Discussion on REHub - Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace Wordpress Theme

Discussion on REHub - Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace Wordpress Theme

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Can you tell me where I can fix this?

Joe Doe in London ? Joe Doe in London, England purchased a Joe Doe in London, England purchased a Ninja Silhouette Ninja Silhouette

Thank Nicolas

SEO optimization category I have two H1 in my category page How to remove the H1 from the category name I did not find Thank Nicolas

hode41 Purchased

Hello, I do not know on which sites I used my license. I want to delete can you help me? I want to use it on one site.


alboz Purchased

Hello, I have 2 questions.

1. I want to make full changes to the dealstore design. How can I do it? with elementor pro? (Taxonomy edit)

2. I am adding coupons to my site with Wpallimport pro right now. How can I add coupons to the dealstore with content egg?

Thank you


pampromos Purchased

I switched my Wordpress theme from Breek to ReHub. Now, I don’t see any of the product pages in the theme. All of the individual product pages were used for the review blog posts. Where can I find my product pages now and how can I get them to show again in the blog posts? Thanks!


haejinc24 Purchased

Thanks for making nice Theme. But style.css File is missing is there somthing that I missed?


haejinc24 Purchased

I mean it doen’t work when I upload WP with that massage


Boluwaji Purchased

how do i set Products in a single column for mobile in shop via css or setting

I sent a pre purchase question regarding multiple licenses and about using the theme on a specific website. Since I am buying a new theme very soon I’d be happy to see an answer if possible. I want to purchase and use your theme. Thank you

sizam Author

Hi. I guess you got response because I don’t see any new questions

I’ll write again. I try the email function in your profile

Still no answer on the question i sent by email. I’ll try here instead: Can I use the Regular Licence for an e-commerce/woocommerce website? I asked another theme creator and they said this is OK, but when I read themeforests FAQ it says websites that sell “A game or t-shirt for sale” need Extended License.

What is correct? The website I’m building is a small e-shop with zero income. Paying $3000 for the extended license is not possible for me.

Thank you in advance, awaiting your respons.


I tried to import the theme but the front end looks different. Some elements were missing

URL: tipidcoupon.com

sizam Author

Please provide more details because I don’t see missing elements

Just wanted to know if this thing is possible in rehub:

Can I somehow just automatically copy content from another website made with Rehub theme (Ex: https://www.rebellink.com/best-project-management-software/ ). That’s just a random example site which is built using Rehub theme

It has all the tables, pros & cons, Reviews, lists and many other components which are supported by Rehub theme by default.

So is it possible to copy the html code and paste it in the backend and expect the whole layout to be duplicated as it is?

Or do I have to manually keep creating components and copy paste manually?

sizam Author

You can’t just copy html (you can but it will not be styled). If you have one site and you want to migrate content, you can use Tools – Export


ivanfit Purchased

Hi, I would like to increase the space between the menu bar and the title in all blog posts beacuse it is too narrow. What css code do I need?

sizam Author

Please send link to page


I want to delete the “Sort by editor review” filter from the recart theme. But I can see that is not located where the other filters are located: wc-template-functions.php file.

$catalog_orderby_options = apply_filters(
            'menu_order' => __( 'Default sorting', 'woocommerce' ),
            'popularity' => __( 'Sort by popularity', 'woocommerce' ),
            'rating'     => __( 'Sort by average rating', 'woocommerce' ),
            'date'       => __( 'Sort by latest', 'woocommerce' ),
            'price'      => __( 'Sort by price: low to high', 'woocommerce' ),
            'price-desc' => __( 'Sort by price: high to low', 'woocommerce' ),

How can I delete the “Sort by editor review” from the sorting filter?


How can I enable the reviews for all the products? I can see the checkbox when I quick edit a product but the checkbox it’s just for one product. I also checked the Reviews section from Theme Options and did not find the option on how to enable the reviews.

sizam Author

Woocommerce-setting-products and enable ratings


RickyRon Purchased

Hello Its not possible to install the Rehub Theme. I have my code and ID. it tells me that my theme is installed elsewhere. It is not installed elsewhere. Maybe it was installed on another domain name previously but my domains no longer exist. What should I do to reinstall my theme. Thanks


RickyRon Purchased

Its ok now. Im delete the license and reinstall after sorry


chiflaos Purchased

Is it possible to edit the WooCommerce ContentEgg template?

I have the ContentEgg Pro, and I like the design and the option to see the summary of the evolution of the price of the product in the template.

But the template is focused on being a comparator between different publishers and I would like to adapt it so that it is only for one, since I only work with Amazon.

There are few changes, in the flyer that appears at the top when you scroll down, change “Choose Offer” and put the Buy button, and remove the box where supposedly the different purchase options appear below (where the button that I would like to change takes you).

sizam Author

If you need only one merchant, there is no sense to use Content egg layout. Use other, theme has near 20, enough to choose best one


chiflaos Purchased

Yes, but it is the only one with the price alerts. Is there an option to add the price tracker alerts for all product pages in another template?


westmannn Purchased

Hello, im trying to make the mega menu full width but for some reason its maxing out at 25% what are the CSS classes for the mega menu?


I am using Recart theme, If you go to Camera & Photo section, you will see 4 results. When the products are shown in a grid, how can I display the merchant name above the product price?

Second question. How can I show the products individually and not just in a grid?

sizam Author

1. How do you add merchants?

2. Theme options-shop settings-design for archives

1. I use WP All Import 2. I want to give the possibility to the users to choose List or Grid. Can I have both of them?

Why does my email plugin not work after installation? Do I have to set something up again or does it conflict with the existing plugin.

sizam Author

Please, write from your buyer’s account. We don’t support not official and nulled versions of theme. If you purchase or get theme anywhere except Themeforest, we recommend to check sites for malware because all not official versions of theme which we checked early have 0day virus

I have installed the theme on my website but it is not taking the court please let me install it on my website name of my website https://clutchpost.com/

sizam Author

You can install theme on any site in any time

hello, I sold my site, but I don’t know exactly which domain is have my license. I need help to remove my license on other site to use it on my own website right now. pls support me

it say :”License is already active on maximum allowed product instances, please deactivate this license from active instance(s) and try again!

sizam Author

Please read carefully what is on your own screenshot


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