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Hi, I am trying to use the short code in the documentation, but it is not working



Hi bdcadvertising,

It looks like you’re missing the bracket on the first tag, it should be: [one_half]...[/one_half]

oops i meant that

but still doesnt work for me not sure what it is it just show that code on the page

just a standard wordpress page

Is it online? if so I’ll take a look. You can send a link to help@quitenicestuff.com I just tested it on my local install here and its working fine.

thanks just sent you an email

I am having trouble editing the css.

I need to change the menu color, header color, top bar and a few other things but I’m strangely not having success.

Im messing around with the Header ids but nothing is working.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ok I figured out where to change my css. I made a custom style sheet. how do I add it so that I can select it in the theme options.


Hi deecemobile,

For custom changes like this you can just add the CSS in “Appearance > Theme Options > Styling Options” in the “Custom CSS ” field. If some CSS isn’t working its mostly likely due to the specificity, i.e. the theme’s CSS is being read over your own. You can fix this by adding !important at the end of the CSS :)

I figured out how to add the Color theme to the Theme Options via one of the function php files but when I choose it nothing happens.


Send me a quick email at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll walk you through how to do this

Love the theme, but the italic and bold are not working on the paragraph font style. any idea why?

Hi jlamothe980,

This is a bug caused by the CSS reset, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll issue a fix later on today.

Hi quitenicestuff,

We are a small, international nonprofit and we are looking to refresh our website. We are very interested in your theme, and were wondering if you might be able to answer a few questions and confirm a few things about certain functionality with the Relief theme implemented through WordPress:

1) The slider images can link easily to separate pages, correct?

2) We are looking to develop our new site with a version both in English and Spanish. Is this possible with this theme? Ideally we would like to have an option of English and Spanish language flags in the upper right corner or a drop-down menu that allows the viewer to select the language. Can we have two navigation bars with this theme, one in English and one in Spanish for those respective language users?

3) In the live preview photo gallery, we noticed that there are no scroll options from one photo to the next once you’ve selected and enlarged a photo. Is there an option to be able arrow buttons or something to allow for easy advancing to the next photo?

4) We receive online applications to our Salesforce CRM database. Will form options in this theme work easily with web-to-lead with Salesforce CRM ?

We are really excited about getting started with some website changes and hope to be able to use your theme! It looks great and we appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions!


Hi veglobal,

Thanks for your interest.

1.) Yes 2.) You would need to use a plugin such as WPML .org to achieve this but yes it is possible 3.) Yes 4.) There appears to be a WordPress plugin that allows you to do this, I’ve not tested it with this theme but it seems to be just a form so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work


site does not show correctly in IE. does this word press theme support IE 9 ?

Hi nsimpson,

This is a bug which happened during the last update, I’m aiming to release a fix for this by tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi quitenicestuff,

Thanks for creating a great template. Have you been able to fix the bold and italic formatting issues?


Hi azizgaruba,

Yep its fixed however its not been uploaded yet as a have a group of other bugs which I’m currently working on and it’d make more sense to issue one update.

If its critical and you need it now, send me an email at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll send you the code to add so you don’t need to wait :)

Sorry about the slower than usual response time on this, I’ve been away for the last week so its been challenging keeping up with support!

Just a note to purchasers, the bugs mentioned above have now been fixed and are ready for download so feel free to grab the latest version


Bold works but Italics is still not functioning.


Hi azizgaruba,

Sorry I only added the “i” tag and not “em”. I’ll add this to the next update, to fix it for now simply open the main “style.css” and go to line 560 and change:

“i” to “i,em”


Hi, thank`s a lot for the template

I have a question: i`ve installed template on the clear wordpress 3.4 and trying to display the slider on main page, but it won`t to appear. Look please, link

P.S. i set up the check box in the options “Tick to display slideshow on homepage”

Hi Barrik,

Thanks a lot for purchasing.

You need to create a new page using the “homepage” template and then set that as the homepage, to do this:

1.) Go to “Pages > Add New”

2.) Give the page a title and on the right hand side of the page select “Homepage” from the “Template” drop down

3.) Click Publish

4.) Add the page to your menu in “Appearance > Menus”

5.) Go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Home Settings” and add your slides to the “Slideshow” field

6.) Set the page you created as the homepage by going to “Settings > Reading” and for “Front page displays” pick “A static page” and select your homepage from the drop down

Great, thank you. Everything is ok!

You’re welcome!

Is there a away to display the “Latest News” section on the homepage without the “Events” calendar?

Hi azizgaruba,

You’d need to delve into the code to do this, its not that hard though. Send me an email at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll talk you through it.



What would be the easiest way to add in an additional Google font?


Hi dan888,

Go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Styling Options” then replace the current font with the new one of your choice in the “Google Font” and “Google Font Name” fields.

Let me know if you run into any problems


Sorry, my question wasn’t clear. How do I ADD an additional font rather than replace it.

So I want to keep the theme as is but want to include an extra handwritten font for page signatures.

So I’ll do something like; <span class="page-sig">My Name</span>

I’ll want “My Name” to be a hand written font from Google.


OK to do that you’d also need to go to the styling options and add the font code in “Google Font” in addition to the original one already there. Then in the “Custom CSS ” field add “font-family: name-of-google-font;” copied from the Google Fonts website to the CSS class such as “page-sig”

Hi Quitenicestuff, Thanks for the information on our previous questions. We love the theme and are close to purchasing it, but had noticed that you had been talking with others about making it responsive for mobile devices. Have you worked on this at all and do you think it’s still a possibility that you will?

Hi veglobal,

The responsive stylesheet is almost complete, I’m working to iron out the remaining bugs at the moment!


hi, is there a way to add video in the slider? thanks

Hi hollysnails,

Yes there is a shortcode to embed videos and it can be used in the slider


The slider isn’t working in IE. Any updates to resolve this? Also bold and italics not displaying, would really love an update to resolve these 2 issues.

Hi jlamothe980,

This bug has been fixed, feel free to download the latest version to solve this issue


I just downloaded the latest version an hour ago and still have these issues. Am I missing something?

Hi jlamothe980,

I just checked and it appears some of the old files were included in the update by mistake, sorry my bad!

I’ve uploaded the latest files now, obviously they won’t be available until Themeforest approves them, if you’re in a hurry send me an email at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll send you the fixed files.


Hi there, I just bought the theme and it is quite nice and simple to use, however I would like to remove the “Leave a Comment” form that appears on all pages. Kindly assist with this. Thanks

Hi frokem,

Go to “Pages > All Pages” then find the page you want to remove the comments from, hover your mouse over the title and more options will appear, click “Quick Edit” and then untick “Allow Comments”