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“Contact” in the company name, enter a phone number or a way to add a column?

Yes! You want to add “input”.

Yes! I want to add more “input”.

The current contact form does not support more inputs by default you may have to customize the code or use contactform7 plugin

I would like know, if the pack contains all registers of SQL and imagens, equal of the live preview?

Yes the full demo data is available in XML format. You can use WordPress importer plugin to import the contents for quickly replicating the demo site on your server.

Hi, I like this theme very much, but before buying I need to know if the theme displays just as on preview. My concern is that on mobile (Samsung Galaxy 4, but you can also see it here: ) three imoprtant things are missing: 1) No logo appears 2) No ‘home’, back to top on hover logo option is enabled 3) Standalone pages do not appear ( for example ‘our history’) If this happens only in your preview because it may be outdated, it is OO for me, but in case these options are are not available for mobile, UX is not appropriate. Can you please clarify so I take my decision to buy ?

Hi, The logo is added on mobile menu which you can activate by clicking the sticky hamburger icon on top left corner. ‘Our History’ is not a stand aloe page, click the ‘Basic Page’ from menu that’s an example for standalone page.

Hello i opened a ticket on your support forum, but had no reply:

i was trying to figure out how to control the order of the pages that appear on the homepage, seems that everytime i add a new page (and check show on one-page) it adds the page to the bottom of the homepage. I was trying to figure out how to move it to the top. Is there a way to select the order of everypage?

Also there is an issue with the “bookmark” links (menu,splash links), seems they use the page title as a reference ID for links, the issues starts when i change the title of the page to a different language (hebrew), the links stop working and the the top menu (the one that slides down when you pass the splash menu) stops sliding down.

Please help me to figure out those issues, as i need to make sure the order of the pages is the way i need them, and the titles have to be in hebrew.


Hi, please check the support forum

I’ve checked the support forum, and yes i had some answers, but for now no one gave a proper answer, i sent all the credentials and all the access necessary, but had no reply, nothing….you say that “Our awesome support team is always available to help you on bugs and issues related with our themes.” but it doesn’t seem that way when you actually need help. my project is on complete hold because of those issues, and i already sent a few messages.

Please consider replaying my messages on your forums, as it is very important for me, because currently i cannot use your theme at all.

Our support was on break due to some internal training sessions. We will start replying queries soon. We understand your issue on using hebrew lang and we have to work on custom solution on it.

I upgraded to ver 1.3 and now the lightbox popup for images are no longer working. :(

Please advise.


1.4 will be soon available with a fix for lightbox issue.

hello designova, “Contact” Adding file attachments?

Use plugins like contactform7 etc. Native contact doesnot supports file attachments

Please post with the link on our forum. Let me check


Salve ho un problema per quanto riguarda il mio sito web: Non riesco a mettere nella sezione staff quattro persone così come si vede nella demo del tema stesso… e non riesco a trovare nemmeno lo short code per inserire il box… fatemi sapere, saluti.

Translate to English: Hello I have a problem regarding my website: I can not put four people in the staff section as seen in the demo of the theme itself … and I can not even find the short code to enter the box … let me know, regards.

Hi, Please post a thread on our forum, I will reply with the shortcode and guide

How to update the appearance of the menu vertical.

you are still on version 1.2. You need to update to version 1.3 to have that mobile menu. I request you to wait for a while because version 1.4 is in review queue so as you can download the latest soon

I can not be updated at the same time. Let me know, only modified files

Version 1.4 Released

Its a bug fix release for lightbox problem in 1.3. We have also updated the child theme.

Changed file:

admin >> theme-styles.php

How to Upgrade v1.2 -> v1.4

Download the latest from your downloads section. Unzip the file. Replace the existing theme folder using ftp client. Done!

I can not be updated at the same time. Let me know, only modified files

There are many modification on the core. On most of the files actually. I think its better to port your modifications to the new one

great theme as usual!!! Pre-sale Is it possible to have the portfolio on another page than the homepage ? my client would prefer this Is it possible to change the white background for another color ? thank you so much for you work :)

Thanks for kind words. Currently it supports one portfolio group only. But you can post the group in two different pages. You can customize al the colors.

Hi there,

I’m looking to have the menu present on the opening page, instead of the boxed menu, however i cant see an answer here or in the forum with the answer.

Can you help me out? Thanks

You can make main menu sticky always. If you have already posted a query on forum, we will reply you soon.

Thanks guys

Hi, there

Is possible to make this template for joomla? thank you.

We will soon release joomla version.

I hope soon .I am waiting. Thank you

How can I pre-load my recent renova wordpress theme to my wordpress? Same look and all so that I can just edit the contents along the way.. I am having a hard time where to start.

you can start with the demo content. You can find the XML file inside the download pack.

I am able to import the XML however, I am unable to load the elements and images and getting only directory addresses. “[splashmenu][menuitem title=”Showcase” link=”#showcase” icon=”http://—/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/14.png” .... and so on..

What am I doing wrong? Some images are loaded and some are not. The Theme is acivated and installed it by puting the folder under the themes folder. Please help. Thank you

You haven’t installed the plugin yet. Read the documentation to install renova-shortcodes plugin

Hello, I have setup the menus option, but the menu are not showing. Please check here-

Also in the home page mega menu didn’t work in the same page. Please reply ASAP. Thanks.

Our developers will reply once they are back online after weekend

owch! My client must be angry… :(

We will initimate a priority to developers. Kindly hold on

Pre-purchase question: is it possible customize the big yellow square menu? (now its Showcase About Services Blog Portfolio Contact) can i add more button like Page1, Page2, etc…? thank you

Yes you can add your own menu items. They are shortcodefied so its much easy to customize


Does portfolio items work with videos? I am building a TV advertisement agency website, is it suitable with this theme?

Where is the demo for portfolio standalone pages? Can I have parallax and standalone pages at the same time?

So if I have a video for portfolio, do I have to set the featured image manually?

You have to set a featured image for portfolio to appear as filterable grid. And you can add contents to portfolio items which will be available through info link on the portfolio item on the grid.

You can set one-page and standalone pages in renova

I can’t seem to remove the Services from menu. In general my menu settings does not take effect…

Also I’m unable to change the word “Our Best Snaps” ?

I think you are talking about splash menu. If so its easy to remove as they are shortcodes. If you are confused about splash menu shortcodes kindly post it on our forum or refer the demo data supplied along with the theme