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quitenicestuff… You put your wordpress Relief – Charity WordPress Theme in the wrong section belongs in Wordpress theme not the Site THML themes

Yep… how I managed that I don’t know! I’ve asked for it to be changed

Don’t worry, will be changed very soon to the wp category , btw nice theme!

WRONG SECTION is a Wordpress theme…

How can I change the 3 letter word for the MONTH name on the “events” page. For example instead of saying “AUG 23” is it easy to change it to “AGO 23” ?

Nice theme btw.

Hi mocoblanco,

Thanks. You just need to download the WordPress localization files (see: http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_in_Your_Language) and then put them in wp-content/languages and it’ll display the event dates and all other WordPress generated text in that language. I tested on my local version here and can confirm it works :)

The theme is really nice ! Congrats! By the way i uploaded on codecanyon a nice donation plugin for WP that would fit your theme perfectly

Hey what’s the donation plugin?

I manage a charity website for a leading Liverpool charity, and I’ll defo purchase this theme.

It is critical however to make UK this responsive ASAP as most people we meet would prefer to donate via iPhones – particularly ladies (who interact more on Safari etc).

BRAVO 10 /10 for first release ;)


@corsonr, I checked out your plugin, nice work. I agree it’d definitely be the perfect match for this theme :)

@webjump Thanks a lot, I’m considering making this and the HTML template version responsive, it probably wouldn’t be too much work I guess… I’ll take a look and see if I can do it this week

Cool, let me know when done. Then you can expect a nice purchase :)

Page templates do not seem to be working – they are not available in WP 3 .4

Update: This is a bug with Wordpress 3.4 – template declaration needs to be on 3 lines instead of one.

So where you have

<?php /* Template Name: Blog */ ?>
Should be changed to
<?php /* 
Template Name: Blog 
*/ ?>

Then it works! :)

Hi jpink, thanks for pointing that out. I’ve submitted an update, just waiting for approval :)


I just purchased the Theme. Please post a message to notify us that the new version has been uploaded so I can download it.


Hi gzone,

thanks for purchasing, the new version has been approved so you can go ahead and download it now

Thank you for the update. I’ll get it right now.

Have a great day!


Can you give more descriptions as to how to get the right form to get the google map to display on the contact page ? I tried the the full physical address, the google maps URL , the short URL , and even your short code in the instructions:

[googlemap width=”50%” zoom=14 marker_address=”London, England”]

And nothing works.


Hi gzone,

I’ve tested the latest version on my local machine and its working. Can you send me your site url through a private message on here or email: help@quitenicestuff.com


Hi quitenicestuff,

Thanks for the response. I ended up re-downloading the latest version of the template, and it seems to be working much better now. I also noticed that you updated the Theme Options Panel; it is different than before, and it working very well; I also see some updates that I didn’t see before.

Anyway, Thanks for taking care of it for me; I really appreciate it. If I find anything else, I shall contact you via your support email.

Thank you!


Yea I totally changed the theme options, glad you like it :) I’ve also included some test data in there to help people get started. If you’ve got any other questions feel free to email.

I installed the theme into wordpress but it looks nothing like it did in the preview. Obviously I intended to make changes anyway but I would like to start with the same content and gradually customize it.

Am I doing something wrong? How can I make it look like it did in the preview?

Hey travispfaff,

Thanks very much for the purchase, it might seem a bit daunting on first install when theres not much showing but its pretty just a case a turning a few of the options in “Appearance > Theme Options”. If you’ve got any questions about about how to replicate a certain element in the demo just send me a message via my user page or email me: help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll be happy to assist.

I’m currently working on an update which will include test data, scheduled for release in the next couple of days :)

Love the theme, just bought, please let me know when you have your latest update you mentioned a few days ago. Probably be better to start with that one

Thanks again!

Hi mckooter,

Thanks a lot for purchasing, all updates are done and ready for download now :)

First off, great theme! Although, I am having issues with the events page. When I select a date, July 26th for example, it shows up as JUN 26th. How can I resolve this issue and make sure the date is correct.


Hi aklemer,

Thanks for purchasing, I released a fix for this bug a few days ago. If you re-download now it should be all good and working :)

Hi, I am considering purchasing this theme but have a couple of questions first..

1. Is it possible to have a separate heading called ‘Videos’ where videos are uploaded (ie. youtube) in addition to the Latest News tab where I will write my blog posts??

2. Is it possible to remove the Donate Now button at the top?


Hi talia1511,

1.) Yes, you could create a new category in WordPress called ‘video’, then copy the “Latest News” template and alter the query to only display posts from the ‘video’ category. It’d be a 1 minute job, I’d be happy to help you do it

2.) You can turn the donate button on/off with 1 click or change the text it displays in the theme options :)

Great looking theme and easy to use. This was my very first time using WordPress, but I was easily able to make a nice looking website for our work in West Africa. Also great support help. I had a couple questions on how to tweek a few things, and quitenicestuff answered my questions within in an hour of sending them and guided me through with easy to follow steps. Nice work!

Thanks lcrocket! glad you’re happy with the theme :)

Nice theme! I just cannot seem to figure out how to get the slider to automatically switch between slides on its own using a timer setting, or is that not built into this theme.

hi kobiewilliams,

thanks a lot for purchasing, I’ve actually had a few people asking how to change the slider to automatically play in the last few days so am considering adding an option to change it automatically.

However for now its simply a case of changing one line of code. In the main “relief” theme folder there is a folder named “js” open this and then find the file “scripts.js” and opening it. Go to line 53 in the section labelled “Slider” and change “play: false,” to “play: 3000,” (3000 = change slide every 3 seconds).