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Refund policy


If you made purchase and didn’t download theme in first 14 days

You can get refund in any time without any explanation.


If your downloaded theme

You can get refund only in next conditions:

1. You had some serious problem with theme which we can’t solve and which makes your site as not working

2. You got deal with us before purchase that you want to test theme with your custom plugin or function and theme doesn’t work with them.

Due Envato Rules https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy#not-refundable you can’t get refund just because you change your mind after using theme, you have any problems with understanding theme or it’s not as expected. For all of these reasons, you should write to our support which will be glad to help you understand theme functions and solve your issues. Before purchase, you also have a lot of theme description, docs, videos about work of theme and you can ask presale questions, so, there is nothing unexpected in theme.

In very rare cases you can get refund after answers on next questions. Answers must be very detailed which can help us to understand your real reason and which allow us to make our theme better. Answers don’t guarantee refund, but it’s possible in some cases.

1. What was the reason to purchase theme?

2. What do you expect?

3. What do you have?

4. Did you read documentation?

5. What type of site do you want to have?

6. Link on your site (optional).

7. What is main profit strategy on your site (I mean main source of your income)?

8. What modules of theme do you use on site?

9. What do you not like?

10. Did you use demo stacks of theme and provide name of demo stack?

10. What is reason of your decision (it must be detailed answer)?

Last days, many users across Envato market buy many different products and then request refunds after downloading. In such way they get products for free. These questions allow us to detect such users and deny their refund requests. So, your answers must be as much detailed as you can.


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