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Can you please add Instagram to the header social bar? Instagram is the most used social platform right now.

It’s set on line 34 in replay/header.php file, it’s possible to edit it in Appearance/Editor section. Icons are shown using replay/images/social_icons.png file, please note that you would have to replace a single icon within this image so it might be easier to use a third-party plugin.

Good idea. Ok, so I added the Social Icons plugin and now have a shortcode. Where do I add this code to replace the social media icons up there now?

Nevermind! I found it in the header! Thanks for your help!


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Hi, is it possible to have a releases gallery or something similar on a widget in the sidebar?


Unfortunately there’s no such widget, but if you want to feature some selected release you can try copying it’s HTML code and paste it to the default WordPress text widget.


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Hello i have a Problem after i updated WordPress the mp3 Files are Loading slowly and in the Social Media Facebook tab i only see this

Please try refreshing your browser cache and check your internet connection speed, I can’t reproduce the slow loading issue – Facebook is loaded immediately and home page player works without delays.

i saying again in desktop its work perfect but not on mobile are u trying it with mobile?

I’ve checked it on mobile (iPhone) and the home page player works without a delay, although there’s a small delay in the Facebook widget loading if you switch to the Facebook tab right after the home page is loaded. If it’s an issue you can try loading Facebook widget separately


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Hi, where is possible to change the image associated with the FB thumbnail if I share the homepage? on my website it still carries the one from the previous theme i used


Sure, please try using this plugin for setting thumbnails automatically. If Facebook still uses an old image you can try clearing the cache for your site using this tool

Hello how i can remove Google Fonts loader i like to load it locally i have all fonts but i need a instruction how i can do that


Please try removing line 25 from replay/framework/classes/ file:

add_action('wp_head', array(__CLASS__,'renderFonts'));

Then you can load fonts locally using this plugin

Thanks its working perfect can i put the css for the fonts into the orginal style.css from the template or its better to load it via inline or critical css pfad

Sure, if you’re familiar with CSS you can load fonts using “import” in style.css file. But using plugin is easier and changes will not be lost if you update Replay.

How i can enable auto preload for the mp3 player on the homepage

No i not familar with js but i look add the documentation but not found any solution can u please look and tell me what i can do?

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but customizations are not included to the theme support, although I’m always glad to help if there’s a simple code fix. In this case there’s no simple code fix and it requires checking jPlayer API and adding a custom function.

Thanks for the Other things who you helped me out i can understand your words and i am 100% with you thanks have a nice day

Hello if i slide with my mouse on the gallery slider on the homepage from left to right and from right to left how i can deactivate that i deactivated in the setting mouse wheel but its not work

Hello Sir i have a example for you maybe you can look at the picture and here are my settings

Sorry my fail i see that is no option to type the event clock or i missing anything if i dont missing anything then the problem is solved

Yes, there’s only the event date, please consider adding the exact time to the event description.

Hello i like to open the buy ticket window in the same tab no in a new window how i can do that?

its not work for the widget the widget open a new widnow if anyone click on the button

Please try making the same change to line 14 in replay/content-event.php file.

Thanks its working now perfect !

Hello the most text on the theme are uppercase how i can provide it like the title if i make a post with this letters TEST test i like to show it like this on the post but its only provide upercase widgets included

i do it but nothing changes

Please try refreshing the browser cache, if you edit style.css your browser still loads the old version.

now its work thanks for your tip

Hello how i can stop auto playling the next title after one have play a title


Replay uses jPlayer for playlists, please check the available options here

Hello on if i click on a video from the widget i dont see all videos and i have change it in the settings show videos i choice 20 but nothing happend


Please make sure that each video has a featured image set, video without a featured image is hidden.

Hello all videos have Featured Image i see the images and the videos on the widget but if i click anyone video from the video i coming to the video page and if i scroll down i dont see the complete video list only 6 videos

Single video page shows only related videos, it doesn’t show all videos. You can set the number of videos to show on the single video page in Appearance/Theme Options/Videos section.

Hello, i have a few questions, -is it possible to import a csv file i have with all artists and/or releases? -And also is it possible to add “featuring” artists taxonomy to the single track that links to the feat. artists? -how are the artist categories work? Can i create a “band” artist that also include “single” artists?

many thanks


1. It depends on the CSV format, Replay is a WordPress theme so you can import content using any of the available WordPress plugins, for example this one

2. Please try using artist categories for this purpose.

3. In the same way as any other WordPress categories, you can use them to separate artists by pages. You can use unlimited combinations and hierarchies of categories.


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i have different radio stations is it possible to use the slider to add them and when user click on an image it start playing in the player ?

If you mean linking player tracks with the slider images it’s possible, but with a simple code fix. Please write to and I’ll send instructions.