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Discussion on REHub - Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace Wordpress Theme

Discussion on REHub - Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace Wordpress Theme

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Hey man -

I’m looking at the content egg plugin – WOW!! what a pluging, better lock myself indoors for a month to learn it all :)

Is there a way to localise google affiliate links on there? Like eazyazon or geniuslinks?? I see you can have amazon accounts for all the market places but will the links placed on a product change to the correct market place based on the geo information??

Is there a way to best do it?

there is some ways to do this, but it’s not automatical. read docs about geo links http://www.keywordrush.com/manuals/content_egg_manual.en.pdf


My query is related to coupon store page. Can we add related coupons from other stores using shortcodes or any other method? as some store have very fewer coupons & deals so we can come under think content penalty. So if we can show related coupons please help with the solutions.

I don’t know which way you use for coupons in theme, so, don’t know what to answer you. provide details

Hi, Is there a way to add a

on product category pages? https://www.la-ruche-essaime.fr/categorie-produit/miellerie/ Thanks in advance

thanks a lot for the fast reply but how to do the same for product category pages like https://www.la-ruche-essaime.fr/categorie-produit/au-rucher/

function rh_output_product_title_category() {
    $current_term = $GLOBALS['wp_query']->get_queried_object();

    if( 'product' != $current_term->name )
        $term_name = $current_term->name;
    $term_name = 'All categories';

    echo '<h1 class="your_class">'. $term_name  .'</h1>';
add_action( 'woocommerce_archive_description', 'rh_output_product_title_category', 9 );

Place code above in functions.php of the blank child theme or in rh-grandchild-func.php if you already use one of the Rehub child theme.

you rock, thank again!

How can I disable/hide “Add to compare” button in Re:direct child theme in selected posts?

you can enable this button only for special categories in theme option – dynamic comparison

Hide page title from top of page. Tried removing this in page.php, but title remains.

<?php the_title(); ?>

I’d prefer to do this in CSS, as opposed to using a different page template.

use page for layout buider in page attributes to disable title https://youtu.be/Ycv7SfNOyhI?t=1m46s

I need to disable theme search but still need the search bar available.

I have purchased an advanced search plugin but need to disable the themes default search. Please help

there is no theme search. Theme uses default wordpress search. Your plugin must overwrite it automatically. Search form file is in searchform.php in theme, maybe you need customize this file. Ask from plugin’s author

How can I change the comments form for posts to make them like for products in woocommerce? I would like to have stars rating system in comments like it comments for products.

love the Manual review box .. any demo page ..plz paste link here cant find Second its there any why to add everything within Manual review box like full review , content egg shotcode, verdict, pro/con , rating

manual review box has the same look as regular review box when you add it in Post settings

after using theme for months, after adding so many features special for your suggestion you made me 1 review? Really?

Please, request refund, I don’t have any willing to support you after such attitude to our work


Hi, I have a small problem with translation: I can’t find how to translate Price History graph: https://i.gyazo.com/0ee104806219bac4d24ad9e262805349.png I’m using Loco Translate plugin, but I can’t find these fields.

you can’t translate date, it uses server settings. For other – will be added in update

Hi, after installing the Xprofile field type, it is sort of creating an error. For some reason i am an unable to delete or edit two tabs which right now have single member type option-obviously i only need one. So in front end signup, users will select membership type twice. Trying to delete or edit one gives Wordpress failure notice. Help? Thanks

will have to privately send you access login

i don’t know where you find this field, it’s not from theme. If you use any custom plugin, ask question to author of plugin. Better to use plugins from article as they are tested https://wpsoul.com/creating-social-business-advanced-membership-site-buddypress-and-s2member/

Hi, i realized the error was cause am running on a multi site. For this, Buddypress must be network enabled and you edit the profile fields at network level. My work around was editing the fields i wanted at network level and then disabling Buddypress from the network and enable it on the site only. Thanks

Hello, i have many fields in my item specification and it looks like a huge long ugly list. 1 Is there a way to show only valid specifications items? I would like to show only the effective item’s specification and avoit to show the other.

2 Is there a way to put the list on 2 columns and make it more compact?


hi. you sent me link on page which doesn’t exist. I tried to find any page with specification, but can’t

Check now, i sent it again.


you can place this in theme options – general options – custom css


I added this shortcode to sidebar: [content-egg-block template=custom/all_pricehistory_full]

But on the sidebar on post the price history table doesnt appear… :(

And how can I change in the comment section below the field from normal comment to adding comment AND scorebox Pro and Conts? I have full width content egg layout

I’m having trouble installing the demo content. Not all the content is uploading additionally, I can no longer login even with the demo credentials.

Try alternative way which described in Demo stacks instruction.


I have just installed the theme but i got this message :

WP All Import – REhub Product Add-On Plugin: WooCommerce must be installed. L’extension n’a pas pu être activée, car elle a déclenché une erreur fatale. Fatal error: Cannot declare class PMWI_Plugin, because the name is already in use in /home/sourisveqt/www/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-xml-csv-product-import/plugin.php on line 38

When installing “WP All Import – Add-On Plugin: WooCommerce”.

Sorry but I’m a beginner :)

Activate WooCommerce plugin

Hi, I use a page with MDTF filter and review list (http://rehub.wpsoul.com/example-of-search-filters-and-review-lists/). Is it possible to add “Compare” button to this list?

no. but you can use top table constructor to do similar list and add compare button

Thanks, but the review list looks better than the table. I did however find the solution in another comment, and it seems to work well;

<?php if(rehub_option(‘compare_btn_single’) !=’’ && ‘post’ == get_post_type($post->ID)) :?> <?php $compare_cats = (rehub_option(‘compare_btn_cats’) != ’’) ? ’ cats=”’.esc_html(rehub_option(‘compare_btn_cats’)).’”’ : ’’ ;?> <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[wpsm_compare_button’.$compare_cats.’]’); ?> <?php endif;?>

yes, you can use this customization. Anyway, with top table constructor you can build very close list

Hi, In “deal of the day” widget I have a problem with real countdown not showing

I use posts, I have set up coupon expiration date in Post offer section, despite that real countdown is missing in widget.

What should i do?

send screenshot of widget settings

Hi, can I have separate terms & conditions for vendors before they sign up and how to do that? At present I only have terms & conditions for buyers before they checked out.

depending on register form which you use for vendor registration and plugin


Woocommerce system status reports Re-vendor theme template is outdated. Can you guide me how to fix please ?


update main theme

Done. but No change ! I had to roll back to woocommerce 3.0.

update theme, new version is available

I Creat product listing but when click on product for more detail or preview the product it didnot show product.

plz check this link screenshot is available https://screenshot.net/dx81rt6 Password is 1

See log file perhaps you have an error.

The website running on vps is already optimized but why it works so slow, error code

need links and more details

https://mayin.net/ , The website runs very slowly, I’m using it on vps

first of all, update theme.

second. https://wpsoul.com/how-optimize-speed-of-wordpress/

third – check plugins and delete which you don’t use

4) Check woocommerce report https://mayin.net/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings

5. maybe you have wrong settings on VPS, not enough enabled memory limit or wrong settings for cloudflare. Use wordpress cache plugins


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