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Hi i hope all is well , i have your renova wp template and i have question . please help me i wanna put intro menu but i can’t put it the first page .. could you please send me documentation about how can i fix my problem .. thank you

Hi, Documentation is already inside your download pack. If you have questions apart from documentation explanation you can post it on our support forum


Hello, first of all, I d like to thank you for this amazing theme, it s a great work. I just have a small problem, there are a lot of CSS and javascript which freeze smartphones and tablets. Could you please let me know how to reduce this number by telling me the ones I can remove? Or if you have any other method to increase the speed, I m all ears!

Best regards, Rudy.

Hi, we have tested it on major devices and it is fine. If you need to increase the performance you may follow these:

1. Remove any unwanted scripts, images, css etc. (from your edition)
2. combine all JS files to a single JS file.
3. combine all CSS to a single CSS file.
4. activate GZIP on your server (contact your hosting guys for help on this).
5. have a good web hosting service.

thanks for your kind words

It’s a really great theme! However I really hate the fact that you have to edit the portfolio section from a server.

My questions is how do I increase the height of the project-ajax.html page for when using images with heights over 900px so that the project_content information does not disappear?

Hi, thanks for loving the template. Yes as a general practice, AJAX portfolio should always be edited from server only.

In order to increase images (we guess, you mean the slider) you have to increase the height of the FLEXSLIDER container:
<div class="flexslider clearfix">

Hi there, i have a little question.

Do you know a way to target css style only for Sadari or chrome (only one browser not both Browsers)

I try to use @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) but target safari and chrome and i just need to target one browser.

Thanks:) Nice template

Hi, thanks for your kind words. In order to detect user’s browser you have to use jQuery, please refer to:

This also needs some additional JS script to switch stylesheets depending on browser detected

Hi, thanks for your good template. I have a question.

Here is Korea, and we use character set like euc-kr, not utf-8. So I change index.html file code lke below.

<html lang=”ko_KR”> <head> <meta charset=”euc-kr”>

I just change en->ko_KR and utf-8 -> euc-kr

But after that, some pages doesn’t work properly.

1. intro page image size doesn’t show full size. 2. showcase images mouseover event doesn’t work 3. portfolio categories doesn’t work.

You can check it below link.

If you have solution, pleas reply to me.


I solve it out. Thanks.

That’s nice :)


May I know what will have gotten after payment?.Shall we get all the necessary files of the website or it is uploaded on the server and we should use them as a service?.

Regards Ali


You get all files needed for the website, you have to edit your content and upload it on your own server. This is a template you get as downloadable. Not an online service.

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Hello, I d like to thank you for this amazing theme, it s a great work. Best regards, Garik Hakobyan.

Hi, it is our pleasure :)

Hello! Please help to set up a mailbox. Don’t understand how to do it.

Hi, hope it is working perfectly now. In case if you need assistance please open support ticket. You can get purchase code downloadable from your downloads panel in theme forest

Hello! Help me to configure the e-mail form. Unable to send emails to a different language. As soon as I write in Russian text, and the name, immediately get the error. Help to set to UTF-8, so I can write in any language, text and name. Thanks in advance. With uvajeniem Garik.

Hi, please open a support ticket with a screenshot. Most of the issues related to email sending form is depending on your hosting settings. You please contact your hosting support guys also

Hi in showreel section how i can add video ? thanks

Hi, this needs custom editing of original template

Uvajaemye help distinguish mail form. I am writing to you for support, but the code is not suitable 4803394. I need your help in the mail form. Want the sender’s name can be written in UTF-8, but does not work. Help please.

no response was received

Please open support ticket developers will get back to you there

help set up in mail form. I am writing to you for support, but the code is not suitable 4,803,394. I need your help in the mail form. Want the sender’s name can be written in UTF-8, but does not work. Help please.

Please open support ticket developers will get back to you there

Hi! Congrats on the great quality of your work. Great design :D

A couple of questions:



Any help will be very appreciated.


Hi, we have fixed an issue in purchase code verifier. So, please try once more, post your ticket via Our developers will answer your ticket on office hours.

hello there, I’ve sent another mail but have no answer back. I’ve found what it looks like a bug on the timeline.css. Whenever I change the color of the elements, the icons stop displaying.

I’ve already sent another ticket but don’t receive any answer

are there any tutorials on how to use the renova theme in wordpress?

Why is it that whenever I change something (even when it has nothing to do with the code, and just save it) in the timeline.css the icons stop displaying?

Hi, we need to check your edited code.

I’ve sent you the dropbox link by mail through your website support area.


I have downloaded the psd of graphics and design but it has only few, where is all icons psd?

please give so we can change it according to need.


If you have already emailed the purchase code we will verify it and send you in the evening today in common. If you need support on our templates please contact us via support system

Okay thank you for reply,

Is it possible to show on mobile devices the timeline, instead of hiding it?

Excellent, thanks for the tip. Another thing, how can I add more icons to the timeline?

Hi please open a support ticket, we will assist you.

Thank you, I have opened it. I wait for your reply.

Just a fast question. I’m about to purchase the design.

I’m not really familiar with bootsrtap, so I want to ask can I customize the page with DreamWeaver or it is not compatible with Bootstrap?

Thank you!

Hi, it is fully compatible with Bootstrap and if you understand the basics of HTML, CSS3 and JS you can set it up. For more info about Bootstrap

dera sir i would like purchase RENOVA – One Page Template – Responsive HTML5 can you offre for me RTL version

also i inform you that the project-ajax.html is note responsive thank you

Hi, thank you for your message. RTL version is not available for HTML template. Also the project page is working fine here.

Does this theme integrate with woocommerce?

Its not woocommerce ready.