Discussion on Renroll - Scooter & Bike Rentals Theme

Discussion on Renroll - Scooter & Bike Rentals Theme

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Let’s say I deliver the items for the customers Is it possible to the customer enter their pick up and drop off locations?

Hello. During the ordering process, the user specifies his/her data and you can use this data for delivery. Thanks

Hi, is it possible to have an access to a demo backoffice ?

Hello. Unfortunately not, but you can check the video instructions . Thanks

Hi, great theme.

I have a couple of questions if possible.

Is it possible to remove the date function? Booking functionality?

Also, is it possible to order the same product multiple times.. ie: quantity? We would like to change the theme to book services without a calendar method.

Thanks in advance.

Hello. 1. Yes . 2 Yes . Thanks for questions

Dear, on condition taxonomie you have only Pickup location named : location but you dont have condition on location_drop.


Please create topic on support forum and our support team help you https://support.templines.com/ 


Hello is it also possible to do time slots in the booking system? like per 3 hours not per day only..


is it possible to use this theme and item page, but without the actual booking feature? I would like to include a button to another page on the item itself.

I’m not a coding expert, so just checking if with elementor this would be easy to change?


How can I manage the stock of my products? I have 3 identical bikes, I rent one on certain dates, on these same dates I have 2 left to rent. If your theme does not, do you know a plugin compatible with your theme?

old account

I see access to support from my account, but it does not work with my license number

Please write your purchased code on email :info@templines.com Thanks

hello, I bought the theme and I saw that to import the demo it is necessary to register it using the purchase code. But I need to install it first on a development domain. If I register it on the development domain how do I move it to the real domain after development is complete? Do I have to send you an email asking to cancel the registration on the development domain? thank you

Hello. You need to deactivate the license after clicking on the deactivate button. Thanks

Hello, How can I make the product search by date and location return me to the woocommerce store and not to the catalog page of your theme? I need inventory management and your theme doesn’t. Thank you


Please use support forum and our support team try help you https://support.templines.com/ 


Is it possible to buy the theme and use the bike plugin only? I’m using a different theme.

Unfortunately, I do not understand your question, what exactly customize . Thanks

I wanna use just the plugin would it be possible to customize it to adapt with the theme I’m using?

I think I already answered your question before that. We sell this along with the theme only . Thanks

hi made a request on the support forum some month ago, no answer recieved and the Support time expired…. the theme doesn’t work also updated. here’s my question without answer, and still get = result on the Home research filter: https://support.templines.com/forums/topic/quick-search-doesn-work/


simply, the search button doesn’t show nothing. 0 results..

Filter work fine

i really simply ask for a solution
I checked and your version of the theme is outdated and you just need to update.

you said “Change log in page theme decriptions” asked for what you mean and where to do, no reply recieved…..

I gave you the link even if you do not understand it you could clarify it for two months. Two months of silence, and now you say I have to help you.

Thanks for the review .

with the update it works, but the theme is still super slow. My provider is ok, my internet is ok, your theme plugin (renroll) made the theme load super slow. any advice?

Hi, I have some presale questions

Does this template support single item booking option meaning if someone successfully books item for 25.09 to 28.09 is this item hidden for the same period for other customers?

Is it possible to set minimum booking period (for example 2 days)?

Also is possible to set different prices for different time periods – lets say for periods between 2-3 days have one price and for 4-7 day period I can set different price?

Hello. 1. Yes . 2. Yes 3. Yes. Thanks

prevent using google fonts

Hi, I’m using the Renroll theme for a customer and this customer got a law penalty last week for using Google fonts. It is not allowed by the GDPR to load google fonts before the site-visitor had consent the privacy policy and using google fonts. So my question is there any way to prevent the theme of using google fonts online and to store them locally. Because the usage of the google fonts is not the problem, the problem is that when the site loads the font api sends the ip-address and other information of the visitor to the google server. So it would be great if you tell us how to prevent this, because in the theme customizer there is only a selection for online google fontsSoon others will also face this problem, because some lawyers in Germany and Austria had nothing better to do than to send people penalties who are breaking this GDPR law. Thank you in advance, Aldin

Hello. Actually, there is a very quick and easy solution that you can find without our involvement if you try to use the search . Thanks

Very Bad move by the Theme Autors: Into their Forum i’ve made some questions, today i still have 17 Days of support but they just disconnect my active PURCHASE CODE…. Maybe cause thy don’t know how to fix the theme problem. I’ll ask for a full refund after this crap move.

Right now, if you update the theme to 6.0 version, the quick search wont work, and also the mobile menu wont work. Good luck

Hello. Some problems with envato API which is buggy and does not allow you to check your buyer code today. Please be patient or from your criticism as today is a day off and we are spending it with our families . Your updated theme files but how about theme plugins ?? Thanks

also updated to 6.0 the errors continues…... no fixing

What’s the errors? Please, try be more details. Thanks


kullus Purchased


Don´t receive any e-mail notificatipons after client makes booking, adminstrator don´t get info and also client. All the notifications are activated.https://prnt.sc/CJPbieSFRRJf url:https://karavanrent.ee/


Please use support forum and our support team help you https://support.templines.com/ 



kullus Purchased

Hi, I don´t see option to change page width, need to change shop product page width, how can do it? Thx!


Please use support forum and our support team help you https://support.templines.com/ 



kullus Purchased

Hi, my support time is expired, so cant use it.

You can extend it at any time. Thanks

Hi! Can also use this theme for rent a car?

Great. tnx… our rentals will be only in one city and one address… can we disable this field from booking, that clients cant choose pickup/drop place?

Yes . Thanks

Hello, does the theme require elementor PRO plugin? The Elementor plugin completely ruins the theme for us. :-/ Thank you!

Hello. No it doesn’t have to be, but it shouldn’t have a problem . Thanks

What can I do, please, the page is broken, it only shows something like this: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Elementor\Scheme_Color’ not found in…...

Please use support forum and our support team help you https://support.templines.com/ 


i’ve wrote you on your support forum, recieved reply but cannot login with puchase code (still 4 month of support available) how to login into your forum and get support?

Checked, there’s just the Envato email copy, nothing from u guys. Would you please provide anotherway to contact you and use the support? I’m in Hurry :D

think i’ll do with different browser

I have sent you the login details by email , please just use them. Thanks

To make discounts which woocommerce plugin can I use? compatible with your theme? because so far no plugin finds the products Thank you


Please use support forum and our support team help you https://support.templines.com/ 



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