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Hey Sizam! Is there any way on repick child theme to direct all the posts through the main button from my home page (currently labeled “View Details”) to navigate to the post instead of the affiliate products detail page? Techgiftsunder50.com (HP). Once they get to the post, I’ll then rely on the button on the top right to direct them to the affiliate landing page (just fyi, as I didn’t want that to change). Thanks in advance for any help here. Love your theme!

send screenshot of button, currently not clear what you mean

Sure no problem. When you go to techgiftsunder50.com you’ll see the grid 3 column. I just want the “View Details” button to navigate to the post (like the product image and product title). That’s all :-) https://www.screencast.com/t/KmTTmEVhHLY

don’t set main offer of post and this button will show read more button which will go to post

Can you please provide Content Egg Pro discount price & plugin URL? I want to enable flipkart.com for dynamic comparison. How to replace header search function with auto scrape post? I mean with this short code function [rh_ce_search_form]

MEGA25 – 25% off

MEGA35 – 35% off 5+ licenses

MEGA45 – 45% off 10+ licenses

MEGA55 – 55% off 20+ licenses

about theme questions – I will be glad to help you once you will be a buyer of theme

i want to edit main site page and put some text (please look at the picture) https://pasteboard.co/GBVqyIp.png look at the picture please


this is possible only with customization. You can customize file inc/parts/columnpart.php

Hi Sizam, i want to use “Email Verification / SMS verification / Mobile Verification” plugin which is compatible with buddypress. I am using sms verification on register page by a textarea that must be filled by phone number. I have a question about an issue after verification by sms, expert and pro users can change their verrificated phone number via their account without varification by theme feature. How can i disable customization of phone text field over buddypress social account page on rehub theme? regards.

phone field is just Xprofile field of Buddypress. So, go to Users – Profile fields, find phone field and disable changing this field for users

It seems one of the recent updates include product title in product description. Is there a function to remove this?


yes, we switched to woocommerce default logic for this field, because it’s required for some templates.

you can hide this with customization

add_filter('woocommerce_product_description_heading', 'add_title_to_description_woo');
if (!function_exists('add_title_to_description_woo')){
function add_title_to_description_woo($content){

place this in functions.php of child theme

Hi I recently bought your Rehub theme and installed child theme Repick. after installation panel has only profile settings rest all disappeared message on top is “Sorry, but you do not have the correct permissions to install the Envato Market, MDTF, RH Grandchild plugin and Visual Composer plugins. Contact the administrator of this site for help on getting the plugins installed. Please contact the administrator of this site for help. Sorry, but you do not have the correct permissions to activate the WooSidebars plugin. Contact the administrator of this site for help on getting the plugin activated. Please contact the administrator of this site for help.” please help how to rectify, now i am not able to enter normal wp admin panel website name: www.1800giftideas.com

how to delete demo stack? not sure how to proceed pls help

iam not allowed to go into https://1800giftideas.com/wp-admin/themes.php message is ””Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”

one more time. What login name do you use?

how to post continuously in auto blogging with same keywords?

if you mean Content Egg – you can’t do this, plugin will delete duplicate products. You need to use Affiliate Egg for such type of autoblog

Under woocommerce “shop page” list view, where can i change the html and text for “Sold by Demo store”. I noticed that <?php do_action( ‘rehub_vendor_show_action’ ); ?> is used but i am not that expert to find out where it locate.

functions/woo_functions.php you will it there

Is there any other safe way to edit this function so that in the next update my setting don’t get lost?

you can copy whole function to your child theme or grandchild plugin

Hello Team,

I am using Auto Comparison chart Flipkart to compare product dynamic but image, title & button are fixed and other compare chart is getting scrolled can you please let me know how I can show full page scroll no stuck or fix.

I have enabled Content Egg > Amazon > Customer reviews and Number of characters for the one review set to 0 the maximal length of the text but review is not visible on the post. [Post Type : Review, Post Layout > Auto content Content Egg(beta)] Can you please let me know how I can show amazon or flipkart review?

Waiting for your favorable reply.

Thanks, Prince Bhalani

I will be glad to help you once you will be a buyer of theme or provide your license code

Hi Sizam, How to display top offers with review scrore or just posts with review score in sidebar?

Rehub: Tabs or Rehub: Post list widgets

i mean in shop page cause my site run in rtl

i need to show wideget in right side not in left

try to enable theme option – appearance – widget position

Published posts going to a 404 page

please see short video asap


settings – permalinks and configure your permalinks

Affiliate button (shortcode) will not center

vid- https://www.screencast.com/t/f1miEKOlgV

select shortcode and click on center align in editor

sir i have a visual composer problem.

if im trying to edit textblock. i dont see anything untill i switch tabs. and in the end i cant even save. icon settings look also messed up. so i tryd to switch themes and its all good on other theme.

im up to date as well but mabey rewise child needs update as well?. currently with this theme i cant do anything properly on visual composer. not sure what the problem is. you can see the link on the picture https://ibb.co/chsMjk https://ibb.co/hXBLc5

i figured out its comming from rh grandchild plugin. means some of my custom functions is responsible for it. can you mabey help me figure out wich one is wrong? Thank you

yes if you send me code