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can i get the xml files after buying ?? I am not much of an expert and i find that themes i buy dont end up like the demo and i want a site like your demo if you give xml and all files included so i can edit and replace easily

Yep. You will get the demo data XML file. You can import the whole demo to your sever and shall edit the contents

Is there any way to include navigation for pages and posts (not on the homepage) at the top of the screen?

Can you post it on our support forum. We can assist you easily on forum. Http://

really interesting theme, to make sure before buy it, is it possible to add more page (shopping page) on it?

best regards, Fajrul Islam

There is no limit for adding pages or one page sections. Let me remind you that this theme has NO additional support for plugin like WooCommerce for creating shopping page but the plugins will work for sure

Hi ! i have questions about this theme before buying it !

Can i create a login page ? If so, can i change the visibility of some pages depending on the fact that the person is connected or not ?

Thank you !

There is no native login page/page templates included in this theme but you can achieve what you are planning. Password protected one-page sections are not possible for now, upon purchase I can guide you on that customization

This is very good theme, keep up the Good work , Cheers!

Thanks MA-Themes :)

Reorder information on the home?

and change the order put contact first?

Re-ordering pages is a default wordpress feature. Please post your query on our forum, our support team will guide you. Http://

Hi We are using Renova Theme in our page, but we have a bug. On single pages, the index link (main menú – automatic logo) redirects to the wordpress folder instalation (wordpress url), not site url (we are installing wordpress on a folder and redirecting to the main domain root). Example: on top menu logo links to (wrong url) not (correct url).

Tks for help

Hope you have posted your issue on our support forum. Please be patient, our support team will assist you soon. If you haven’t posted yet here is the forum link

Pre-purchase question: can you upload custom icons for the menu, etc. or is there a pre-determined set of icons to choose from?


Those are images. You can upload your own versions. Just download a sample icon from demo site and make your own versions.

hello, I’ve installed 1.9, the contact section automatically displays the error codes for empty fields. please take a look bottom of page. thanks.

Please do post your issue on our support forum. Our developers will assist you with necessary guide lines. Http://

well, I tried to signup, but I’m into an eternal loop, of: insert your username, make calculation, receive email, to enter again my username and make a calculation, then receive an email that points to the same page where system asks for my username and enter a digit again. will this continue forever?

Can you drop an email with purchase code to We can check your account. We will send temp password to your email if necessary

Hello, I have some questions.

1:There’s 6 buttons on sample page. I wonder If I can have slider with button(newsletter) above these 6 buttons.

2:Can I hide the top navigation menu?

3:Can I change the icon of 6 buttons?


1. The menu tiles are actually shortcodes.

2. Sidebar can only be visible in a single post. Its pretty basic, you cant show widgets in one-page

3. Its automatic, bigger images get scaled down automatically.

Thanks for reply.So one page theme (renova theme) can’t have separated menu page(blog/about us)? Regards

Yes you can create standalone pages also

Hi How can I run the new updates?

Upon releasing updated theme you can download and replace the theme in your server. For more support please use our forum.

thank you! ...already I found answers about most of questions there!

Cheers :)

hi. is this theme compatible with wordpress 4.3.1? also, when it says stand alone pages, does that mean i have an option for it to be a one page site and a multi page site? thx

Yes , its compatible with 4.3.1, even our demo runs on that version. Standalone pages means, pages that are NOT included as section in landing page. You can add standalone pages along with ‘One-Page’ landing page with pages as sections.

Can the contact form7 be used in the front page contact section instead of using the default php mail function in the theme?

Yes you can. You may have to adjust the styles for contactform7 fields to match theme style

Hello, can I use theme for my 2 absolutely same websites? They just have different languages.

Try qtraslate or wpml plugins.

It seems, the theme isn’t compatible with wordpress 4.5? The slider is not working on the home page.

Wait for the update, its almost done.

Thanks for the update, but the slider is still not working:

Please post your issue on our forum along with URL and WP login details, we will assist you soon. (credentials through private reply only)


Deks Purchased


are you planning on updating the theme any time soon? last update was in 2014…

if the theme will not be supported at least say so – so i can know if i should go on with it or not…


Hi, we will update the theme regularly according to WordPress updates and features addons. We provide 100% support for our themes, please make sure you have a valid support pack. Please use our support system.


kiranpr Purchased

hi, how do I download the update?

Hi, you can find the latest updated version under your ‘downloads’ page in themeforest

Hello, same question of other users, I am not much of an expert and i find that themes i buy dont end up like the demo. if you give xml and all files included so i can edit and replace easily

Demo xml is inside the download pack. Unzip the download pack and go thru the documentation. If you want more help contact us thru support

Thanks a lot! I have a problem now: I can’t see the Portfolio items, I mean when I click on single items then I see a404 pge. I think that the problem is due to Wordpress on Windows Hosting, but I don’t know ho t so solve. Thanks

Sorry, I just wrote to support

I use this template but they have been bought from one customer that I have. I want to ask you if I can import the data that you have in your demo site? How can I do this?