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got this error when trying to install the theme on wp

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Try ftp method. Just upload renova folder only to theme directory

If you need assistance while setting up theme please post your doubts on our forum. We are not encouraging support through comments


your theme looks great. I`m thinking about buying it. Is there a limit to the number of projects in the portfolio?

best regards Timo

No. There is no limit. Portfolio is an isolated post type so it is easy to handle

Thank you for your quick reply.

Sorry to post here, tried to post in your support page but received error message when clicked on “register”.

I am having issues generating the home splash page. No matter what changes are made to that page it simply creates a blank, white page. I found a thread on this (the last thread on your support page) which I tried but no luck. Even tried re-installing the theme. Seems strange, have you had anybody else have this issue?

Best, Grant

Kindly send your email with purchase code to wordpress(@) we shall register an account for you.

Installing Theme from uploaded file:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Download the pack. Unzip it and just copy renova folder to your theme folder using ftp. Do not upload entire download pack.

after unzip the package I found 2 Renova Folder… One is folder & another is just a renova folder. Now tell me which one?

Just upload the Renova folder to wp-content/themes .

Hi I am a potential purchaser and am interested in buying this them in the next few days.

however can you confirm the SEO structure of this theme, and its compatibility with google analytics?



Yes it is google analytics compatible. We havent added any extra support for seo, but it keeps all the standards of wp theme.

I have currently version 1.1 installed. Is that the latest. Will we be notified about newer version launches and changes?

May I know how I can update the theme?

Download the latest pack from your section, unpack it and replace the ‘renova’ folder in your wp-content/themes

Okay thank you.

Looks nice. Q: You call the 16 Photos in your Demo “Gallery”. But I can see only one picture behind each. Is it possible to put different pics in one gallery? And have different galleries with more them one pic?

Q:The Service Boxes link always to the menu. Usually there should be a page behind each service box. Is this possible?

Q: Is it possible to create a page like the blog-page as a guestbook (DMS guestbook) ?

Q: Are there any shortcodes available for rows etc.?

Thank you

Gallery is one to one basis. One picture and its lightbox manner. Alternatively you can add video also.

Multiple galleries are not available for now.

Services boxes are shortcodes based with link attribute so you can link them to standalone pages.

You can create standalone pages and blog post. You may have to replicate the blog code to create guest book post type.

Row and column shortcodes are available along with many other reusable shortcodes


Hi, I just recently purchased this theme for my final graphic design website. I noticed that in social media linkedin is misspelled and it will not link to my linkedin profile. Can this be fixed?

Thanks Sara

Sure. Please post it on our forum for assistane.


Hi, I just purchased the template but I dont have any idea how to start. Can you provided the demo so I can start from that point on?


Unzip the download pack and follow the documentation to install the theme . Hope you already installed WordPress. If you have more questions you can use our support forum

Theme looks great! However… when I edited the menu items, they no longer show at the top of page when scrolled down.

Please post it on our forum with the link to your installation. We will help you to solve the issue


Hi Guys

We are having an issue where what we see in the editor for a blog post in wpadmin is not what we see on the live front end?

Please post it on our forum with detailed explanation


Where can I find the square images at the top of the website (portfolio, contact, etc) ? I want to upload them.

Thanks, Sara

Please post it on our forum. Those blocks are shortcodes which are ecplained in docs


Okay, well can you please tell me which shortcode they are? I looked in the index and can’t seem to find them. Thank you.

where is the xml file to instal renova demo in wordpress

Unzip your download pack first, you can find the XML file inside the download pack >> Demo Data For Import folder.


dont have demo data folder

Re download it from your downloads section. If you can find it please post it on our forum.

Hi, i really want to buy your product, but when i try to see the mobile version on my iphone nothing happens. it doesn´t load the page only a few images. I try everything, but i cant see the page. :(

Hi when you view the live preview on any mobile device please close the theme switcher bar found on top of the page. This will make demo look perfectly responsive.

^ jean

Is it easy/possible to create a separate page that is not on under the homepage, and is not a blog post like Also does yoast’s seo work well with this theme?

Hi, You can create one-page sections/pages and regular pages in this theme. We have included two different blog styles one is ajax based for one-page sections and standalone blog page. We haven’t tested the yoast plugin but using it will not be a problem as the theme qualifies the WordPress standards


Hi. It’s possible insert Google Adsense?

I’m a potential buyer, I hope your answer.


We havent added any native compatibity for adsense, but there is no problem for adding it through any plugins or other methods like embedding inside contents etc


Nice template !

one question please.. how to keep the logo on mobile view ?

its very important to keep the logo in any view.

thank you.

Mobile menu doesn’t supports logo for now, we are working on an alternative. Thanks for your patience and appreciation.

ok, please let me know if you have alternative of doing this.

Sure. You will receive update notice email

Dear Sir?

We had purchased this template several days before, but the “Shortcodes” under this template does not explained in detail. Would you please can send us the detailed “Shortcodes” of this template that can guide us in detail. Really appreciate for your kind. Would you please send me in this add: i will looking forward to your reply. Thanks much!!!


The ‘Shortcodes’ are explained in theme documentation under the theme short-codes section. If you have any doubts about any particular shortcodes you can post it on our forum for assistance. You can also import demodata to a blank wp installation to check the shortcodes usage.


Dear Ron,

Thanks for your quick reply, would i ask how to fill out the parameters of those double quotation marks? Would you please provide a sample of how to use item in double quotation marks. We don’t know where can post our forum, but we sincerely appreciate for your kind. THANKS MUCH!!!!

[carousel unique_id=”22” slides_count=”3” nextprev=”“]

[carousel_item active=”“]



Hi, Some of the short codes attributes are not much important for ‘Renova’, that why we have skipped them in docs. You can post it on our forum if you need more explanation about them.



Can I change the background images using the theme options, or do I have to replace the bg1 bg2 .. files through FTP ?

You can change the background images only through theme options.



On the team member shortcode i cant to change dribble icon to linkedid.. even if i delete drible icon is still showing.


FYI, the WordPress theme support forum URL is:


on your forum there is no menu to post a question. I already registered using purchase code.


You can find the ‘renova’ thread in forum. Start a new topic there.