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Unique Price :o

Unique Price :o since when???

hay guys that’s if u need like this template for you only (unique design). not to be sailed for many times.

I’ve never understood this unique price thing. If you sell a template 100 times and after that someone purchases the template for the unique price, how can that be unique anymore. I mean it was already sold many times and although I am not an native speaker unique means exactly »1« to me.

Or did I get something completely wrong?

let me explain more:

Price: My templates can be sold repeatedly to different customers.Non-exclusive purchase means that other people can buy the template you have chosen.

Unique Price:it guarantees that you are the last person to buy this template. After the exclusive purchase occurs the template is permanently removed from my sales directory and is never available to other customers again. Only you and people who bought the template before you will own it.

Premium Template: that’s what u asking about Bogdanio. which is u first 1 buy and unique. like this one now. 0 time purchased. u can buy it as Premium and unique in the same time. so u’ll be the first and last buyer.

i hope it’s will helped. :)

I purchase templates on this site that did not have a preview and when I download the template it was not what I expected.

How can I see the real preview instead of the screenshot?


when u purchased the template (ZIP file) – extract it – and u will find folder named HTML – have the all HTML files and images used in the template. also the ZIP file contained the all source files + the high riz images.

don’t hesitate to contact me. thx.

Well, I’m disappointed to see this site in FULL TABLE and not FULL CSS , It sound like we are back in 1998.

Petermik, what do you mean by “CSS Static Full site”?

This is not a FULL CSS site, I was working like that 10 years ago!

This is a plain HTML with FULL TABLE like monster template.

But it’s nice & clean, I do agree!

It’s a nice template for newbies!

I am also highly disappointed with this purchase.

I looked at various templates with live previews and assumed this one to be of the same quality since it had only screenshot previews.

This has been designed using tables!! And what’s worse, the images used are labeled in the worse possible way – the image folder contains images labeled image_01.jpg to image_57.jpg.

The layers in the PSD file weren’t named properly either, making it harder to edit it.

Frankly I have seen better templates here for the same price and I am disappointed that Envato allowed this template to get through without a live preview.

Dear webloft and kumais,

I’m sorry for disappointing you.. it’s should be a Tableless design XHTML /CSS valid pages and also have a jQuery slide show or something ..

But all this techniques and standard methods i know them latterly. this file created in 10/15/08 .. about 1 year from now.. so I’ll try to upload new files with standard methods. also I made a CSS standard foundation template you can check it from here: and it’s will be my start point to do all upcoming templates.

thank you.