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Beautiful theme and pretty versatile !

to keep my website clean, I put all your files in assets folder along with my php engine then I was able to reconnect everything (in root scheme) except the “social icons”. Where did you hide it ? ;-)

regards, christophe


Probably the problem you have is only with awesome fonts. If you moved the css to a different folder, then you have to relocate also awesome fonts.

An easy approach is to move the contents of font-awesome\css directory to your assets\css directory, and copy \fonts directory in assets directory.

Then you can access all css from you new relocated directory.

If you have any problems please use our support forum instead.
We’ll be happy to give you more detailed instructions.

It seems I forgot to validate my 2nd post, 4,5h ago. Everything was already fine. Sorry for the inconvenience.

There is no problem! Good continuation in your work! :)

Dear Greatives, wonderful template! Honestly.

One question: is it possible to use the modal function to show just plain text calling one of the modal classes in a button? Is it an easy mod?

I sent you some more questions on your Greatives support page :-)

Thanks for your time Luigi


First of all many apologies for the delayed response.
Please check you ticket in our suppport forum.

Best Regards

Thank you! Even with the delay, best support! :-)

Thank you for your understanding! :)

Nice one, would buy it if the responsive version would be better. The menu is just ever on the top, on a phone or pad it should be as sidebar to slide it out

First of all thank you for your feedback. As we can understand, this is not a bug reference but your preference in responsive menu. Be sure that we will keep this in mind for our next themes. Concerning to the responsive design of Reload, it’s worth to mention that is one of very few themes which provides customizable responsive behavior.
Best Regards

Hi, how do i change the name/colour on the marker on the map please? It is currently black and says Reload.

Thank you


Check out our answer in your support ticket.


Very Good theme!!, wait woocommerce integration :)

Thanks for your kind words but this is not the WP version of Reload. Be sure that in WP version woocommerce will be added soon. :)

Hello, Great Theme.

Quick Question, How can i slow down the time for testimonials, it seems that it passes by really fast.

Thank you.


Glad you like Reload. You have to go in main.js, find the testimonial: function() and change the parameter slideshowSpeed: 3000 (line 319)

We hope this is helpful for you.


Hi Greatives! One probably silly question…

How to update your HTML theme? I saw that on your support page there are instructions only for the WP version.

Is it enough to replace the .js files or do we need to replace the .css as well?

Thanks for your time.



There aren’t silly questions. :)

Basically, we fixed some issues(css & js) so just replace or merge (if you have changes) the main.js file and the .css as well. Check the changelog in the item description to see the fixes.

We hope this is helpful for you.


Yes it was :-)

One more question: do I need to keep all the .js files in the HTML documents even if I’m not using them all?

I mean, I’m not using Gmaps, videos or parallax effects so can I remove their scripts from the HTML? I’d like to avoid calling scripts I’m not going to use.

Thanks again for your time


You’re right, it’s not necessary. Remove the functions from the main.js as well.

Please use our support forum ( ) for further questions. Thanks you very much! :)


awesome! GLWS!;

Thank you very much! :)

Hi ! Wery nice theme ! Is there “Classic Navigation” like in wp version of this theme ? Thank you !


First of all we are glad you like Reload. :)

Unfortunately, Reload HTML doesn’t provide the classic navigation as WP version does.

Thank you very much.


Great theme and very clean code however the animations aren’t working for me in IE11 (no slides or fades and no black & white overlay on portfolio carousel).

Hello Pixelware,

Firstly, thank you for purchasing Reload and for your kind words. :)

Could you please open a ticket in our Support Forum to examine this issue? We’d be glad to help you.


I have fixed this – there seems to be a missing line in animate.css file – .fadeIn.animated class – added animation-name: fadeIn; at line 68 & fade in animation works in IE11.

We are glad you fixed it Pixelware. Thanks for your feedback :)

Buen día

una pregunta cual grid manejan ustedes, bootstrap no es?


English pls?


Nice day.

a question which grid handled you, bootstrap is not?


Reload uses its own grid system and not the Bootstrap. Thanks for your interest :)