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Great looking template! Goodluck with the sales!

can you offer a .js updated for this site to work in IE7 ?

Hi tareinah,

Possibly, I’m going to see if this is feasible for me to do this week.


Thank you, I am going to buy your theme—but I really would like it to work in all browsers :)

Do you have it in Wordpress Template readied ?

I would like to buy, but need to know if it’s a plug and play with Wordpress.

Hi QuiteNiceStuff,

Thanks. I will buy it soon.

Hi QuiteNiceStuff How do I add my own custom line after the slider on the landing page? I want to add a slogan just under the slider.

Hey codeplusdigital,

For the HTML version right? just open index.html and on line 168 inside the #content div add:

Edit, I can’t add code to the Themeforest comments, can you email me at help@quitenicestuff.com

Hi QuiteNiceStuff I’m using WordPress, please send the code to yandisa@diginerds.biz

Hi QuiteNiceStuff I have two questions:

1. How do I remove the arrows(pre and next) on the landing page main slider? 2. How do I make the slider on the footer change automatically?

Hey codeplusdigital,

I can’t add code in the item comments so I’ve emailed you directly! :)

Hi Quitenicestuff The code that you sent doesn’t work, here’s my site http://dev.diginerds.biz/satrust/

And how do I change the background color of the carousel(in the footer).

Hey codeplusdigital,

Sent you another email ;)

Hi Quitenicestuff How do I change the background color of the carousel(in the footer).

Again sent you an email :)

Hi, I was wondering if the gallery comes with sizelimitations for the images. Also, can you nest subgalleries (categories) within them (to make a portfolio that has categories)?

Hi robertlc,

The width of the images is fixed so as not to break the column structure. You can increase the height though. Regarding categories/sub-categories, sure you can do both but remember this is a HTML template so it’d be up to you to implement this functionality


I cant figure out how to change the map on the contact page…

i have the HTML version

sorry i got it!!

Hello, When the header is only text, it aligns perfectly with ‘donate now’ on the right hand side. When I add a logo next to the text, the logo makes the green header area larger and the logo and text are slightly below the level of the ‘donate now’ button. Is there a way to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi scottl82,

The green header area becomes larger to accommodate any larger items added. You can play around with the CSS to get the align exactly how you want it. Open style.css, then to change the vertical alignment of the logo go to line 305 and change the margin value for the ID “title”. To change the vertical alignment of the donate button add “top: 10px” (change this value accordingly) to the class “donate-btn” on line 323


Thank you! It works perfectly.

Will it be possible to have the site viewed in two different languages?


This is a HTML template so you’d need to figure out your own solution for translation. I guess the simplest way would just be to duplicate all the files and then translate them into your alternative language. If you want a more complete solution I’d recommend trying the WordPress version of this template as it comes with .mo/.po files and is translation ready


Hello great template :)

Quick question I am thinking of buying your html template but I am just wandering that when I am changing the code can I change it in dreamweaver cs3?


Hi guzzels,

Thanks for your interest, yes you can edit the template in any text editor, Dreamweaver included.

Okay thanks for response.

I have another question is it possible to set up the donate button to link to anywhere, for example if I wanted to link the site to a donation page or just a normal account such as visa etc


Sure you can link it to anything


Okay brilliant

So when I purchase I give you FTP info and you will do put online yes?

Hi guzzels,

Sorry I don’t provide this service, I’m happy to advise you how to do it yourself though. Uploading it via FTP is really just a case of dragging a set of files from one folder to another. Its a 5 minute job anyone can do :)


Okay no problem when I purchase I will get your help

Many Thanks

Would love some assistance in installing this theme on my website, having a lot of trouble and never used a purchased wordpress theme before.