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Sinote does not currently provide support for this item.

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Does the author no longer support it? I purchased the theme and have sent in questions. I still have 3 months remaining on support.

Similar issue with Nova theme. The author was very responsive for our first few tickets but seems to have vanished.

i have the same issue, i got first support but now i don’t have any answer since 1 month , i have also a problem with menu with polylang plugin

The same problem for me. Where’s the author? I got first support and then nothing…. Help me, please…

this theme would be 10X better without that thick border around the outside. it probably looks nice on bigger monitors, but on laptops it takes up a lot of valuable screen space. just my 2 cents

Hi,i Wolud like to know how add my contents into the footer.

Hi Sinote,

When uploading my logo, it doesn’t size right. I’ve used the same image size than the sample logo on your demo.

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong ? Thanks.

Well… I wouldn’t say that your support is really fast to be honest.

Hi, even if there is no support. Any body knows if its possible to slide to different sections by selecting a menupoint? i would like to put all content on one page and make the sections selectable in menu, by clicking it should slide there not open a new page.. Is that possible out of the box?

Themes by Sinote will not been updated since month. His support ticket system does not work anymore and he wont offer support inside of themeforest. So i would be very careful to buy one of his themes.

The maps elemento from the page builder it’s not work because now Google requires the api key but this theme use another method for callback the maps ! I ask if we can help for improve and adjust the maps element! Thanks


Hi, I liked the theme and want to buy it. You will provide support?

I have a problem with the WordPress Theme “Rely”. When activate a blank page is displayed. How can I contact you?

I’m having some issues importing the demo content, there is no content in pages (about-us, clients, pages…) just the demo content of home who works. also the pages does not work in the theme url: http://antonibotev.com/themes/rely

can you take a look? thanks.

DON’T BUY THIS THEME if you can’t get your hands dirty yourself. I contacted the author and due to differences between them and Themeforest they decided to leave TF. There’ll be no support on any of your questions and due to TFs policy this is ok with them. So no support from this side either. We’re on our own pals… I’d suggest to leave any questions in the forum marked with [rely] in the subject


As Pousi has mentioned above the Maps element isn’t working correctly due to the missing possibility to add the since 2016 required key for Google-Maps API.

Manual implementation of GM in a Custom Content module leads to other problems with concurring javascripts. Therefore I’ve analysed the code and found a quick and dirty solution:

The Problem

Google-Maps API is called on different parts of the template e. g. the page rendering and the pagebuilder element. If you can’t get the pagebuilder working also the rendering will fail no matter what because the editor will not save your settings due to not resolving the entered streetadress.

You need to add the key to those API calls to get it working.

The Code

1. Get your Google Maps API Code like shown here:


2. Maps API is referenced in three files: /rely/app/assets/js/site.min.js /rely/app/assets/js/gummbase.js /app/libs/views/helpers/html.php

3. Search for: http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?

Here you add your Google Maps API Key in this way:


Hope this helps :-)


I bought this theme, but there is no support, moreover this theme does not work. It is impossible to install it. How do I get reimbursed? Waiting for your return.

PHP7 compatibility

The theme isn’t compatible with php7, it throws an error Error: Cannot use ‘String’ as class name as it is reserved.

I traced it down to one function call in a cakephp-lib. A solution is described here https://book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/appendices/2-7-migration-guide.html#utility

To solve it just rename the class ‘String’ to ‘CakeText’ in these files: rely/app/libs/string.php (line 33) rely/app/libs/set.php (line 617)

https / SSL

The theme isn’t compatible with https and browsers report unsecure contents

The warning is caused by the unsecure urls for the Google Font API.

Just change http://fonts.googleapis.com to https:// in /rely/app/config/assets.config (line 31-41)