Discussion on REHub - Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace Wordpress Theme

Discussion on REHub - Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace Wordpress Theme

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Sizam, I am creating a custom header. Can you tell me how to Add the Search with the Category Dropdown in the header like it is in Re-Cart?

Your documentation says “Shop/Comparison Header layout in theme option – header and menu option Enabled Woocommerce Disabled Custom post types for search in theme option – header and menu option – search option”

That doesn’t tell me how to create it. And I don’t see the option to Disable Custom post types. Please help. Thanks.

Hi, thanks for the great product. I want to use the RH Fake Activity plugin and have configured it, but no sure, if it has an action scheduled. In the documentation is mention “When you add schedule to your fields, plugin will use CRON of WordPress.” I cannot find a scheduled action (tools > schedules actions) which is related. Is there a specific name / hook that is generated by the plugin? Thanks in advance

One question: how can I edit the seller’s “store” page?

it depends on vendor plugin which you use, I recommend to contact with author of plugin

добрый день. Столкнулся с проблемой. Все добавляемые картинки размножаются)) Я импортирую очень много фото в галерею WooCommerce высокого качества картинок. В итоге получаю огромное количество дублей картинок и недостаток места на сервере.

Вопрос: размножение картинок происходит в теме или в самом WordPress? И как то можно этого избежать?

theme has few small image sizes, but mostly it’s Wordpress and Woocommerce

How can I hide the “view cart” option from the rehub side card menu?

do you have a css code for this? I’m redirecting customers straight to checkout, as I have a mini cart inside the checkout.

.woocommerce-mini-cart__buttons a.button display: none

ends up removing the checkout button. I want to remove only the “view cart” button.



I found that one of rehub CSS in 404 in network analysis. I am not sure what is wrong… this is the link:

GET http://web.com/wp-content/themes/rehub-themecss/single.css?ver=6.2.2 .. 404 error.. any idea?

Sizam – Out of the box the theme is easy. But honestly when I try to make modifcations that’s when it becomes hard. Even with the videos and documents. It’s taken me the better part of the last 5 days and I still haven’t been able to get it the way I want it to look. It’s been frustrating.

I want the Mega Menu just as it looks in the Re-cart demo. Is there any way you can give the exact steps or send a file? I’ve followed the video and instructions step by step several times. When I get to the 3rd & 4th level menu items, I can’t get the solid purple and white text the way it’s formatted on your demo. I really don’t think I should have to try and figure a menu out that is shown on the demo. It should just be available.


you can import demo or you can use Tutorial about mega menu


I imported the demo. It did not import the mega menu that shows on your demo page. Again, I have watched the videos and read that document several times. I just can’t get it the way it is in the demo. I don’t know what I’m missing or doing wrong.

Please send screenshots how you make menu. Video described how to do exactly the same menu as on Recart demo.

PHP Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /public_html/wp-content/themes/rehub-theme/functions/review_functions.php on line 528

Repeated errors in PHP 8.1 – I can’t downgrade PHP, is there any way to fix this?

Hi. it’s not bug which required fixing. It’s something wrong with your post review. maybe you used demo posts. Remove it and create new post with own reviews

Can you tell me where I can fix this?

Joe Doe in London ? Joe Doe in London, England purchased a Joe Doe in London, England purchased a Ninja Silhouette Ninja Silhouette

Thank Nicolas

Please, create topic according to guidelines, with all information, links, screenshots. This will allow us to understand your issue and give you a better and fast answer.


SEO optimization category I have two H1 in my category page How to remove the H1 from the category name I did not find Thank Nicolas

Hi. Theme doesn’t use hard coded H1 on category pages. So, you added them in category description

hode41 Purchased

Hello, I do not know on which sites I used my license. I want to delete can you help me? I want to use it on one site.

You don’t need access to old site to use theme license


alboz Purchased

Hello, I have 2 questions.

1. I want to make full changes to the dealstore design. How can I do it? with elementor pro? (Taxonomy edit)

2. I am adding coupons to my site with Wpallimport pro right now. How can I add coupons to the dealstore with content egg?

Thank you

1. Deal store page is Virtual page so it can’t be edited in Elementor. But you can create own template in Elementor PRO or Greenshift Query addon

2. Content egg is for price comparison sites, it’s not for deal sites and can’t add deal stores

1. Can I use the deal store template I created with elementor pro or query addon with the affiliate store taxonomy I am using now? Is there a resource that shows how to do it?

2. Which plugin can I use for coupons and offers?

+After clicking the reveal coupon on any page (deal list and deal/coupon grid), the affiliate pop-up opens normally, but when you switch to other pages, the same pop-up opens again. How can i fix this?


pampromos Purchased

I switched my Wordpress theme from Breek to ReHub. Now, I don’t see any of the product pages in the theme. All of the individual product pages were used for the review blog posts. Where can I find my product pages now and how can I get them to show again in the blog posts? Thanks!

Can I please get some assistance. After activating the ReHub theme, I no longer see any of my pages that contained information about the products used for my review posts. Where do I locate my product pages now?

Hi. Which product pages do you mean? Maybe your theme has own pages which are working only in this theme


haejinc24 Purchased

Thanks for making nice Theme. But style.css File is missing is there somthing that I missed?


haejinc24 Purchased

I mean it doen’t work when I upload WP with that massage


Boluwaji Purchased

how do i set Products in a single column for mobile in shop via css or setting

You can select another layout in theme options – shop settings – design for archives

I sent a pre purchase question regarding multiple licenses and about using the theme on a specific website. Since I am buying a new theme very soon I’d be happy to see an answer if possible. I want to purchase and use your theme. Thank you

I’ll write again. I try the email function in your profile

Still no answer on the question i sent by email. I’ll try here instead: Can I use the Regular Licence for an e-commerce/woocommerce website? I asked another theme creator and they said this is OK, but when I read themeforests FAQ it says websites that sell “A game or t-shirt for sale” need Extended License.

What is correct? The website I’m building is a small e-shop with zero income. Paying $3000 for the extended license is not possible for me.

Thank you in advance, awaiting your respons.

You asked me this question already. I answered few times on email. You need Regular license for any kind of site. Extended license is only for those who needs unlimited site license


I tried to import the theme but the front end looks different. Some elements were missing

URL: tipidcoupon.com

After editing text via elementor, the sample products are not showing. It only shows {{content}}

Will it be possible to add a country option? Want to utilize the site in different countries. Basically, if let say the user is browsing from US, only deals in US will show up.

Just wanted to know if this thing is possible in rehub:

Can I somehow just automatically copy content from another website made with Rehub theme (Ex: https://www.rebellink.com/best-project-management-software/ ). That’s just a random example site which is built using Rehub theme

It has all the tables, pros & cons, Reviews, lists and many other components which are supported by Rehub theme by default.

So is it possible to copy the html code and paste it in the backend and expect the whole layout to be duplicated as it is?

Or do I have to manually keep creating components and copy paste manually?

sizam Author

You can’t just copy html (you can but it will not be styled). If you have one site and you want to migrate content, you can use Tools – Export


ivanfit Purchased

Hi, I would like to increase the space between the menu bar and the title in all blog posts beacuse it is too narrow. What css code do I need?

sizam Author

Please send link to page


I want to delete the “Sort by editor review” filter from the recart theme. But I can see that is not located where the other filters are located: wc-template-functions.php file.

$catalog_orderby_options = apply_filters(
            'menu_order' => __( 'Default sorting', 'woocommerce' ),
            'popularity' => __( 'Sort by popularity', 'woocommerce' ),
            'rating'     => __( 'Sort by average rating', 'woocommerce' ),
            'date'       => __( 'Sort by latest', 'woocommerce' ),
            'price'      => __( 'Sort by price: low to high', 'woocommerce' ),
            'price-desc' => __( 'Sort by price: high to low', 'woocommerce' ),

How can I delete the “Sort by editor review” from the sorting filter?


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