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Good afternoon, how would I be able to access the audio player? HOw many songs would I be able to load up. Thanks in advance, Kaye


If you mean home page player there’s no limit, but it works like slider so if you add 100+ songs it may work a bit slower. Please add tracks in the same way as slides in WordPress/Slides section, but set track URL instead of the featured image, it will appear in the home page player. Here’s a screencast

Thanks.I keep getting error loading ”#” I have the song uploaded to the website and I am using that link. Also How do I add multiple mp3s to one slide or do I have to do individual slides and some kind of way link them together

Slides with non-empty “Audio Track URL” field are recognized as tracks and added to the home page player, please make sure that mp3 links are set correctly. If this issue remains you can send temporary WP access in PM and I’ll check it.


Bouta Purchased

Hi Themex, i remake my website and i have one question please if you can answer me :

i dont use events, slides, gallery, video , how can i remove all that from all the theme please?

if its easy how to remove all fields of release i just need content and artist select ( im using other plugin for player)

Thank you so much ( im trying to get my website more faster)


It would require removing all functions related to events, slides, videos etc. If you don’t add these items and leave fields that you don’t need empty they will not appear on the front-end, this is the easiest way. If you mean pages imported with demo content please remove “Videos”, “Galleries” and other pages you don’t need in WordPress/Pages section, also you can edit main menu in Appearance/Menus section.

Hi, is it possible to have to different artist page with different artist ?

never mind, did it

I just realised that I can’t select anymore a sidebar for a single artist page. Can you help me with that?

Hi, there’s a common sidebar for all artists in Appearance/Widgets section, please try adding widgets to this sidebar. Also you can add custom content to each artists sidebar by adding content to the sidebar field under the artists description editor.

ok, thanks

Can you please add Instagram and YouTube to the theme for artist option? I would also suggest snapchat but def the first two. These are important artist social platforms. Thank you.

Thanks, I’ll consider adding these links. If it’s urgent please write me in PM and I’ll send instructions for changing existing links, it’s possible by replacing icons that you don’t need.

Good morning, How may I extended the amount of post showing on a page. my page is longer than the post due to the sidebars which leave white space and I need it ot match

Hi, please set the number of posts per page in WordPress/Settings/Reading section.

thank you so much

Hi there, two questions: 1) Can images be added to galleries in bulk? 2) Can individual photos in galleries have captions? I see that filling out the “text” section of the gallery adds a caption to all photos in the gallery, but can individual captions be set up?


Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible for the built-in galleries, if advanced options are required please try using third-party gallery plugins, for example

Can I add to paypal payment options for the song or CD? Today, I see the Amazon, iTunes and Spotify /.

So I add any label with a link? for example, payment by paypal or to the account number to transfer> /

This is just a link with a custom label, for example if you’re selling CDs on another site “ShopName” you can add a link, set URL address and set “ShopName” label.

I understand, thanks.

Hi, I want to sell music albums and I also want to give the option to buy each track from the album individually. I notice that the demo that album releases have a Buy button but the individual tracks in the playlist do not. Can Buy buttons be added to the individual tracks in a playlist? Thanks

Hi, unfortunately there’s no such option, Replay doesn’t have payment options by default – it’s possible to set a list of external links for purchasing each release. You can sell them on third-party services or create a self-hosted store, for example using WooCommerce or any other popular e-commerce plugin.

Hi Themex,

I have been using your theme for a very long time and it’s been great to work with.

Recently I contacted you for support to run some major updates of the theme and I would say that you the level of support received was pretty disappointing. I mapped all the questions and issue out clearly and for some reason, I received a nothing response from you. This is not what I expected. I have replied to your support ticket and hopefully, you can help me to resolve the problems with the update relating to the events – where all the artists have dropped out and so have all the event dates.

Hopefully moving forward also, you will consider what your updates will do to your existing customers who have been using your theme for some time, so that they can retain all the past events and continue working with the theme.

  • Feedback on your support page – which doesn’t state it is public or offer private option… nor does it allow the password to be reset either?

I do look forward to a response to help me resolve the issues moving forward, especially seeing the site I am working on has 890 events listed on it. Otherwise, it will be even more disappointing.


themex Author


I’m sorry for inconvenience, but I didn’t address each question because all these issues were caused by incompatibility of the version you have and the latest one, if you follow my suggestion from the first reply and upgrade the database you will see that most (or all) of these issues will be resolved Also you can send temporary WP access in PM and I’ll upgrade it for you, but please create a backup of your site first.