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Before buy I need to know: It’s fully responsive ? Can I add a video (youtube, vimeo,etc) in homepage slide ?

thank you

Hi, You can check the responsiveness of our demo. Background slides currently supports images only, but we are working on implementing video capabilities. We will release it on future updates

Hi designova – just wanted to drop a thankyou. Taken me less than a day to get this completely sorted and ready for my use. Brilliant theme. Only issue im having is the background pictures seem to be the last thing to load – is there anything you can do to the code to make sure these load first?


This may be a slightly stupid question but – Do you recommend updating your theme through the wordpress backend or via ftp?

(I only ask as the update does not appear to be working for me, have tried a few times and no CSS will load whatsoever…)

We are recommending the FTP method. Please do not forget to update the plugin also.

So, how long does it take to register to the support forum?

We are migrating from old support forum due to some issue. Here is our new forum link, you can sign up with your purchase code easily.

Hi, “Single portfolio page updated” – Cannot find any difference, can you tell more about it ? Thanks

There was a minor bug (transparent background) in that page. We have fixed it and added padding.

How do I adjust the top padding above the title in the single portfolio page?

Kindly post it on our support forum so as we can help you easily.

What is about Fonts on this theme? Change of colors?

You can change colors easily it is included in theme options. We will add google fonts in next update.

Hello thanks for the nice theme. I have a mistake on my side. The menu is not goimg on the next side. Its coming only when i am scoll. Can you help me? Sorry for my englisch. Bye

Can you post your issue on our forum. I’m not getting a clear idea about your issue.

??? maybe is the side helpfull.


We have a support forum for verified buyers. You may find it here: .

I think you want your menu to be sticky always. But the theme menu will appear on the scroll only(That’s the default style.)If you want to change it please post it on our forum so as we can help you with the code to make it sticky like in standalone pages.

Pre-purchase question: is it possible to link portfolio item to contact page with map, pictures and coments? I want to create a page with restaurants, their locations, opinions of other people, ratings, description and some photos inside. Can it be done using your theme?

Portfolio item has got two links in it. One is zoom link which shows the picture in lightbox. The other is info link. Info link leads to a stand alone page where you can add any type of contents like text, videos, iFrame etc (Its a usual WordPress page). Hope this helps to fulfill your needs


Thinking of buying your theme… do you have a demo where the “yellow theme colour” is a different colour ? I assume it can be changed to any colour we wish ? Do you have another demos… with other colour you could show me ?

Also, can we add single pages also… we have about 20 other pages we would need to keep from our existing site… what template layouts are available for single pages ?

Many thanks



You can change colors easily everything is covered inside theme options panel. With in few clicks you can switch entire color scheme. Currently we have only one demo.

You can add stand alone pages which will be excluded from one page section. You can check sample stand alone page here

In addition all the one-page section templates can work as stand alone pages also. Renova also have sub-menu. Hope this helps


I am very interested to buy your theme, but first i need to know if it is WPML compatible.

Thank you.

No. There are PO/MO files only for translation

So, Im new to themeforest and I just wanted to say that this template is really well design and easy to customize. If you hesitated to buy it, stop and buy it immedialty. Thx the renova team for their work and support.

Thank you

Hi, can you provide list of files changed/added/removed for every update? Thanks

Sure, we will follow it up via support forum


May i know your current version.? -ron

Hi, I love how the theme looks. I am interested in buying it but first I would like to know if the portfolio feature image size can be changed. All of my portfolio images are landscape style and they don’t look good when automatically cropped. For this reason, I need the feature image size to be landscape. Does your theme allow for customization of feature image dimensions? Thanks.

Portfolio featured images are arranged using two classes portrait and landscape mode. Modes are added as an option in metabox for portfolio post.

Great theme – I just have two issues:

1) How do I re-order the thumbnail navigation (i.e. first/landing page)? I have tried changing date published on each page with no luck.

2) I changed my colors in theme options, but the yellow is still everywhere. How do I change that? I have tried editing that hex color in the stylesheet but it doesn’t seem to be working.


Hi, Please post it on our support forum (RENOVA Thread) our WP team will assist you.

Hey guys ! I use to have the previous version and edited a bunch of files, wich file do I have to update to get the new version ?

I read that it should be in your forum but didn’t see it…

Loader is optional so its not a must thing. To change the existing yellow items kindly override the css rules in style.css and also check inpagestyles.php for inline styles. You can use ‘firebug’ to find the classes which creates the yellow portions

Ok thanks for your answer. I really want to add the loader so how can I do this ?

Can you post this question in our forum. I will reply with the code then


Do you plan any update in near future?


We will be updating the theme periodically

Hi again,

I bought your theme, but I can’t make your same demo page as like yours.. I uploaded the xml file, but it can’t work..

Can you help me, after this I think I’ll change to details one by one


Sure. Can you post it on our forum , I will scrutinize ur installation

It is possible to setup the theme only with home page icons and stand alone pages? I don’t want to use the vertical scroll…

Yes you can use the splash page . But the menu appears on vertical scroll to the second page so a small tweak in code will be needed to make it sticky always. Our support team will assist you for the same.

Great! Thanks, I’ll buy it…

I would like to buy the template, but i need to add videos and music in the portfolio. is this possible, because in the demo are only pictures …

Thanks for the answer!

Yes you can add videos in lighbox ( in filterable portfolio) and you can set standalone pages for every portfolio item where you can add text, embed videos, contents etc.

ooo perfect. vimeo and youtube ? Thanks

No Just Youtube in lighbox for gallery item ( sorry about the last comment lightbox video support is only for gallery item for now, but its about to add for portfolio too on next update).

You can add any type of contents like sound cloud embed, vimeo and youtube embed inside the portfolio content area which will be loaded as a stand alone page when clicking the info link.

Under Services you have Learn More buttons, can interior pages be created with this theme or is it the one page only?

Got the theme and it’s pretty intuitive. Only thing I can’t figure out is how to order the home page sections (date driven? manual ordering?).

Never mind, figured it out.


excellent design, as I can place the logo when you observe from a cell and appears not only places the white background

Hi, kindly post it on our forum our developers will assist you