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I restore the demo stack without remembering the password and now my username in wordpress account is no longer valid. Please help. thanks

rehubdemo / RehubPass999777

change then this details

I entered my registration details It is showing some other process to activate the theme. It is asking to download “wp cone” plugin and restore theme url . Also asking to login from username:rehubdemo & password : Rehub999777 . I didn’t get what the process is. But why we need to do this . Generally all themeforest themes have option to download demo data directly after installing & activating it.But your theme is having some irregular process of installing.Why we need do this . And there is no use of this. Why can’t you provide normal procedure of installing theme & demo data.

Sorry 59$

$39 is sale price. we make such price from time to time 1-2 day in month

Again when can we expect 39$ price.

Igor, please can you add this in feature Updates?


Hello, please how to enable scrolling product on woo pages, or how to enable all products per page,

how to add a dynamic vertical menu on left like aliexpress ,


first of all thanks for the marvellous theme, it’s superb, i would like you to address me to the right massive guide resources you have here to answer some of my questions.

i have recently installed the rehub theme and demo on my testing website: loibuy.atecsol.eu

am doing my best to customise it before launching this on the final host

testing the site i can see that the registration page is missing, am and am not able to do a front end post,

could you kindly tell me what am missing??

1. haw can i set the registration page for payd members and unpayed member 2. posting is not working, haw can i implement it to work 3. some haw i don’t know haw after the last update, i have lost the mega menu, haw can i get it back? 4. do you advice to create a child theme for future updates or am not going to lose the customisations when do an update. _ do you have a child theme of the rehub main demo stack? or is it already a child theme??

thanks for your time stay blessed

Hello, I am in need of help from you. I am making a mega menu, but the distance between them is too large and uneven, so how are they beautiful and the same. http://www.upsieutoc.com/image/q2rObl Thank you.

and what is issue? I don’t see any. You have 5 columned menus, this is correct distance between columns

Hi there,

I am building price comparision site demo – Rewise

If you can help i am confused in organize my products . Say i want to publish phones , TV , books etc . For this purpose i can use categories like -phone , TV , books .

But at same time i want to sort products through their brand when customer land on each product category like they can land on mobile phone category & want to sort product through their brand & same for TV’s or Home appliances . Eg like samsung sell both TV & phones . So should i create child category for samsung in both TV & phones ? or what do u think would be best choice ,

Waiting for your response as i have stucked here & not able to proceed further in development of my site .


Hello, This option is available in the Theme Options: “Disable offer button in archives and loops?” If you scold it on on, “then the button” read more “no longer appears. If you switch it off, then “read more” appears but no offer button. If it is not possible to switch both, I would be even better?

Hi Igor, I would you like you to install this for me since I am completely clueless about anything. I got Wordpress and pressable so I think I am ready to go. Please let me know what you need to do this. Thanks

this is theme look awesome, i just have a question if there is an option to disable a vendor account, let say the vendor did not follow a certain terms so i need to temporarily disable that vendor account

how to remove the compare option from rewise… and I;m trying to change the currency.. but it not being changed.. what to do?

How can I replace your default Tracking ID ‘wpsoul05-20’ from target URL to Amazon?

I have already input my Tracking ID in Content Egg settings panel and the products that I upload afterwards have correct URL, but the products that I had uploaded before are using the default one.

Hi – Do you know of any infinite scrolling plugins that work with ReHub?