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Followed your direction and it worked perfectly, thanks a bunch!

Hi QNS ,

Is there a way to put a LOGO instead of a TEXT (“RELIEF”)? And if so, could I change the “green” background to an whole image? or is it a pattern? could it be white? Since my logo needs a white background.


Hi mocoblanco,

There is an image upload option for logos in the theme options. And yep you could easily change the green area to an image, its currently a semi transparent repeating image. All you’d need to do is overwrite the texture image with your own :)


Thanks for this template.

Could you tell me what code i need to enter under this on the template-homepage.php:

div class=”blog-event-prev-wrapper section clearfix”

I don’t want to display news items or events in this area, I would just like to display a load of static text which I have entered into the homepage document.

Is this possible?


Hi abbiee,

Thanks for purchasing, you can remove all the code which displays news/events and use the following code below. If you can’t get it to work send me a quick email: help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll send you the full homepage code modified :)

Comments don’t display html so don’t forget to add < and > to the below:

div class=”blog-event-prev-wrapper section clearfix”

div class=”two-thirds” Left hand content goes here /div

div class=”one-third last-col” Right hand content goes here /div


Wonderful, thank you! :)

Awesome template! is there a way to make the slider transition?

Please help!

Thank, keep up the great work.

Hi aklemer,

Thanks a lot for purchasing!

Yep indeed you can, In the main “relief” theme folder there is a folder named “js” open this and then find the file “scripts.js” and opening it. Go to line 53 in the section labelled “Slider” and change “play: false,” to “play: 3000,” (3000 = change slide every 3 seconds).

Very eager to purchase this theme. Am I am able to set up donations for various projects (e.g paypal id)?

Hi iryna_korzh,

You can link the donation button to anything you like, a Paypal payment system is not integrated in the theme though.

Earlier in the comments corsonr recommended his own plugin which would allow you to easily integrate Paypal to this theme:


Purchased theme, but can’t get the slideshow to work. Uploaded images to media library, pasted image urls into theme options slideshow code text box, and nothing.

Nevermind…I got it to work

Now that I have started working with your design I wanted to come back and post another comment. I debated buying the HTML template as I am very comfortable coding it into a template, but figured your theme options would end up much nicer than mine and it would save quite a bit of time.

I gotta say thanks for the beautiful design that is coded well. Its a pleasure to be digging through the code to find everything very well coded and not messy. Design is beautiful and anyone with experience coding templates should be able to make the changes very easily.


Hey mckooter,

Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear you’re satisfied, I try and keep all the code clean for both your benefit and my own. I know what a pain it can be to work with another person’s messy code so this is definitely something I try to avoid at all costs :)

Last question: in the theme settings there is a “Default Header Image URL ” which works fine. but when i goto a page and set the “Page Header Image URL ” it does not seem to be affecting it, is there a setting I am missing?

im looking to have a seperate header for each inner page.


This was a bug which affected the theme a few versions back, if you download the latest version it should be all good and working now.

Hi Is it possible to make the slideshow change by itself?

Hi codeplusdigital,

Thanks a lot for purchasing, yes its possible to make the slideshow animate.

In the main “relief” theme folder there is a folder named “js” open this and then find the file “scripts.js” and opening it. Go to line 53 in the section labelled “Slider” and change “play: false,” to “play: 3000,” (3000 = change slide every 3 seconds).

I’ve just tried this and doesn’t work. Here’s my URL – http://dev.diginerds.biz/satrust/

I just checked your website and its working fine for me. I had a look using Firefox / Chrome / Safari and its all good, what browser are you using?

It could be a cache issue, try clearing your cache / history and check again

I’m using chrome, let me try to clear the cache.

Is it possible to place a video in the slider versus still images?

Hi tomatofish,

Yes, I just tested to confirm this and you can indeed use the video shortcodes inside the slider :)


How do I change the footer background?


If you just want to change the footer section colour and not the other parts which use the same colour/texture go to “Appearance” > “Theme Options” > “Styling Options” and in the “Custom CSS ” box add:

ID footer-wrapper { background: url(wp-content/themes/relief/images/bg.png) #ccc !important; }

-Note: I can’t add CSS code to Themeforest comments, if you can’t understand the above please send me an email :)

Can you please send me the CSS code via email. The one that you gave me doesn’t work. Here’s my email yandisa@diginerds.biz

Can you please send me the CSS code to change the footer background image via email. The one that you gave me doesn’t work. Here’s my email yandisa@diginerds.biz

Hi codeplusdigital,

Email sent :)

1) I have installed a plugin that allows visitors to upload docs, I would like it to only appear on a certain page in the right side bar, and not to show up any other page. How do I do this? Currently, It shows up on all pages (Events, post, etc.) I only would like it to shown up on a specific page that I choose.

2) As a theme base color you have a certain shade of green as an option, but how do I change it to a much softer green, where do I go to adjust the color?

Hey kobiewilliams,

1.) Are you displaying the plugin through a widget? if so install the Widget Logic plugin, it allows you to choose which pages your widgets appear on: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/widget-logic/

2.) Open css/colours/green.css and then you just need to change 3 values throughout the file: 1E771A is the base green, 1C451A is a darker version of the green, CAE9C9 is a lighter version of the green and that’s it! let me know if you have any problems

It worked! Thanks

Hi There, just wondering if there is any way to make the sponsor images auto scroll?? Thanks..

Hi Twistedimage,

Yep its possible to animate the sponsor images, send me a quick email at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll explain how to do it as I can’t add the code in themeforest comments

Hi again,

You explained how to make the slideshow run automatically which is great. Can you explain how to remove the prev and next arrows? Now I have it auto-running I would like them gone.

Thanks for all your help :)


I found the relevant code here: wp-content/themes/relief/functions/shortcodes/slideshow.php and removed the couple of lines no longer required.

Hi abbiee,

Sure its very easy, however I cant add code in the Themeforest comments so if you can send me a quick email at help@quitenicestuff.com I’ll explain how :)

Edit, ok!

Cross post! Let me know if i’ve done it wrong (see above).

Thanks :)

Its ok you can do it that way, I was going to recommend using CSS to hide them but either way works! The only issue you might run into is if I put an update out later on and you overwrite the changes made to that file


Just wondering is there any CSS for mobile viewing, the site doesn’t seem to re-scale for mobile devices.


Hi Twistedimage,

Nope, the theme isn’t responsive