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i would like to know if is possible to add some text descrption to portfolio items…In preview template doesn’t exist. And is compatible with wpml? thanks

You can add contents to portfolio item standalone page which is accessible though the info icon which appears on hover of a portfolio item. It works as a standard WordPress page. For translation we have added PO/MO files. We haven’t tested it with WPML but ‘Qtraslate’ plugin works good on this.

Help Please Can’t find .XML file

I can’t find, Can you send a separate file please. I’m new for wordpress, and i don’t know about it.

Please send me Demo file, Thank you very much

Kindly use our forum link :-

Hi, presales question. I noticed that the alignment of the images is out when viewed on a mobile? The history with the timeline does not appear? Also is it possible to add a live google maps to the bottom of the page?


Histroy has been hidden for mobile as it cannot convey the effect properly. For google maps you can use default gmap iframe emebedding method.

Hi, I have purchased the theme, and I am trying to install all the materials on my webpage. I did upload the Renova folder, itself, on the theme folder. But I dont know what to do next. I would like to have all the details shown in the demo on my webpage…. what should I do after activating the theme, to see all the elements from the demo on my page? tnx

You need to import the demo data. The steps are explained in our support forum. Kindly refer it or google about importing demo content to wordpress.

Enter the blog subscription to the newsletter and your theme will be perfect!

Ypu can use widgets for that on the standalone blog page

Hi, I really like this theme but since this is my first ever time using WordPress, I would really appreciate some help/tutorials on how to customize this particular theme to my requirement. I only want to replace images and colours, add/change/delete some sections etc with my own, to start with. Please advise!

You can refer the documentation for such customizations. Also import demo content to a dummy installtion on subdomain so as you can easily learn the working of the theme

The documentation says ‘install this theme through ftp not through wordpress installer’. I had installed through wordpress. It all seemed to work fine on my computer but on my mobile or my husband’s laptop, the portfolio doesn’t work. The top menu buttons don’t show up and couple of other things are off too. Is it because I should have installed the theme through ftp only? Also what should I do next? Delete the theme and install again??? Do I have to delete and re-install the plugins and demo content too??? By the way your support forum link says ‘account discontinued’. Please advise ASAP!!! Thanks so much!

No need to worry, u can continue with the current installtion. If you have problem with forum account kindly send an email with details including your username and purchase code to

I bought Renova Theme, before doing so, I had a question, I posted a comment and I responded quickly, I was happy with that. But now I have some problems to install the theme as it should be, I opened 2 tickets in support system of you (sellers), but I’m almost four days waiting for some kind of return.

When will you answer me?


We will answer your query soon, developers are busy due to some new theme releases. Thanks for your patience

This is one of the strangest themes I’ve ever worked with. First the kudos – great design, and very responsive.

Now, the questionable part: the technical – your coding. I’ll start of with your child-theme. The purpose of a child theme is to be able to customize the parent theme, and leave the parent theme intact so that it can easily be updated. But your child theme has almost EVERY file that is in your parent theme – which means upgrading will be a nightmare. I tried removing some of the duplicate assets from the child theme, and then entire theme stopped working. Can you explain why you did this?

Second thing, I’ve never seen a theme that relies on shortcodes for almost all of the content. Because your shortcodes are hard coded, this presents additional problems. For example, the [testimonials-block] includes a photo, but does not allow for alt or title tags. Instead you hard code ‘renova’ in it’s place. That makes the theme not accessible to handicapped viewers, or sight impaired people using visual reading devices.

Final comment, I was looking for answers on your support website which has very little information. I had a problem where the contact form was not submitting. I came across a post by someone who had the same problem. The reply from your ‘support team’ was – the Javascript must be bad. Reinstall the theme.

Chances are the person asking the question did not know how to code, and ultimately was left hanging in the air without an answer. Fortunately, I do know how to code, and by simply using the error console on the browser, I saw that the contact form shortcode was looking for the sendmail.php script, which was hardcoded in the short code script that it was located in the Renova child-theme. Well, it wasn’t there. It was in the parent theme. I explained to the person who had asked on the forum that they could simply duplicate the file, and move that copy to the child-theme and it would work. But that the truth is, there is no reason sendmail.php would need to be in the child-theme. So it was disappointing to see your support services for this theme as well.

My recommendation is before you get too busy with tons of customers and end up with a huge nightmare on your hands, fix your code. Nice design is fantastic, but with poor code it amounts to nothing. Make a genuine child theme – or don’t include one at all. That’s usually something the end user adds anyway. And talk to your people who are handling support for you. They’re not doing a very good job.

The person in the post above me asked when their question will be answered on your support site – indicating they’ve been waiting four days. Your reply was ‘We will answer your query soon, developers are busy due to some new theme releases’. Don’t release anything new until you’ve fixed what you’ve already built. Customer support is a critical aspect of success.


Child theme was actually not planned, we will be removing the same in future releases. As it is a one-page theme, it would be much easier to use the design patterns as short-codes, that’s why we are making most of the design pattern blocks to short-codes. It much easier to explain on most of the scenarios apart from hard core customization.

We agree with the facts that you have mentioned about the short-codes , so of them need more attributes. We will include them in coming updates.

Thanks for the reply. I think it is good that you’re not going to be supplying a child-theme, BUT – be sure to make your primary theme child theme compatible by not hardcoding direct links. Let WordPress do it’s magic. Without it being child-theme compatible, it will be of little value. I wish you the best!

One-page theme are bit hard for a minimal child theme as there are lots of scripts loaded for custom navigation and scrolling. The theme is child theme compatible, but minor issue like sendmail.php bug will be fixed in coming updates by replacing/isolating it to plugin directory. Anyway thanks for pointing out the issues.

hello, the wordpress installation doesn’t work for me, i install the theme, and activate it and then import the xml file. for the plugin metabox i installed both ways from the ftp website also directly from the add new plug in, but in both ways it gives me the following error: Warning: require_once(/home5/ogacoorb/public_html/nasrin/wp-content/themes/renova/admin/meta-box/inc/field.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home5/ogacoorb/public_html/nasrin/wp-content/plugins/meta-box/meta-box.php on line 39

and can’t activate the meta box plugins

also, the top yellow banner is missing on my wordpress website! it shows all the contents and demo pages except the banner any suggestions?


You don’t want to install any metabox plugin for Renova, all you have to install is Renova Shortcodes Plugin which is bundled inside the theme pack. If you have more questions Kindly post it on our forum so as our developers can assist you easily.


Great work guys!

Just a question: are there buttons, toggle and expandable menu shortcodes?

Thanks in advance!

Please, could you give me the button shortcode because I haven’t found it in documentation? Thanks1

Please post this as a forum thread, I will reply the code in forum. We are not encouraging support requests through comments. :)


Hello, *I would like to disable the # after the URL when going to a menu. *Disable the white line on hovering menu *How to format text of menu like put the “of” from “best of” to the second line? Because when I format and using
it stops functioning.

Also, I need your support on some pages that wll require to provide my website URL, where can I email? Please help! Thanks

Kindly post your Query on our forum so as our developers can assist you easily.

How can I enable browser scrollbar on Renova? Thanks

the menu is not loading, i have uploaded the wordpress theme and uploaded the XML file and activated the shortcode plugins and still the menu is not loading/ the first page is hidden, what needs to be done? thanks

Configure the menu in Dashboard > Appearance > Menus. Please read the documentation for further reference. If you have questions beyond the documentation scope kindly post it on our support forum.


the theme can use more than two colors?

thank you Paolo

You can easily change colors, you can choose separate colors for each page.


congrats on your HQ theme I love it. Is it possible to change the shape of the “rotated square” in the middle? Is there any PSD included with the theme folder to change some elements?


PSD is not included with the theme because most of the elemnt are directly hand coded for Renova. You can change almost anything in this theme. Im sorry I couldn’t understand what do you mean by the “rotated square”, can you be more specific?

I meant by the “rotated square” this losange in the middle containing RE logo. Once you scroll down, it’s on the middle of the menu bar. I would like to change it, is it easy to do? or is it a static element that i can’t change ?

Its the main logo, Renova has got center menu, ie menu items getting arranged to both the sides of the logo. You can upload your own logo. Its the only menu layout available for now

Hi There,

can you please explain a non coder how to implement short codes for 3 or 4 columns?

Many Thanks, T.

[row][column span="4"]CONTENT[/colum][/row] This is how you can add a column. Span attribute can have values from 1- 12. If you have more questions post it on our support forum.

Looking to purchase this theme, however, would like a different overall theme color. Does the theme settings allow this to be effortlessly accomplished or does it require direct CSS change?

No need to change css, you can choose page background colors frompage meta option and others from theme options. You can choose any color. There is Custom CSS option also to override the existing styles

Hi, I can’t register at your support website. Can you help me fix it? user i created is iapps.

Do have an account already?

Yes, user name is “iapps” purchase code [code removed]

You will receive a password reset request email soon. Kindly proceed with the email. Forum URL:

in showcase section how can we use vimeo url insted of youtube?

Sorry, Vimeo is not supported for now.