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Hello Guys, I’d like to translate my theme in italian. The point is that I want only italian and I’m not interested in having a bilingual site so no need to install Loco translate. Can you tell me how to do it? For instance in the header I want to translate the search bar and “All categories” Can you help me please?

Loco translate is not for bilingual site, it’s for single language site

Hi Sizam,

Good day to you.

I have a custom taxonomy called Brand and I have added some brand fields. I do not see this custom taxonomy when I export my product. Please help.

Many thanks Sandy

It’s not clear how you added and how you export

Please, create topic according guidelines, with all information, links, screenshots. This will allow us to understand your issue and give you more better and fast answer.


Thank You Sizam,

I m using revendor theme for my website www.pathologybazaar.in . I am using a custom taxonomy called ‘Brand’ as depicted in screenshot here : https://ibb.co/TPQ7H1B and here : https://ibb.co/7JDbGxL

The issue is when I export product data to excel file ( along with all meta data) I do not see the brand column anywhere, I need to see and edit brand names in bulk, please help.

Many thanks Sandy

I think that you are using wcfm export. Please, write to author of plug-in if you have questions about it

How to remove website block from comment section?

solutions, snippets, plugins for this can be found in google


Presale question. I want to use the “retour” demo for my site. I understand I need WC bookings to make it work. What I want to do is make it so users can book hourly and have optional addon prices. Is this built into the template or will I have to do coding of my own?


It’s not built in template, it’s function of booking addon. Check some alternatives, I know that this option is available https://retour.wpsoul.com/tutorials/


How can i modify the design of child-categories displayer in a principal product category ?


I would like they are with a big image with title under please

Many thks Phil

File for customization is woocommerce/archive-product.php

Feel free to customize it if you have code skills. If you have no – better to keep them as is

Is there a way to change the color of the user review stars and the box to green? I did so here, but it isn’t changing it from orange.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ystekhaxl8qgxhg/Screenshot%202020-05-28%2019.43.32.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/0l8m2lm7ltxdp99/Screenshot%202020-05-28%2019.44.03.png?dl=0

For this code, what other options for size are there and how big can it get?

[rehub_get_social_links icon_size=small]

I also am wondering how to get it truly centered, as when you center it with code it still sits left close to the logo on the head within the code zone 480×60

[rehub_get_social_links icon_size=big]

And how do you center them?


when i have to open website its not opening smoothly page loading lazy and images are also crash ?


Ok. Please, follow to next guideline and provide us enough information for better and faster help for you


Hey, On https://ultimatebuy.co/coupon-serach-page/ I wanted square search form items, So i add

.gmw-form-wrapper input[type=text] {border-radius: 5px ! important;} .gmw-submit {border-radius:0px}

But butten isn’t square yet, How to fix this? and i want to edit the search field 2/3 and location 1/3, How to edit this?


I would like to ask some questions:

- My header is not scrolling along with the page, even though I have activated the Sticky Menu Bar option. (My website is: zabusca.com)

- I would like that when hovering the mouse over the text in the header menu options, there would be a Hover changing color, but I didn’t find an option for that.

- It is possible when scrolling the site, my header behaves more or less like this example site: (http://www.refibras.com.br)

Thanks for listening


I installed Re:Direct child theme, it’s all good but I see that whenever we try to open the website, it shows a loading symbol for a few seconds and then the website shows up. Any method to stop that and load the website directly?

Hi Team We are facing some dummy content import for Re-direct theme so please help via any video guide or document guide help. Please find below the our development store link. Issue: Comparison table data not showing..

Hi, I use ReCart and I’m following your guide, maybe it’s not updated because for example, I want to use this tips but it doesn’t work: http://rehubdocs.wpsoul.com/docs/rehub-theme/advanced-tips-and-customizations/ how-to-make-big-search-form-in-header /

You missed to send us link so I don’t know how to check your page with problem


in the mobile view of a category the filter does not work for me. Only a black-transparent bar appears without function and content.

Do you have a solution for me? Thanks a lot.

You missed to send us link so I don’t know how to check your page with problem

Often I open my other product on my website but so many times this message appears: (Suisse Trading Review: Scam or legit? has been removed from your basket because it can no longer be purchased. Please contact us if you need assistance.)

I don’t want this message to appear again. how can I solve it?

it’s because you changed simple product type to external

Clean transients, sessions in Woocommerce – settings – tools

Could you help me to resolve the error wit contact form 7 popup.

I will intregrate button to report Deals but if i send the contact form 7 message an error will come.

1. https://i.imgur.com/4jPb8Oo.png 2. https://i.imgur.com/LeJkYPU.png 3. https://i.imgur.com/wlnBgL7.png 4. https://i.imgur.com/3m1v8Lh.png

sorry forgot url: https://sag6.com/sAqHl

I don’t think that Contact form popup can work from dynamic content. It will work only from inner post pages

Data in Post Offer fields is not getting saved.This has started happening since the last 2 updates. The weird thing is that sometimes it works for some users.

Steps to reproduce.

1. Log in to WordPress 2. Click on Posts and Add new 3. Put Post Title 4. Put offer URL in Post Offer section 5. Click Save draft.

Data disappears from Offer URL field and is empty. Same behavior if I click on publish or if I put more data in any of the other fields. Always disappears! Please help!

More details at https://trello.com/c/btD9zZaw You should have access there as we have already collaborating on another paid task

What makes this problem even more strange is the fact that the saving works for a while if I drag the Post Offer block up or down, it works (saves the fields) for couple of hours and than it stops working again…

if you mean RH frontend PRO plugin, please, send this report to webbizdirect@gmail.com