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tell me please how can i make the appearence of events like the newest events on the top?

Hi Barrik,

You can change the event publish date to re-arrange the display order


I understand it, but i dont know how to do this.

thanks… i`ve already made it.

Hi Barrik,

OK so you’re all sorted? If not feel free to email me at help@quitenicestuff.com for further help


Hi there QNS !

Just want to start with saying thank you for creating such a great theme. It is by far the best charity theme I have come across!! So thank you again.

One little problem I’m having is that the sub-menu items in the nav-bar don’t appear in front of the slider but behind it. I would appreciate some help on this as there are quite a few sub menu’s that I need to use with this website.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

TIA , Mem

Hi MehmetU,

I’ve tested on my local version here but can’t replicate the problem, I think this may be a bug which appeared in an earlier version. Could you try downloading the latest version and then let me know you’re still having problems through help@quitenicestuff.com


Can the homepage slider be set up to automatically rotate? Thanks!

Hi heathermcinnc,

In the main “relief” theme folder there is a folder named “js” open this and then find the file “scripts.js” and open it. Go to line 53 in the section labelled “Slider” and change “play: false,” to “play: 3000,” (3000 = change slide every 3 seconds).


Thanks so much! I haven’t purchased the theme yet, but will do so now since this feature is available. Love it! :)

Great! if you get stuck with anything after purchasing feel free to email support directly: help@quitenicestuff.com


First off, BEAUTIFUL theme! Everything works perfectly except for the slider. It takes literally 25-30 seconds to load on my site. Can you provide any thoughts as to why it does that? Each slide images is a jpg that’s about 200-300kbs in size.


Thank you so much for your help!


Hi dexterbupshawjr,

This loading problem is entirely down to your hosting, the size of the images and your personal internet connection. I see you’ve got 4 slides, if each one is around 300kb that means you’ve got to load 1.2mb which is quite a lot hence the slow loading time. I think 200 – 300kb is too big, you can compress the images to 100 – 150kb each without loosing the quality, this will improve loading times a lot.


Looking to remove the tagline from appearing next to/around my logo at the top. Nice theme so far!

Also, I’m currently using events-made-easy plugin for our events. Any chance of using this plugin in place of yours?

Hi ryankstrom,

1.) To remove the text next to the logo go to “Settings > General” and delete the “Tagline” field

2.) Yes, but you’d have to do a bit of coding if you want it to completely replace the built in events and still maintain the same style etc. If you need help doing this email me at: help@quitenicestuff.com


Great theme, highly customisable and most importantly what a great customer service!!! Thanks for all the help and support Nick!!

All the best, Mehmet!

Thanks Mehmet, if I could rate my customers I’d give you 5/5!

Hi – Loving your theme and it works perfectly. Just setting things up at the moment and I am struggling with the photo gallery. http://www.nhfu.co.uk/?page_id=49 I’ve created a new gallery and uploaded photos into it, but only the featured photo shows on the page and nothing else. I then set up a another gallery just like it and instead of showing the image larger with a darken background, it doesn’t show the image at all. I’ve also done a separate gallery and inserted it into another section of the website and these link to another page. http://www.nhfu.co.uk/?page_id=49. I am somewhat new to WordPress, but I’ve figured everything else without any problems but this has stumped me. I know I MUST be missing something!

Thanks in advance for any help! Angela

Hi angelarb,

When you create a new gallery you can upload as many images as you like, which ever image you set as the featured image will be displayed on the main gallery page, when you click on that image it’ll take you into that gallery and display the other images. Hope that makes sense! if not you can also check the documentation as there’s a fairly good description explaining how the gallery works in – E.2) Photo Gallery

If you’re still having problems send me an email at help@quitenicestuff.com

Hi. I would like to know if this theme is compatible with Buddypress. If No, is there a defined way of making it compatible?

Hi hwonda,

The theme isn’t compatible with Buddypress, to make it compatible you’d need to create template files specifically for Buddypress. Certainly possible but it would take a bit of work.


Just purchased your theme. Surprisingly, i cannot get the slider to work. i am using gif images, could this be the problem?

Hi PhilaSoul,

The slider accepts any kind of web based image format gif included. Could you email details of the problem along with your site address to me and I’ll take a look.



i have adapted this theme for our purpose on 17” screen. But viewing it on an 11” netbook screen, it looks horrible. I thought this theme is supposed to be responsive?

What can i do about this?

Just sent another email with images

just sent you another email

Hi PhilaSoul,

I’ve replied to all



I’ve just noticed my events are not being displayed in event date order? How do I fix this?


Hi dan888,

Send me a quick email at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll sort this for you.


Pre purchase question:

Can I insert a video in the front page slider?


Hi scootersowle,

Yes sure, there is a video shortcode included which will let you do this

Hi im considering buying your theme. Just wondering does it have the ability for people to donate online? And how secure is it?

Hi Lifechurchmooroopna,

There is no built in facility to accept donations as there are many free plugins available which will let you do this, for example: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/paypal-donations/


Events are showing on the homepage – but the event links go to error pages – what could be the issue? For this site: http://anadooley.com/

Hi hotsauceblog,

I just went to your website, it looks like you fixed the problem? let me know if need anything else.


I am trying to figure out how to put pictures on the slideshow. I am new to wordpress, and the documents for some reason will not upload to give me the information I need. What do I do?

Hi nrvhabitat,

Thanks for purchasing!

Could you email me via support at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll be happy to assist you setting up your slideshow.


First of all great theme here :)

Now regarding the featured image for the blog posts, how can we have it more than 107px on the blog page. I understand that on the home page on the latest news the thumb height is 107px for each blog article. But when someone opens the blog article how can they see the featured image in its full height?

Also events are not displayed in the events date order…how can this be fixed?

Hey don’t worry about parent menu highlighting when on sub page…I figured it out with 2 lines of code:

main-menu .current-menu-parent a { background: #your-color-code; }

main-menu li li.current-menu-item a { background: #your-color-code; }

Hi 6spins,

I’ll probably add support for parent page highlighting in the next update anyway, I just had a look and its very easy for me to add.

The update has been approved now so feel free to download!


okay, thank you very much for all your help and support :)

I noticed that for your demo site there is a loading image for the front page, which is then replaced with the actual images when the pages reload. My page isn’t doing that. My page just shows everything but the sliders and then the sliders appear. Is there a setting for this?


Hi silver_2,

The loading bar was removed after updating the theme to a responsive layout because I had to switch to a different slideshow and the new one doesn’t support a loading image