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Thank you for Purchasing one of our Themes. To be able to Post Questions on our Support Forums, you’ll need to Register with a Valid Purchase Code. Read our Support Policy to get started.

I did enter a valid PO ?!

I will add this as a thread for you. I need your link to check. We cannot manage support through comments.

I just emailed you the link

Now I can post finally, didn’t get any error

Where can I find the square images at the top of the website (portfolio, contact, etc) ? I want to upload them.

Thanks, Sara

I think you are talking about the splash menu. Please post it on our forum, I will help you with the code


icons on the timeline does not appear or must pull to come out thanks

Please post it on our forum.


Dear Ron, We have purchased this item, but we have a question, would you please show me how to use the shortcodes of “Carousel?team_member?testimonial” for each, we don’t know how to use those shortcodes, but it is really urgent, please help us, thank you much!


Please post it on our forum. We shall help you with necessary code.


Hi! Any chance of getting the psd files?

No. PSD Files are not available.


hi i´m interested in buying the theme.

I wonder if you can attach more images within an image portfolio.

And if there may be a transition to click the arrow keys left and right.

He left a graphic image that explain better what.

Best Regards

Currently there is no such option available, but you can easily customize the theme to achieve it.



For the carousel slider, I have remove the arrow button, but can i set to autoplay/ autoslide?


Kindly post it on our forum please.

The spacing between the Menu buttons on top is uneven, may I know how I can change that?

We will be relplying soon thru our forum

Hi, I recently purchased Renova Wordpress One Page Responsive website. I am having problems viewing/editing the downloaded file which I assume is the demo file per envato? I am trying to edit it offline within Instant Wordpress, but it ‘appears’ quite clunky and seemingly requiring a level of coding experience vs drag, drop & edit features? Can u confirm this is the case?

Additionally your description of the template says it is well documented. I only found 4 lines/sentences on the Documentation Guide file/page? Have I missed something or perhaps it didn’t download correctly?

Finally, I tried to register on your Designova website, but I was having trouble with what Marketplace username to input there? I have the purchase code.

Any advice on how best to properly install and edit your them would be appreciated.

Thanks M.

It seems that your download pack is not downloaded properly. Kindly redownload and unzip the file. Also drop us an email to with purchase code so as we can register an account for you in our forum.

Thanks. You mistyped your email (one too many ’s’) but I assumed that was the case. I sent you a detailed email of my current problem with print screens, noting I have re-downloaded the theme and extracted it again, but it appears the same. Am I doing something wrong or is the file no good? You cant contact me directly via my email per what I sent you vs here. Thanks for your help. M.

Sorry about an extra ’s’ in email id. I will reply for your email soon.


Hi Interested in buying the theme. Question: When scrolling the page on iPhone 5 I can’t find an easy way to go to the top or to get access to the menu? Need to tap the clock to go to the top of the page. I might have overlooked a smart way to go to the top in the design. Alternatively a sticky menu?

We had sticky menu which has been removed later. You can easily restore it by adding few lines in css files. We can help you for that also.


I would like to remove the zoom button from showing up in the portfolio section.

May I know how I can do that.

Once removed I would like to centralize the info button or if possible have the whole portfolio thumbnail to be the link to the portfolio item page.

Our support team will answer your query soon. :)

I hope so :)

Hi, I wish to add new column and verification code at the contact form there. Please advice how. Thanks~

It will be difficult job on the current form we are using, its best to use any third party plugins that supports captcha

Hello, First, thanks for this theme ! ;) How can I make links between single portfolio items ? I would like to add a button to see the next portfolio item..

Please post it on our forum.

HI About a month ago someone asked about the mobile version not supporting a logo and you said you were working on that. Is there any news on that?

many thanks

Yes we are about to introduce a slide out mobile menu which supports logo

hello, the theme accompanies the dummy file content. xml?

Yes, demo data is included in the download pack.


is it possible to add vimeo or youtube videos to portfolio?

will you add this in future?

We will try to add that feature in coming updates

how do you use the Pre-loader? I have been trying to set it up to no avail. I have purchased theme, contacted support, and have not received a reply.

All you want to do is turn on the Pre-loader switch in theme options.

Changelog please?

Updating… Sorry for the delay :)

Great Theme

Got it installed ok

YOU GUYS REALLY NEED TO WORK ON A VISUAL EDITOR – if I did not as bit about coding I would have been looking for a refund.

thus far I have only found one major “bug”

The Renova theme does not recognize left, center, right justification for images when writing posts.

You wont loose your data in updating the theme. Hope you haven’t changed any code in earlier version. We have changed almost all files in new theme as we have to change the code standards.

I updated the theme and the lightbox pop up function stopped working

Hi, please post it on our WP support forum. Developers will get back to you.