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where do I have to change what, to change specific colors of the background?

1. Top header (which includes the social icon bar) 2. Middle header (where the logo is) 3. Menu Bar (which shows the pages bar) 4. Bottom (Slider) 5. Footer

Thank you.

Hi ClaDax,

Thanks for purchasing!

To change the colours open “Relief/css/green.css” and then change all the ”#1e771a” colour values to the colour of your choice.

Hope that helps!

We have the template installed and the images we are using for the slider are under 100K, yet the slider still (in Firefox, Safari and IE) does not display the image/slide right away. Not sure what the issue is. We have tried about everything.


You’re the man. This seams to be working now. Thanks again for the prompt response and sweet template.

How do you set your Homepage to the actual Home Page and not the blog?

Hi gpubit,

In WordPress go to “Settings > Reading” and then select “A static page (select below)” and select the “Homepage” from the drop down menu.

Hope that helps!

Hi there,

can you tell me if your theme is compatible with the WPML plugin?

Thank you!

Hi LightboxPDX,

Thanks for your interest, yes the theme is compatible with WPML

Perfect, thank you!

r this suppoer rtl


I’m afraid not.


Hi! I purchased this theme and installed it, but it’s giving me a error code of:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function google_fonts() in E:\Sites\mncm-corp\root\2013Seminar\wp-content\themes\Relief\header.php on line 27

Any idea what could be causing this?

Doh! It seems I didn’t have the admin folder uploaded to the ftp (permissions issues). It’s in there now, but I’m still getting an error:

Notice: Undefined variable: header_url in E:\Sites\mncm-corp\root\2013Seminar\wp-content\themes\Relief\functions.php on line 787

Here’s the website for reference: http://www.mncm.org/2013seminar/

Hi kaseybarrett,

Many thanks for purchasing, thats actually just a PHP notice, most likely its displaying because you have PHP errors turned on, it’ll go away if you turn them off.

Hope that helps!

Hi quitenicestuff. I am actually going to purchase this template to replace our first non-profit WP Template but have a few questions. Is this template compatible with Gravity Forms? Current WP site is at:


Can I set up image gallery posts the same as my current theme with the Relief Theme? Can I have a Staff member page the same as my current theme? What should I back up prior to activating the Relief Theme? Thanks!


Hi kevin7777,

Thanks for your interest, I’m not able to test the theme with the Gravity form plugin but I see no reason why it wouldn’t be compatible. If the plugin just generates standard HMTL forms it should work fine.

Regarding image gallery posts, the theme has an image gallery (separate from the blog) or you could post images directly in the blog and order them a in gallery like grid using the built in [columns] shortcode.


Been playing with the theme and it looks very nice! Not quite sure how to implement the slideshow. I have uploaded an image “slide1.jpg” but it’s not showing up in the slideshow? Do I need to paste slideshow code on homepage? Also, how can I add a favicon?

Thanks for great looking theme!

Hi kevin7777,

First create a page using the “Homepage” template by going to “Pages > Add New” and select “Homepage” from the “Template” drop down. Then go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Home Settings” and make sure “Display Slideshow” is ticked. Then create the slide in the “Slideshow” field using the supplied shortcodes (check out the “shortcodes” section of the documentation for full instructions)

To add a favicon open “Relief/header.php” and add the following on line 14:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://website.com/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />

Hope that helps!


I purchased this template for our website jsmp.tl and am having a lot of difficulties with Internet Explorer. Safari and Firefox are fine but staff who are using IE cannot download documents and some of the headings are out of place.

Can you point me in the right direction on how to resolve these issues?

Thanks, Anna.

Hi Anna,

Many thanks for purchasing.

Could you tell me which version of Internet Explorer you’re having problems with? please bear in mind the theme is compatible with IE8/9+


It seems to be different problems depending on the version of IE but I think the cause could be the updated wordpress 3.5 because everything was working perfectly with verion 3.4.2.

Hi Anna,

I’m afraid there’s not a lot I can do to help unless you can tell me specifically what the problems are and more importantly which version of Internet Explorer they’re happening in.



When adding Photo Galleries, I can’t get anything except the name of the gallery to show when I click on the photo. Instead of the name of the photo or a description, it just says the name of the gallery that I’m in. I’m wanting to add names for each photo and possibly a short description. Do you know why this would be working like this? Thanks!

Hi LaBargeMedia,

Have you tried following the gallery setup guide in section E2 of the documentation?

If yes but are still experiencing problems feel free to email me your WP login details to help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll take a look


Is there a way to control the image size of the slider? regardless of the image I insert it stretches it.

Hi ljcarter1906,

The slideshow is designed to span the full width of the page, you can however manually edit the CSS the adjust it’s width by adding the following in “Appearance > Theme Options > Styling Options” in the “Custom CSS” field:

.slider{width:700px !important;}


Hi this is the issue I have when I try to change the height to 250px. The photos are only 250px, but the it is stretched to this height for some reason.


Hi ljcarter1906,

Since your slideshow images are 460 pixels in width you have two choices:

1.) Resize the slideshow width to 460px using the following:

.slider { width: 460px !important; }

2.) Resize all your slideshow images to 940×405 pixels


If you take a look at my site, http://donatefordimis.com you can see the slider is bigger than the images themselves, height wise. How can I change the height of the slider box to be a lot shorter, but keep the same width?


Hi emosamurai,

After changing image sizes in “functions.php” you need to regenerate all your image thumbnails using this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/


thanks a lot! You’ve been very helpful!

All of a sudden my footer extends way down and it’s all blank white space. Do you see that as well? Can you help me with that?

Is there any way to see what this theme looks like on my iphone and/or ipad? would like to see before I purchase…

Hi kmalhoit77,

Yes, if you have an iPad/iPhone simply browse to the demo URL: http://themes.quitenicestuff.com/reliefwp/

And if you don’t have either of these devices you can somewhat replicate how the theme looks on a mobile device by resizing your browser window to a smaller width (drag the side of your browser window)


Is there a way I can put a widget in the area where Events were? I deleted the code that was there but now there’s a blank space and I’d like to put a widget there. Is that possible? If so, can you talk me through it?


Hi emosamurai,

I just checked your website, it looks like you fixed the footer issue?

Regarding adding a widget where the events on the homepage used to be. Sure I guess this would be possible with a bit of customization.

You would basically just need to paste the following where you deleted the original code:

<?php dynamic_sidebar( 'primary-widget-area' ); ?>

Then go to “Appearance > Widgets” and drag widgets in the “Primary Widget Area”.

Or you might want to create a new widget area (since the one above is also used on the sidebar of each page). To do this open “Relief/functions.php” and see line 100 onwards. Just copy one of the “register_sidebar” functions and create new one.



quitenicestuff, I am still having difficulties with the tabs shortcode, it organizes the tabs vertically instead of horizontally. I have disabled all plugins, now what do I do? http://themalalaproject.org/programs/

Hi malalaproject,

This would indicate that there’s a JavaScript conflict. I’d recommend disabling all plugins/modifications then re-enable them one by one until the problem occurs again so you can pin point the cause


How can I implement an email sign up / newsletter script for collecting email adresses into the template? Can I have multiple language versions? I need the web in German, Englsih and Spanish. Any reply highly appreciated. Great website template;-)

All the best.

Hi Bofoki,

The theme supports multiple languages, you just need to use a plugin such as “WPML” to do the translation.

For the newsletter you can also use a plugin, there are plenty of free ones available out there: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=newsletter


How can I replace the Event section with another widget? I want to put my twitter stream there… I purchased the theme recently and am trying it on local host before putting it live.

One more question, In the blog post, the featured image automatically come in the post as well and on top. Is it possible to turn it off? I sometimes have posts where I don’t use the featured image in the post at all, or use it in the middle of the post.

Also the image doesn’t shrink to fit automatically and extends into the side bar. How to fix that?

Sorry but I might have a lot of questions initially during the set up phase.. and since i’m not a wordpress or coding wizard :o. thanks for your patience :)

Cheers, Ashima

Hi ashimasiraj,

The events section on the homepage isn’t in a widget area, to change whats displayed there you would need to edit the code. Open “Relief/template-homepage.php” and delete lines 142 – 228, then add the code for whatever you want to add in its place.

The featured image for blog posts should adapt when the page is resized, could you email me your URL to help@quitenicestuff.com so I can take a look why it isn’t fitting?

If you’d prefer to remove the featured image all together go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Styling Options” and add the following in the “Custom CSS” field:

.prev-image {display:none;}

To make images inserted into posts responsive add the following code in the same place as above:

.alignleft,.alignright,.aligncenter,.alignnone {max-width:100% !important;}


I really like your theme. I’m setting up a site for a client, and I feel kind of dumb, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to get latest news to display on the front page. I have used both categories and tags – didn’t see any explanation of this in your documentation, so I’m sure it’s something simple. Here’s the URL to the site I’m working on: http://mothersteachyourdaughters.org/ Thanks!

Hi lindafulkerson,

Many thanks for purchasing.

Have you added any blog posts by going to “Posts > Add New”?

If yes is the publish date set in the past or present? if it’s set to a date in the future the blog post won’t be visible until that date.

If neither of the above work feel free to email me your WP login details to help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll take a look.


Hi, I’ve recently purchased your theme, I’m trying to set a photo gallery and I can’t add images from my media library which have been uploaded from another page. When I select them, they just don’t appear in the gallery. Only those images uploaded from a photo gallery page can be added into that gallery (only into that gallery, not another), is it correct?


Hi Elros10,

The gallery uses a separate post type so you need to upload the images directly to the gallery.



I´ve two questions:

1- What happens in events?, why see Page Not Found? (Oops! looks like you clicked on a broken link)

2- How can I find all the pages from one site in the seach?, not only in blogs or events.

My site is under cosntruction on http://fundacionmayores.seoyweb.es


Hi rubenvs,

1.) It looks like there might be a problem with your website’s permalinks. Try going to “Settings > Permalinks”, then select the default top option and click “Save”, then click on the option you had it set on and click “Save” again. This will hopefully regenerate the .htaccess file and fix the problem. If that doesn’t work feel free to email me your WP login details to help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll take a look

2.) Fair point about this, I’ll add this functionality in the next update