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I am experiencing this https://nimb.ws/mQy61S how can I resolve it?

Hi, I bought theme but I have some troubles to display Wishlist in Mobile phone, when I add an item to wishlist it displays nothing but when I work in Admin environment it works.

Wishlist work in webpage however the counting in icon logo is not right.

thank you


I have checked thoroughly and it seems to be an issue with REHUB theme. I checked locally with the REHUB theme and the issue is there for the booking product.

As the theme is compatible with Dokan please contact the theme provider mentioning the issue and also specify that the issue is only with Booking product. I am sure they will help you with a solution.

Let me know when you got a response from them.

Best Regards ;)

https://snag.gy/LvE7bK.jpg https://snag.gy/d4wZlf.jpg https://snag.gy/Hwyz1I.jpg

Error in want upload feature image add booking product which link with woocommerce booking plugin. Select files Category appears when want add picture also can move up and down not stable.

Hi there. I am trying to have in header the following structure: Centered logo, custom menu left from logo, search box, shop, wishlist icon right from logo, and main menu bellow logo (normal size stretched). The theme setting allow only for custom menu right from logo and if so logo cannot be centered. Can you help pls. Search should show “all categories”. I deactivated custom post. I deactivated compare, however, when searching for product, ajax product results show add to compare and plus the compare icon. As far as I can see there is no setting to remove that. Any idea how to remove that.


On my landing page (tempface.com), I’m showcasing products in two columns, but want to switch it to three, but for some reason when I try to configure to get three columns, I’m still getting two. What do you think I may be doing; what can I do to resolve this?

Hi, how do i move the location of (EDITOR CHOICE) to, beside view counter in blog post. http://www.screencast.com/t/K8hS6unldG

hi, can you give me the shortcode to use that 2 functions, expend and collapse http://www.screencast.com/t/wEJpH5mnEWp

Hello everyone, everything good, I’m Rogerio here from Brazil, I installed the Rehub theme, How do I do when the customer clicks on some intem to make the purchase, in the store and in the posts, so that the customer is directing to the amazon cart, checkout cart, and not to go direct to the product of purchase, it would cost to know if the theme has this option and how to configure, already made the settings in woocommerce, but not working with this theme and pluguin affiliate egg, and content egg, Thank you in advance and I’m waiting for more information, success.

Presale Question.

1. Does you theme support an option like on this website – https://videophoto.guru/shop/ to display videos instead of images, on shop page?

2. Can Vendors and Customers communicate? To communicate before & after the product is bought. Like on fiverr. I recorded my screen in order to show you how is on fiverr – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XuLKGDeFV9ZNQWri9WJLCaomSoyKNX7A/view?usp=sharing

3. Can customers upload their files?

1.Is there a way on the Vendor Child theme to make a product layout the homepage and not one of the home options.

2. Also can I use the Dokan plugin with the Vendor Child theme?

Hello, I would like to reinstall the theme Rehub. Is it posible? I accidentaly installed the “demos” and now I dont know how to delete these.