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Hi there, thanks for supporting me. I’m working on recash with buddypress, basically from the demo, so I have popup login set. I just got ‘Wordpress Social login’ plugin and it seems working ok with popup login. The question is, is there no way to use social login only?


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No way for popup, only with deep customization

Hi I want to set up sites for products Affiliate with Jumia, Souq, Namshi, Wadi and other sites in the Middle East. I would like to buy a rehub template and Content Egg Pro and Affiliate Egg Pro plugins I want to use the template and additions in more than one site at least 5 sites Do I have the right to use them for more than one location? Do you Content Egg Pro plugins supports Jumia and Souq sites How will the license for the template and plugins be sent ? Are there any videos explaining how to properly activate this license when in use? thanks


sizam Author

Hi. You will need theme + Affiliate Egg pro. Jumia, Souq are available. But other two require also custom parsers (price is near $25 per each). You can write to support@keywordrush.com and deal with them about price of plugins and parsers

I am using Rehub 7.6.3 version with ReCash 7.6 version because I don’t like the changes done on the latest updates. Currently I’m using RH Frontend Publishing Pro v3.7.5 and it also received a latest update of v3.7.6. Is the latest version of this plugin compatible with the Rehub and Recash version I am using? Should I update it or keep using the old version? By the way, please let me know the new features or work done in the latest version of the RH Frontend plugin.

Yes. Anyway we can’t guarantee theme work if you use outdated version

how i can change post links to 301 links?

Which post links do you mean?

Is there anyway to show the default share buttons on pages? Thank you!

On which pages?

Individual/default WordPress pages.

You can use page builder on pages and use social share module. Other way is customize page template. We can give you code for this once you will have actual support

Hello, how can I remove the following from the entries? Author, date of publication, times the entry has been seen and the number of comments.

I have installed the rething demo

attached screenshot:


Thank you.

theme option – global enable/disable

thanks :-)

You also need to remove category and the name of the post categories.

attached screenshot


Thank you.

Hi, I am using the Rewise theme and would like to change the main page to Re-compare page. But I can not see it available in default templates. Can you make it available? tks

Ok. I will add in next update

Hi, I would like to know how to remove the link and house icon on the author page that is redirecting to wpsoul.com ? This is displayed in author post sidebar of revendor. I cannot seem to find any option in the theme global disable / enable settings to disable this except to redirect to buddy press profile.


Users – all users and edit user

Hi, I’m not following ? I need to disable author link globally for all vendors. There is no place in WordPress users to disable author sidebar link redirecting to your website wpsoul ?

since the last update the fecla on the right to go up does not work on mobile

What is fecla?

How to show product post date in product post.

Only with customization of core files. All files for products are in inc/product_layout

Code for date https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_date

hi, i have a running wocommerce store with products and lot of shipping charges related settings (by different dedicated plugin). i want to set remarket theme on the store. will all the data will be deleted if i setup remarket demo theme with demo content?

No if you will use Demo Import. Yes – if you will use Demo clone

Hi Sizam, I did a test as a seller on the multivendor site and you do not see the buy button https://www.ystore.it/shop/telefonia-e-computer/apple/iphone-xs-max-256gb-argento/

and this code

a.button.ajax_add_to_cart { padding: 15px 20px 15px !important; background: linear-gradient(to bottom,#f00,#e45c61) !important; color: white !important; border: 1px solid red !important; border-radius: 50% !important; }

is wrong code. border-radius must be 100px

The product I entered as a seller from the WC-Marketplace dashboard does not come from Content EGG

Yes, but you are using Content egg product layout. Explanation is above in my link

I want sticky sticky ads like https://gyazo.com/03c7acbbb35db1f4647f6c7b4b7efdb7 I used “Side out ads widget” But some part of side out ads are hidden i.e https://gyazo.com/579becbf9d1ba63e456d11b97092eb20

I also added your code from your previous conversation with others i.e #rehub_outer_mediad-2 outer_mediad_right{margin-left: 554px !important;} #rehub_outer_mediad-3 outer_mediad_left{margin-left: -674px !important;}

Added that in custom css in Theme Setting >> General Option. But it is not working. Please give me the right solution. Waiting for your response Vineet

I am getting this issue in Chrome browser. For your kind information I have checked in many screen size i.e 14” , 15.6”, 24” etc. Getting same issue.

We can’t help without direct link to the website

Hi, I’m getting a message when registering… Saying it’s the wrong name. I used exactly what’s in envato and still getting that message. Can you please help ?

Which name do you use?

Hello I come back to a problem that I still could not solve, I try to change the layout of the category page to display the same layout as the image in red (in the link url), I have tried everything and it does not work, I noticed however that the option community / deal list in Select Category Layout does not work at all, is this normal? thank you


I also have another problem in the theme settings appearence color, the option “Disable box borders under content box?” does not work.

Is it possible that the theme bug, should I uninstall it?

I use the main theme but I tried with the child themes too, I have the same problem

Do you have exact instructions how to create the ReCompare. Do you have step by step instructions to reproduce this site?