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Nice theme. I can not get the mailchimp working and the submit comments is not sending me emails. Please help

Thanks for your purchase! I respond to your email!

Hi, my website using your theme is almost ready (thank you for your help by the way) I just have a problem with mailchimp subscritpion, it doesn’t work :(

I modified the script.js file and uncomment line 120 and comment out the lines 117,118,119.

I configured the subscribed_mailchimp.php file with my $apiKey, $listId and the good datacenter but anything happen in my mailchim account.

Can you help me please, I can send you the files if you need them.

BR, Red.

Hi Redwan !! thank you very much for your purchase !! to help you should send to my email the url to your website, and the “subscribed_mailchimp.php” file. that way I’ll find the problem. waiting for your email !!

Hi, I purchased the theme and built the site, love it and having problems with locking the images to the top when resizing. Can you please help and tell me where in the code I can position the slider images so they always scale from the top down, and not the center. The site is

Thank you! Tania

Hi! Thank you very much for your purchase !!, I ask you a question. Want to avoid scrolling the screen, the image of the header to move ?. Give me your answer by private, to speed up the solution.

I emailed you. Looking forward to your solution. Thank you!

I replied to your email!!


I hope I’ve sent you an email too, but not sure if the address was correct.

I can’t seem to install the theme – it keeps saying it’s missing the style.css

Is there anything you can do to help?



Charli, I replied to your email!!

Hola Santiago, creo q te envio un correo ya. Tengo algunos problemas con el correo eletronico del form y con el mail chimp. puede ayudarme porfavor? Gracias Abrazo

Hola, eveeventi!!, te respondo a tu correo.

Hi there,

Quick question for you, I would like to keep the position of the navigation prior to scrolling in the same space as where it is once you start scrolling, I found this solution //$(”.cbp-af-header”).removeClass(“cbp-af-header-shrink”);

Step 2: open the index.html file and replace line 51 with the following: <header class=”cbp-af-header primary-border-color fadeInDown cbp-af-header-shrink”>

however it adds a white bar to the layout before you scroll that’s not exactly what I want.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks, Mike

Hi!! Send to my email a print screen. Find the solution!

Hi there, absolutely love the template…lovely job! Looking for information on how to increase the size of the logo? Thank you very much for your assistance.

Hi Barger !! Thanks for your comment! Email Show me the dimensions of your image and I’ll explain how to adapt the model. Greetings!

Hi there, the image is about 100 h x 200 w. Thank you!

Hi! Send me the url of your website and your logo, that way I will indicate you’ll prove your same site. send it to my email, we continue by that means!

I have sent the information requested to you via email. Thank you for your help.

OMG!! I really enjoy your template, absolutely it’s amazing how with “simple” changes we can generate an attractive page, I love it, just one question, how I can replace the icons from features to be an image?.. is that something simple to achieve?..


here’s the result…

Hi Jose! thank you very much for your purchase and your comment! to replace those icons from images, you must do the following:

<i class="fa fa-laptop" />
<img src="images/nameImage" width="75" />

That should be the solution, if you have further questions send it to me to my mail; increase the response speed, good luck !!

I am getting an error: cannot find style.css document when I upload it to WordPress.

Hi alexchris!, thank you very much for your purchase !! I tell you that error occurs because “Inspirazi Theme” is not a wordpress template is an HTML template.

To use it, you should follow these steps: 1- customized files, according to the attached documentation. 2 – Download the content within the corresponding directory on your server.

If you have any questions or need help, e-mail me. good luck !!

Is there some way you could give it to me in a wordpress format? Sorry, I must of overseen that it is not for wordpress.

Sorry, “Inspired Theme” is an HTML template does not own developed for Wordpress version. Similarly installation and configuration is very simple, look at the manual; if you have any issues or send me a private email consultation. good luck!

Hi there,

Firstly I love this page that you have put together.

One question….is there anyway to stop the logo fading in as the page loads?


Hi! thank you very much for your purchase and your comment !, to remove the loading effect, you must do the following:

1 – In the index.html file, delete the following lines:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/jpreloader.css">
<script src="js/jpreloader.min.js"></script>
2- In script.js file, line 21 approximately, you will have to replace the code:
}, function() {                      
$('header').animate({ top: "0",opacity:".96" }, 1600 );                


$('header').animate({ top: "0",opacity:".96" }, 1600 );        

That’s it, all other inquiries send me a personal email for faster response, good luck!

I’m trying to remove the logo image and just use typed text. I have read the manual that says you can do this and shows a screen shot saying to just delete comment tag . I have tried different things and the theme still uses the logo image. Can you provide an after screen shot of how it should look? This is the only part I’m having a problem with so far.

Hi! thank you very much for your purchase! forget to mention, open the base.css file , locate the following code (about line 290 ) and discusses the background attribute .
header .logo {
    float: left;
    /*background: url("../img/logo-white.png") no-repeat;*/
    width: 100px; 
    height: 47px;
    position: absolute;
    font-size: 2.2em;
good luck!

OK that worked and everything running without a problem. Thanks

Hello ! Someone could help please ?! I added a section and I don’t know how to add a new href with smooth scrolling ?

Hi!!, sorry for the delay in responding, it is simple: step 1: Adds new option to the menu in the location you prefer: <ul class="menu-list"> <li><a>NEW OPTION</a></li> <li><a>ABOUT</a></li> <li><a>SERVICE</a></li> <li><a>CONTACT</a></li> </ul> Step 2: Add a new section, in the order in which you put the option in the menu: <section class="NEW SECTION"> <h1> Content</h1> </section>

That is all! Good luck!

Hi ! thanks for the answer. Excuse my lack of knowledge in coding, I don’t succeed. I only need 3 links in the menu. Can you have a look at my page please ? It would be so nice ! :-)

Hi! send me a personal message with your email and I will send the html with the solution to your problem, greetings!