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Thanks for your kind words.


I purchased this theme some time ago and have customized to my satisfaction. It mostly works well but animation has a few jumps, check out – e.g. when large Finesse logo disappears, the About image and graphic shift to left, as scrolling up. – e.g. when zooming in on portfolio items, the image increases in size and then shifts at the last minute. Could you please let me know of a fix for this as these problems do not exist in the theme demo.


Kindly post this query on our support forum, we can easily discuss your support issues there. Our developers will assist you to solve your issues

Admin UI is frustrating. this provides short-codes.

If you need any assistance, kindly contact us through our support forum.

Hi, where do I find the purchase code and marketplace username?

Designova is the #1 Web Design Company in the ENTIRE forest. They understand deigns, creativity, business, beauty and just simply what looks good, they know what draws a customer.

All great themes, simple, dynamic, easy to read text, beautiful layouts and images with some of the best support you can ask for. Designova is definitely a tall shade tree in the forest.

Wow!! Our sincere words of ‘Thank You’.
Surely, this is the best testimonial we have ever received so far :) Team Designova is extremely thankful to you.

Hi great theme.

I want to know when I can put videos in the home page slider, and how can I put the main menu on top like other pages in the home page?


Kindly post your support queries on our forum our developers will assist you.

Hello, nice theme, solid template = great work :)

What would be the best way to change the text/language on the buttons in Blog, Contact, ... ?

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for your kind words. Kindly post your queries on our support forum. Our developers will assist you.

Hi there,

I purchased the theme. Now we want to create a shop with woocommerce. Is this possible?

Hi, We haven’t added any additional compatibility measures for Woocommerce, but you can use the plugin. If the plugin requires additional styles you may have to code it yourself.

Hi I have purchased the theme and have changed the colour to #dd212121 but the icons have stayed yellow, and when i have changed them in adobe photoshop the images are leaving a rough outline, i am just wondering if there is an easier way to change the colour?

Thank you

Icons are images so ‘photoshopping’ is the only possibility. Unfortunatly we dont have the psd’s for icons right now. :(

Hi there,

One quick question before I purchase this theme. Is it possible to change the arrow graphic design in the header?


Yes, you can set your own design in header.

Hey guys! Does this theme happen to support combination filters, or multi-select options/hierarchy for the filtering on the portfolio? This feature is sorely missed in other templates at the moment.

Combination filters/multiselect is not supported for portfolio filters, but you can add each portfolio item in multiple categories.

Hi, I have 3 questions,

1) With this Renova theme how can we remove the floating page links that display across the front home screen? We want to remove them from desktop view and mobile view. We want to just have a menu bare across the top of the page. How do we do this?

2) The about slider that you have in the sample content, how do we make the automatically slide?

3) Is there anyway to resize the portfolio image sizes as the standard 500×500 px doesnt work with our rectangle shape images.


Its difficult to answer support queries through comments, kindly post these queries on our forum. Our developers will assist you soon

Pre-Purchased Firstly it’s really great template. I want to use this theme with plugin of seat booking system and using paypal. does it support ? Thanks

Hi thanks for your kind words. You haven’t mentioned which plugin you are planning to use. We haven’t included any additional features like which you have mentioned. Theme will usually support almost any wordpress plugin

I havent decided yet but my first opinion is this plugin. This plugin has allowed shortcodes so then isnt any problem, right ?

We have a set of shortcodes for the theme. Hope you can use tlhis plugin without any trouble.

Hi, I want to create a topic from support forum but i cant register. I have filled these informations but I could not receive any e-mail include my password.

Kindly send an email to with the purchase code and email address. We will fix it up for you.

I’ve sent . Thnx

Does the theme have the option to change color, I mean the yellow one?

For sure. You can choose your own color instead of yellow. Even you can choose different colors for each section in One-Page.

Hi Designova, Another great theme. Just a quick question about the mobile version. The landing page background image does not seem to be responsive and fit well into the screen size. Is there a fix for this. Thanks. Kind regards

Its based on backstretch library. Thats how it shows, we are planning an update with bgnd slider.

I would like to see a few sites which have used this theme ‘Renova’. It will give me a sense of what customization is possible and to what extend.

I need to see atleast 5-6 stunning sites based on Renova

Hi pixelfiesta, Unfortunately we are not keeping the list of installation (database of customers), as per your request we will send you some of our customer sites which we have collected from our support forum. kindly drop a mail to regarding this topic We will send link to your mail id.

Hi, how can I remove the ?learn More’ button from highlight services box?

Hi, Kindly post your query on our support forum. Our support staff will assist you soon. :)

I would like to see some sites based on Renova first, is that possible?

Unfortunately we are not keeping such records. Its difficult too, but we have seen some good installations while answering the support queries.


I have some questions before buying this theme: 1. Can i create as many pages in menu as i like or just 6 like it is in demo? 2. Does this theme is ready for using Polylang plugin? (Polylang is an extension to make multilingual WordPress websites.) Thanks

You can create more than 6 items in main menu. The menu supports sub-menu also. All you have to take care of is to balance the number of menu items on both the sides. We haven’t tested this theme with Polylang plugin, but we have seen some of our customers using plugins like ‘qtranslate’ for multilingual sites.