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Nice! :) HTML version?

P.S. Good luck with sales!

Hey thanks! I think to start working on it soon.

pretty sweet, i love it! good luck!

Thanks! Comments like this make me work harder on new projects :)

Big thanks, manuelvega

nice work, just wondering… do u mean code it?

Yes i do. I really am into coding it, but i cant give you a date. Just wait for it :) (i promise, you wont get old by then :P)

Thank you mate! I really appreciate your comment!

Good job man! :) Good luck whit sales :)

????? :) I’m glad you like it, i hope i can produce more soon :)

Sweet! Keep it up mate :)

Thanks! Your support means a lot to me!

Nice design. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Hey, big thanks!