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Got a notification that this theme had been updated. Was about to download, and now it says it has been removed?

Any update on this?


Please send message via my profile page contact form.


shunail Purchased

my website is not scrolling vertically. I would like to add scroll down button. Please help. Thanks

Hi Codevz,

I purchased “Remix – Responsive Ajax Music and Musician WP Theme” from you October 2015. On my profile, it says “Download not available. Item removed by either staff or the author” My web designer could not finish his work because the original download was removed from my profile. Could you give me access to the original download or let me know what to do to get it back. My website is I have also submitted this request through my profile page contact form. Please advise! Thank you!

Hi, Remix will be back soon, in the next 2-3 days. Don’t worry ;)

What happen with “Remix – Responsive Ajax Music and Musician WP Theme”. I can’t redownload a latest updated versions. I’m in shock!

Remix will be back soon, in the next 2-3 days. Don’t worry ;)

Hi there, I recently tried to locate and download the update for the remix child theme that I bought and downloaded from you. Could you update my theme or let me know whats happening? Is it still okay for me to continue freely using the theme?

Kind Regards


Remix will be back soon. Then you can re-download new update.


Okay thats great thankyou very much :)

Hello Friend. Does it work with live radio?


Actually in this version player just can run stream url of you radio, but if you also want to get now playing in remix player, you should try wordpress version of this item.


Hi, my contact form suddenly stopped working. Is there an updated version available?

The Form show as ‘Success’ Message but the email is never received.

Maybe its server mail issue, try to upload your template to another host or free hosting service, then check it. Actually as i checked my demo, contact form working fine.

Ok. Will do. Thanks


I puchase this layout by mistake. i want same functionality in wordpress. Your suggestion required regarding this. Thank


Please buy remix wordpress then send refund request for html version via this form:



Rob2000 Purchased

Dear author, I would like to ask how to remove the hover effect on the small horizontal carousel in “Home with footer” called New videos”. Opacity 0.5 is ok, but the slide to the right messes a little with text forcing it to break the line.

I’ve tried this CSS line just fot testing, but even if the opacity is overwritten, the slide remains.

.anyClass *:hover { opacity:1 !important; padding:0px !important; margin:0px !important; text-indent:0 !important; left:0px !important; right:0px !important; }

Thank you very much


try this

.mp3-albums a:hover, 
.video-grid a:hover, 
.anyClass li:hover {
    opacity: 1 !important

how do i add my audio playlist in the website


Here is a video that you can check it:

Hello, please let me know if it is possible to have the photo gallery inside a page having left/right sides (like on video single half page. Thanks!


Unfortunately not possible, but in WordPress version of remix theme its possible.


Hello, I would like tu buy your great template, but I’m not very technical… I’d like to know what’s requested on the hosting server to have the newsletter registration, the mail (contact), and same for the blog. Also, s there any way to include our FB and twitter content ? Thx


If you’re not familiar with HTML, i recommend you to purchase WordPress version of this theme. Why ? because in HTML version you need to do / add / change everything manually and also there is not any control panel or publish post or songs panel but in WordPress you have control panel, theme options, music counter and a lot of more features.

you can find WordPress version here:

But if you know what you exactly want, so skip my suggestion.

PS. Actually HTML version is good choice for who don’t want to update his site for year or so. And also is good for developers who want to convert it to any CMS.


Hi i hope your doing well,

Pre purchase question, it is posible to link a spotify playlist into your theme?


Best regards


If your mean is embed code, yes its possible, but if you mean adding Spotify to built-in remix player, its not possible.


When I try to install it says the theme is broken and “Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a index.php template file. Child themes need to have a Template header in the style.css stylesheet”