections, except link to google font, so, if you see any external link – this is from your plugins, ads scripts, statistic scripts, etc

I think you checked from Stockholm, Sweden; those redirects only are shown from Areas like Melbourne, Australia and San Jose, California, USA. Also I tried everything and also these redirects are on static pages also https://www.a2dweb.com

How do I replace the social media icons throughout the theme with the script for the AddThis sharing buttons? I saw another post where you say, “Yes, but with small file change”. What’s the best way to do this without breaking theme updates? Thank you as always!

If you need custom sharing icon, disable theme’s share option in theme option – global enable/disable

Hi, do you know how I can configure the Paypal button link to get the French version of the Paypal login page. Thanks. http://prntscr.com/hc3xdo http://prntscr.com/hc4021

better to ask from author of plugin which you use for paypal buttons

how to ad a language changing option in menu

you need to use one of multilanguage plugin for this and follow documentation of plugin

Hi Sizam, i just updated my rehub theme and bought the support extension because i need some help. :-)

When i use the “infinite scroll” function at the Mansory Grid: http://geschenk-fuer.net the first loading items are shown correctly.

When i “show next” a few times the distance between the individual elements is displayed incorrectly. Here a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/Fnc6q

Thanks in advance Kind regards


Unfortunately I have tried this several times. Without success. The deactivation of the plugin did not help either.

deactivate plugin, so I can check

just deactivated it. thanks in advance.

Hey I’m trying to customize the repick theme trying to make it look like this http://odditymall.com website but it’s really hard and complicated i don’t know if you might be able to help

and what is hard? Repick has default look very similar to this site


I tried that and the video they don’t really explain it if you can go to my dashboard and help me it would be great

The problem I cannot customize the default look of repick


I updated the theme and now some posts are showing the message :

This post layout requires Content Egg Plugin to be active and Product must have synchronized Content Egg offers. Enable synchronization in Theme option - affiliate

But I can not see difference betwen both posts : https://www.zapofertas.net/samsung-galaxy-j1/ and https://www.zapofertas.net/tv-samsung-32-polegadas/

What can be?

I think the syncronization is not working

Hi, I do not find the menu where I can disable Google address auto complete option used by GMW. I have a problem with store address in the store locator page. Postal codes are sometime incomplete (3 character instead of 6).Thanks http://prntscr.com/hc5he


I would like to know how to add stores that are not supported by content egg.

I know it is done using affiliate egg + cutsom parserer but I don’t even know what this means and how it can be done, I would appreciate your help.

Thanks, W

I have updated Rehub 7.1.6 to 7.1.7 theme and then have a problem with widget of ‘top offer’. ‘The number of posts to show’ in sidebar area of Rehub:Top offers widget is 7, but all posts are showing in the widget page now. My Rehub:Cash theme shows all posts in the ‘Top offers’ widget page. I have changed the number of the posts to show and saved the widget. But it is same thing, not changed correctly. The widget is based on ‘Posts’ now and Rehub theme version is 7.1.7 and Rehub-cash theme version is 7.1.5 now. Please, let me know how to fix this problem. Thank you.


Im intrested to buy the rehub theme, can i know where to i get coupon feed data for Indian website

Thank you in advance & looking for your reply for purchase

I am using the RE:Pick child theme with the Grid with Filters template for the homepage.

However, this does not seem to allow much customization on the homepage layout other than the top of the page above the filters and grid.

Is there a way to get the same layout with filters, but be able to insert content after say 3 rows of post grids… and then maybe another 3 rows and add other content like a sign up form etc.

And then maybe another 6 rows of grids and finish with page navigation at the bottom?

I also just noticed that The price alert form is not showing up on the following page…


Shortcode used is [content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/price_alert]

Post layout is Button in Corner RePick style.

And… is there a way to default all blog posts to the Button in Corner (I set this in theme options but posts default to simple layout?

In above comment on placement of content in grid, I am talking about doing so full width spanning the 3 posts, not replacing one of the post in the grid with an ad.

Hi, i have an urgent question. i designed a website with rehub and when i type my website to FACEBOOK, facebook fetches REDIRECT template image to post. Why, i want my website’s image to be fetched! please help

Hi, on the Grid of Woocommerce products, I chose Two different categories to show, and chose Random Order. When I did this, some products show twice. Is there a way to show products from two categories in random order but not show the products two times. Sometimes it doesnt repeat the products twice but sometimes it does. https://www.colorshoppe.com/

На страницах обзора хочу заменить слово – комментарии (и его склонение) на слово – отзывы. “нет комментариев” и “1 комментарий” заменил в файле ru_RU.po, после перевел в *.mo и все заработало, а вот слово “комментария” в файле ru_RU.po нет, подскажите, пожалуйста, где найти русский перевод этого слова и заменить на “отзыва”? Чтобы когда было 2 или 3 ну и т.д. подставлялось слово “отзыва”

Hello. Sizam. I would like to ask a question. I want to set up a local product comparison site that is not available in the content egg modules. I would like to know what is the best and most practical way to start doing this, as I see you have the option of offer mode, in which I could register the products individually and even direct the price xpath, but there is a lot of doubt about the best way is using the woocomerce plugin, as products or as normal post via post. What would you tell me? I do not understand by the tutorial videos that if I register each individual product by offer mode in the woocomerce, as would be the comparison, although it is interesting because each store has a page of its product.

Another question how much could charge me to carry out the registration of the store and if this would be advantageous in my process?

The icecat was discontinued in the new versions, I did not find in the shortcode generator.