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Thanks a lot drupalet

Thank you guys :)

Looks good. Is it mandatory to use the builder, or can we edit it ourselves in html?

Hi sixsidedsquid

You can edit the HTML however you like, the code is fully commented.

We have developed the builder to make editing easy for people who don’t have experience with html and css.


Would I be able to add hyperlinks into the text portions, using the builder?


Hi Frogjet

The builder doesn’t allow you to add hyperlink to text, although you can add it to images…

You can use a software like dreamweaver or any online html editor to add hyperlinks.

Thank you

Can you change the button styles and colors?

Hi moekittaneh

You can’t change the big white buttons in the builder, but we can do it for you after purchasing the template.

Anyway we will add this features in the next update

Thank you

I like this theme a lot. But I’m to figure exactly how you implement this product on your site.

does the builder come with the template.

Is it a feature that could charge for a service.

or could i create a site that allows users to build templates

Hi viadsworld

Renato , a responsive email template that can be used on mailchimp , aweber , campaignmonitor etc ..

The builder is an online application .. Only the access is included

No it’s free , it was developped to make it easy for you when it comes to edit the text or change the skin .

No it’sa free service included with the license , you can’t resell the access or share it .

Thank you

Is it not possible to use drag and drop builder inside of MailChimp?

I have done and I’ve been trying to get it to work for the past hour with no luck.

There’s no drag and drop ability and the visual editor doesn’t work properly (it doesn’t display all the elements), only the code editor.

When switching to the code editor, all design elements appear in the preview window.

This is all without making any changes.

Top screenshot is what I see when I load the template (code editor) Bottom screenshot is what I see when I switch to the Design editor:

As you can see, all the elements are cut off and there’s no option to use any drag and drop elements.

This is the file imported from the Mailchimp folder.


Please make sure you did this the right way, here is a screenshot from our mailchimp account.

you have to add a section from the list as shown in the step2 then you can darg section when you have more that one section.

here is a video tutorial, please folllow it step by step, it shows you how to use the template in mailchimp.

Thank you

Nice job, glws o7

Thank you so much DJMiMi

Hi there,

I have few questions about mailchimp.

1. Does your template support content mode

2. Does your template support design mode

3. Does your template support drag to reorder function, edit etc, edit

4. What about social icons, are they user friendly, easy to edit? edit

5. What about functions like on linked image, staling, settings, content, columns? edit

6. Is newsletter responsive and display properly on all devices.

7. Are links like subscribe, unsubscribe etc working.

Thnx for an answer in advance.

Hi Promail,

Nice design !! And it really suits my brand. One question. Does Mailchimp’s drag and drop editor work with this template ?


Hello Kepass and thank you for your interest

Yes the template is fully compatible with mailchimp, just make sure to import the template in the campaign section.

Thank you

Hi there,

Is there anyway to save your work as you go along with the online editor and then resume at that point?

I’ve now found on 3 occasions that somehow the template has returned to original state and all customisations are gone?


Hi BizPagePro Purchased,

You can’t save the template for another use, the builder allow you to edit the template just on time.

Thank you

Hi again, so I read it integrates with mailchimp well so i set up an account and watched your video on how to use it.

Problem is when I select them saved template and it opens in mailchimps design editor I don’t have the options come up on the left hand side to make the edits?

Any ideas why?


This is great, thank you :)

Promail I sent you a support email a few days ago, just resent now could you please reply?

Thank you

Yes sir

Promail I sent you a support email a few days ago, just resent now could you please reply?

Thank you

hey that’s weird as it is working no problem but thanks for letting me know. Please send to


I still can’t see that email from you on either account? Both accounts are receiving regular email all day?

Please check your email, we have sent an email to you.