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My font-awesome icons do not show on just the Buddypress register page, from any browser. See or

All plugins show to be up to date. Any ideas on the conflict?

I was admiring your other themes and posted this comment in the wrong rehub theme section.

I found out this BP registration issue happens when www subdomain is not used…happens when using a BP members only plugin. I added a htaccess redirect to www and the icon problem was solved. The “Members Page Only For Logged In Users” plugin worked the best for me. And added to the top of htaccess:

RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^revurate\.com [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301,NC]

I think that wordpress adds similar rule by default if you set main url of site (but I am not sure)

You are correct. Just the BP members plugin was stripping the subdomain on its redirect.

I bought the template, but it is only html version. Please write email address and I will describe the situation in detail.

Of course, because you bought HTML template

Please, get in touch through the contact form


Can you please let me know how I can get the “Sort by” filters to appear on my Homepage as shown here

Are they MDTF related?

I can see them when I click into a categorey for my posts, but not on my homepage.


For repick they are appeared automatically if you use repick index template

also you can use customizable filter panel for VC modules


I’ve been able to successfully adjust the Homepage to the RE:Pick one.

Is it possible to alter the filter names? I do not wish to alter the filter itself, but just the words.

e.g. from “Most Hot” to “Hella Cool”

Appreciate it, Thanks

You can try localization tip. Localization tip. Install plugin Loco translator. Find word which you want to change and change it. Save localization file as localization of your site (usually, en_US).

Hi Sizam,

May i know what happened to the ReHub Theme, it disappeared from my cart. Will it be available again? If so, it will be my first purchase on Envato. Thanks.

It will be soon again

available now

Purchased! Cheers.

Looking for the wordpress version, cannot seem to find it.


it’s temporarly disabled. Will be back soon


When i uploaded, I received the folllowing error. does my folder have this : “Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a index.php template file. Child themes need to have a Template header in the style.css stylesheet.”

I guess, that you don’t upload correct file

Here’s the error message I received: Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a index.php template file. Child themes need to have a Template header in the style.css stylesheet.


gwp_mer Purchased

Hi, I have been using Rehub theme, for the login popup the redirect to current page post successful login has stopped working, it was working earlier, any idea what could be issue or how to fix this?

check your plugins, maybe one of plugin overwrite redirect

Hello, When you click on video, or does it appear? On the model nothing is displayed for example. Can videos be on an external serving staff? thank you

Not clear what videos you mean. You can use youtube, vimeo for better results. Wordpress also supports self hosted videos

Urgent problem: After the content EGG update to 3.5.0 suddenly the website is no longer accessible. I had to rename plugin folder to disable it. If I activate it again, page is not available again. Where is the problem?

it’s reported to author of plugin, wait update

Thanks for support. Now came the update 3.5.1, which goes again!

3.5.1 must be fixed

Hello, if i use Whoo Commerce it says the template has some old pages or something. Are you familiair with this problem?

i did. There is another problem right now. When i use featured item. i can choose ’’display in slider’’ or ’’display in right section’’. When i choose ’’display in right selection’’ it’s not comming up in the right selection.

btw i use rehub theme 4.7.3

there is no such thing in last version of theme, you have too outdated copy of theme. Last version has featured area module for page builder where you can choose posts


I do have some problems with my REHUB theme.

Woocommerce gives some errors and i cant change the ’’Featured items’’ from ’’display in slider’’ to ’’right section’’ on the front page.

You told me that i dont use the last version, but i did al the updates. Can you please help me out. Where can i get the last update?

Btw. the REHUB them was bought by my old partner.


Berdych Author Team

From Themeforest account your old partner.

what version do you use?


p444td Purchased

When i install the theme and its loads fully 100% then a blank screen appears and no upload is complete.

Can you help me with this?

Please, send admin access in the contact form. Provide also in message: your issues and link on current comment (you can know it if you press on time in your comment)

or use other way to upload

One of reason is that you have outdated php version on server. Ask hoster to update it


p444td Purchased

When i click download here is no file. Just files and documentation.

Can you provide the file which is the .zip file to upload to wordpress.

Friendly seller I would like some help, how do i load your template on wordpress?

I expect your answers Yours sincerely Vincenzo

Friendly seller I would like some help, how do i load your template on wordpress?

I expect your answers Yours sincerely Vincenzo

well, because you bought version HTML. wordpress version is here I will make refund for you now

tnx sir. :)

but “REHub – Hybrid Magazine” is there for wordpress?

I like this template very much

check my answer above

How do I install this: into my rehub wordpress version, this is the best template for what I need.

Yes I made a mistake, can I get a refund.

To note the author privately emailed me stating I can’t get a refund and just use the other theme, so in that respect, this guy doesn’t care about his customers, so how can you buy from someone like that?

I don’t know what you mean. Authors can’t make refund, this is possible only from Envato refund. Send request to Envato for refund, I will accept