Discussion on Rentit - Multipurpose Vehicle Car Rental WordPress Theme

Discussion on Rentit - Multipurpose Vehicle Car Rental WordPress Theme

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Salam4you Purchased

Hello, How i can change the background picture of Contact forms in Shop page

Does the price change as the location changes?

No. calculation only in cart

Hello, the template moves left and right when I scroll on the phone, what can I do?

the page must be fixed when scrolling on the phone


rambo06 Purchased

This is a screen recording from phone—I tested from iphone 13 and Samsung s22

same problem on your Live Peview on themeforest


Please download video to see

Page moves to the sides on mobile revealing white space, not stable And why isn’t the menu collapsed on my mobile phone? https://prnt.sc/0zZ6Z_eN7gsk

rambo06 Purchased

I fixed theme by myself - very poor support

i was attacked by a trojan using this template, i run the same template on another websites to be sure, and i was attacked in the same way. now i have lost the two , and all the related files of website and i do not have acces

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been attacked by a trojan. It’s important to take steps to protect your websites and prevent further attacks in the future. Here are some steps you can take:

Contact your hosting provider: Inform your hosting provider about the attack and ask them for assistance in restoring your websites.

Change your passwords: Change your passwords for your hosting account, FTP, and any other accounts associated with your websites. Use strong passwords that are difficult to guess.

Scan your computer: Run a full scan of your computer with an up-to-date antivirus program to remove any malware or viruses that may have infected your computer.

Backup your data: Make sure you have a backup of your website data and store it in a secure location.

Seek professional help: If you’re not confident in your ability to secure your websites, consider hiring a professional to assist you.

you need to change hosting (maybe it has vulnerabilities). don't use modified files, so you need to install the theme to fresh wp installed (don't copy any files from an infected folder on the hosting ) added some secured plugins like Wordfence, and make sure that you use the last WP version and plugins. also update PHP version to 8.1


there is still a bug in the theme.

1. when onening a product (a car) the field “Base Cost for 1 / day (Ft)” is empty and when the product is saved the price is deleted and on the frontend the price will be 0. So editing the prduct (a car) is not possible without entering the Base cost for 1/day each time the page is saved after editing.

I have tested it on a fresh install too with your sample date. Got the same result. Deletes “base price”

Please fix it too!

(The rest of the problems are fixed. )

Hi, fixed this issue and made a new theme version 2.0.2 so you can update it.


I have installed the theme. php7.4, wp 6.1.1 woocommerce 7.3. However the woocommerce says that the following woocommerce templates are outdated.

rentit/woocommerce/cart\cart.php verzió 4.4.0 elavult. Az új verzió: 7.0.1, rentit/woocommerce/cart\proceed-to-checkout-button.php verzió 2.4.0 elavult. Az új verzió: 7.0.1, rentit/woocommerce/global\form-login.php verzió 3.6.0 elavult. Az új verzió: 7.0.1, rentit/woocommerce/myaccount\orders.php verzió 3.7.0 elavult. Az új verzió: 7.0.1, rentit/woocommerce/single-product\add-to-cart\simple.php verzió 3.4.0 elavult. Az új verzió: 7.0.1,

After updating the theme and used php 8.1 the order button resulted in a fatal error. The prices of the car rentals disappeared as soon as the car’s page was updated.

So my questionas are: Is the theme compatible with phph8.1 or 8.2? When will you fix the outdated woocommerce tempates above?

You say in the compatibility section that the theme is woo 7.x.x compatible and wp 6.x too, but it is not entirely correct statement at least if it is updated from a previou wp and wc version.

Please let me know.

Base Cost for 1 / day ($) disappears as soon as the products is saved and on the front end the price will be 0.

update will be in the next few days

Hi. Is there any website which is using this system? I will be so happy if you share some “working” examples so I can see its accuracy. Many thanks!

Please email us on jakjim@gmail.com and we will share you our clients websites

hello you have wich plugin for build ?

We are using Woocommerce plugin

Did you made any decision?

Hi Lernertb. How to reduce the size of the titles on blog single page? Its to big on the mobile view. Do you still update this theme? Thank you.

Hi, Yes, we update our theme. please provide me url and I will guide you for it

Hi Actively considering to get a new Wordpress theme for our car rental business.

Can you please let us know if these features are available

1) Ability to search the vehicles availability by giving dates 2) Ability for the customers to create a reservation 3) Add optional equipment or service (pickup/drop charges, insurance upgrade) 4) Payment options 5) Update the availability of the vehicle so that there is no double booking 6) A list of reservations

Sorry it was weekend so I could not answer earlier, Please find our answers below for your questions

1) yes
2) yes
3) yes
4) yes
5) yes for one car, so if you have two the same car then you need make or two products or one but then you need manual control this
6) yes

Best Regards,

Did you made any decision?

How can we disable the input text field of location to a just dropdown field on Sliders? So, user won’t have to type anything in Drop off /Pickup Location field.

Hi Team, This is a pre-sale question. Please confirm about these functionality. 1. Allow users to book the car based on date availability and then once booked it removes the availability of that car for the time frame. 2. Allows the user to sign/accept contract and pay online. 3. Ability for our client to manage inventory by allowing them to add or remove cars from the site. 4. Option to show top bar and also login and logout links.


Hi, Please find our comments below

1. yes for one car we have this option. but not for stock mode
2) Yes
3) don’t have this. but you can try do this via some another plugins
4) yes

Best Regards, jim

Did you made any decision?

Did you made any decision? Our theme is in 50% sale offer now

Hi there, I wrote 3 email and nobody answered to me. Can you please help me?

Responded in email,

Hi, I wanted to point out that with the new woocommerce updates the rental plugin does not work, it does not store the data entered. When will you release a new update?

It will be ready soon

Hello, Can you please post demo link for RTL version?


We don’t have such link. RTL is enabled in theme options and you will have it if yuou purchase it

Did you made any decision? Our theme is in 50% sale offer

hello, Can I make specific area to book? I mean passenger can book inside New york city only. If they search outsite of new york city, then it will show no car available. is it possible?

Yes. select for car just one location

Did you made any decision?

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Sincèrement, un grosse daube à éviter !


hortiz Purchased

Cost per hour is not showing up on the Reservation/checkout section after hours are selected. After “discounts” are set.. the only price is showing up is the one from the “Base Cost for 1 / day ($)”. not much details in documentation about this, values are set but not updating.


hortiz Purchased

still waiting for a response, renewed my support and i’ve been waiting for weeks having my customers waiting for solution. Still no words from the developers regarding this issue, Hourly rates and discount doesn’t work, only fixed prices/day. i will issue a refund and dispute if i don’t get any response from support.

Responded in email

Hi I can’t understand why from one moment to the next the swipe navigation buttons set to disabled. Now the buttons always have the swiper-button-disabled class and I can’t navigate between vehicles.

if i can have an email address i will send you the link to the site so you can see the problem.

I emailed you yesterday, sorry but it’s urgent


lernertb Author Team

Hi, because you have only 4 items to display. each item should be attached to category they it will display


Can I use your theme for booking different types of vehicles…ebike, cars, scooters… each category should have custom fields.. and options to rent, for example helmet with ebike/scooter.. or seat for kids in car.



lernertb Author Team

Hi, yes

Did you made any decision?

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