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My Buttons are reounded but i had turn smooth Design off. How i can fix it? https://bit.ly/2EPqmPI

update rewise theme



In the recent update you have talked about using

anchor_before=”Coupon codes for “

But there is no example on how and where we can use it. I have tried in “Raw Html” as follows but it doesnot work

[wpsm_tax_archive type=”storegrid” anchor_before=”Coupon codes for “ taxonomy=”dealstore”]

Can you kindly give example and show where to use it with screenshot. Would extremely be thankful.

You wrote correct shortcode. Try it on site

Hi. Which type of web hosting do you recommend for this theme? Would cloud hosting be good? :)

Any modern hosting will work.


dn988 Purchased

After The last update. Vendor can’t Add Product and Edit Product. Anytime when they click it go on the main page.


lowest Purchased

Hello, the theme is working out perfect for us.

We recently purchased the Searchazon plug-in from AA-Team. It is working as expected but unfortunately the search results are not formatted as hoped. It seems that they are formatted for smaller devices becasue they do look great on a phone or tablet, but not a PC.

The plugin needs access to the “empty” search results and we used search.php. Is there another file that may work better, or do you have any other suggestions on this?

Thank you for all the great support! Cheers!


search.php is only one file in wordpress which responsible for search results

Hi, I just bought the Rehub theme and I can not activate the Plugin Revolution Slider.

In the conditions of purchase it says that it is included.

Thank you

Yes, it’s included. Install it and use without license https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/213762463-Bundled-Plugins

Hi. I have a couple of categories that I only want to show to my vendors on: www.weensu.dk. I installed product filter (plugin in REHUB) and see that two categories are showing, that I do not want to show to customers. How do I hide them?


sizam Author

go to settings of filter, you will find there option to include terms. Exclude option is not available and possible only as paid customization

Hi, I bought your theme for beautygirls.org but I found in the license file it for afdall.com my old site please help to make it for beautygirls.org

Licensor’s Author Username: sizam

Licensee: afdall.com

Item Title: REHub – Price Comparison, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Vendor Store, Community Theme

Item URL: https://themeforest.net/item/rehub-directory-multi-vendor-shop-coupon-affiliate-theme/7646339

Item ID: 7646339

Item Purchase Code:

Purchase Date: 2019-03-11 19:06:45 UTC

For any queries related to this document or license please contact Help Team via https://help.author.envato.com

Envato Pty. Ltd. (ABN 11 119 159 741) PO Box 16122, Collins Street West, VIC 8007, Australia


sorry, but I already activated it, but I can’t install Envato Market plugin .. it back with error and same thing regarding Content EGG plugin?

what should I do?

after I trying install these plugins the site down until I delete these plugins from the Cpanel


sizam Author

Hi. Email of content egg author is support.en@keywordrush.com


I have a post in which I refer to a Blog Post inserting a url of that blog post ..

https://www.canaloferta.com/populele-2 The problem comes because the inserted url is not optimized for mobile (according to google search console). However, the blog Post is optimized. https://www.canaloferta.com/blog/populele-2

What can I do to solve this problem?


sizam Author

wordpress embed url is not optimized, don’t use it. Insert as link, not as embed link


I installed the plugin (Slider Revolution) but I can not choose one of the default templates because it tells me it is not activated. Under the conditions of purchase, it indicated that it could be used. How should I solve it? Thank you

i am using repick theme, how can i get product search bar in my menu same as you used in dokan theme.


sizam Author

which product tag cloud do you mean?


nikhil170 Purchased

product tag cloud widget : http://prntscr.com/mz8j58 , it shows all the tags, what if i want to exclude some tags ?


sizam Author

This widget doesn’t have such option

Will the Elementor modules come soon? :) Visual composer is bullshit.


sizam Author

We start to add modules from this month

Thanks, I’m waiting with impatience!

Congratulations for the great theme. Few questions:

1) How to achieve/provide external clicks tracking analytics and reports same like:

https://ae.pricena.com/en/vendors https://ae.pricena.com/en/user/store/login

2) Live search like: https://ae.pricena.com/livesearch.html

3) List stores like: https://ae.pricena.com/en/stores

4) Showcase individual stores like:


5) Search individual store’s products and apply search filters like: https://ae.pricena.com/en/search/stores/mumzworld

6) Any plans to add mobile app?

Thank you.


sizam Author

1. Tracking can be made via Analytics or via our plugin. If you use affiliate network, tracking is made via network and you can find statistic in your account

2. yes, it’s available in theme

3. Also available (we provide several types) http://rehubdocs.wpsoul.com/docs/rehub-theme/affiliate-settings/how-to-create-archive-of-all-brands/

4. also available http://recash.wpsoul.net/dealstore/gogreen-com/

5. filters are available http://recompare.wpsoul.net/shop/ with different designs http://rewise.wpsoul.net/shop/

6. https://wpsoul.com/create-mobile-app-wordpress/

Thank you for your fast reply.

1) Could you please provide name and link to your own tracking plugin (online doc)

2) Live search. This is a special page showing entire/sitewide occurring/happening live search (in real time) activities with each search term displayed in clickable square/link, like: https://ae.pricena.com/livesearch.html

3,4,5 great job.

6) PWA (Progressive Web App) is a good and cheaper new and rising substitution encouraged by Google


This plugin is very promising with UTM add-on for tracking PWA visitors

7) I know REHub is RTL ready. Is there a ready Arabic translation?

8 ) What are the new features in upcoming updates? To stay ahead of other Price Comparison Websites (competitors) there should be continuously new/innovative added features


sizam Author

1. we don’t have docs for RH cloak, because it’s simple plugin and documentation is inside plugin. It just adds cloaking to all affiliate links of theme and have page where you can see clicks, pages, etc

2. We don’t have this, but it’s possible to make as custom job

6. Yes, it’s future of web, but not today. It’s in beta, so, you can get only very basic PWA functions. But we keep eyes on it.

7. No

8. You can see changelog and work in progress on theme’s page

How I move Back to Top button to right position? I use Facebook Live Chat, but it’s not working well on Mobile because Back to Top button! Please fix it!


sizam Author

but its already in right side


ericlanda Purchased

I am creating an archive page for a custom post type. What is the best way to do this? I have duplicated the category.php page. I would like to include elements like “Posts Grid in column” element on the page. How do I do that?


sizam Author

create page, use page builder and choose your post type in options of grid module


Comspots Purchased

Dear Team we are using Content egg pro and Affiliate egg for affiliation website in that each time have to select product layout and product data, kindly suggest us want to keep default product layout as content egg auto section and in product data as external/affiliate product. thanks


sizam Author

theme option – shop settings and choose default layout

2. Content egg product layouts don’t require to have external type of products

1-) I have tested the code as mentioned already that I tried in category section but it doesnot work.

Can you please give working examples ?

[wpsm_tax_archive type=”storegrid” anchor_before=”Coupon codes for “ taxonomy=”dealstore”]

tested that doesnot work.

2-) On homepage where there is

Rewise – compare prices for <mark>1, 2 3 3 </mark> products

How to make 1,2 3 3 bold or how to customize the text any text in between the sentence? Like changing color of “price” increase text size of “compare” etc. thanks.


sizam Author

No way for this. You can only mark. Maybe try to add


Then why does <mark> tag works there?

Also that “anchor_before” How to use them lets say on Amazon store page. Where to use that tag?


sizam Author

Because mark is allowed tags in headings. You can place several headings and add inlinestyle class on them. Try this please


mvaru80 Purchased

sizam expiration countdown not calculated days perfectly: https://prntscr.com/mwqp4t


sizam Author

100 day is maximum available time. Other is not possible because no space to show more than 8 digits


mvaru80 Purchased

okay. thank you very much for your support

For Top Table Constructor, I want to add a “More Info” button that links to the associated post. I can’t find a shortcode that pulls over the post url. I tried this but it didn’t work: [wpsm_button color=”btncolor” size=”medium” link=”post” icon=”none” class=”” target=”_blank”]More Info[/wpsm_button] Thanks!


sizam Author


That worked perfectly. Thanks for fast responses. Loving the theme and everything I can do with it.

How to show google map address (location) in these pages…http://redirect.wpsoul.net/product/directory-layout/