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Hi there, quick question – how easy is it to change colour scheme? I’d like to change colour of the comment submit button and the colour of links – that’s about it!

Also, I currently use Genesis framework and there are buttons that comes with my theme, is it possible to just copy the CSS across so I can continue to use these?


You can change the color scheme in the theme options, yes, the links and buttons, etc, all use the same color accent setting. I’m unsure about Genesis, I haven’t worked with it.



I would like to ask you if the font used in the theme Reply support also Slovak words with diacritic.


I believe so, but you should verify here: https://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Open+Sans


Hi MeetMight,

Now I’m using Wordpress 3.9.2 but I can’t locate the ShortCode button. How to use your shortcode or it has to be manually?

Please take a moment and post any support related questions you may have in our support forum located here and we’ll be happy to take a look:




First of all: great theme! I have a question about the customization of the elements on the home page. On the homepage you currently show a blog post (the latest?) as main feature, and under that a box with a selected item from the portfolio. I’m planning on only using the portfolio and page features, not the blog, and was wondering how the home page would look in that case. What are the options in compiling the homepage?

Hope you can help, thanks!

Yes, you can assign the homepage to use the portfolio template and not the homepage template, which sounds to be what you are wanting. Thanks,

Thanks for your quick reply! That’s actually not exactly what I meant – what I’m willing to figure out is if you can customize the way the homepage looks. The demo shows a blogpost and a portfolio item, but could you – for instance – show two portfolio items and no blogpost? Or an introduction text and a portfolio item? Thanks!

Yes, this is fairly easy to accomplish if you are capable of customizing the default theme. The theme has no built-in page builder of sorts. Thanks,

Very nice looking theme. I have a few questions. First, do you have any idea how well this theme would work with WooCommerce? And second, what control does a user have over the collapsible sidebar? Can I make it permanently displayed? Turn it off completely? Thanks.

The theme has not been tested or optimized for WooCommerce. There are no additional options for the sidebar. If do not add any widgets to it, it will not display. Thanks,

Quick question – can i change to Text Align Left instead of Centre for mobile view?

Thanks, Andrew

Yes, simply post this as a support request in our support forum and we can show you which line of code to adjust to do that. Thanks,

Where can I format my portfolio dates to j F Y? Can’t seem to find it. <?php echo get_post_meta( $post->ID, ‘_mighty_project-date’, true ) ?>

Hi Kevin, sure no problem. Please post this as a support request in our support forum, located here and we’ll be happy to take a look: http://meetmighty.com/support/


hey guys,

how to update this theme? there are no informations about that topic. only overwrite the old theme files with the new files?


Yes, that is correct. Simply overwrite. Please post any further questions regarding theme support in the support forum located here: http://meetmighty.com/support/


Is there any alternative for search box other than displaying it on collapsible menu? Is this a sidebar ready theme?


This theme has just the collapsible drawer sidebar location. You could add the search field to any location by adding the WP function for it that calls it, otherwise, no, the theme by default does not display it anywhere else other than the sidebar. Thanks,

Thanks for such a quick response.

Hi guys,

Glad to see that minimalistic themes are still being created. You guys did an amazing job with this theme! I’m looking to purchase the theme, but I have a couple of questions.

On the demo, the logo doesn’t seem to be retina ready. It appears blurry on the iPhone. Can that be fixed?

Is there a way to make the Work section 3 columns rather than 2 columns?

Thank you.

Thank you so the very quick response. I didn’t get a response for my second question though…

Is there a way to make the Work section 3 columns rather than 2 columns?


Sorry, seems I’ve overlooked it… to answer your question, not by default, no, though this is a relatively minor adjustment that we could walk you through via a support request. Thanks,

That would be awesome! Thank you again for a very quick response.

Hey there,

LOVE the theme, does everything that I require, apart from one thing. I really need a Google Plus social icon for the footer. Im happy with replacing the vimeo with a googleplus one if required, but is there any way you can send me the googleplus svg please? I’ve tried making my own, but the scale is way off.


Sure, no problem, please drop this request in our support forum: http://meetmighty.com/support/


I’d love to be able to post on your forum but your page is refusing my license code. I know for sure it’s the correct code. I just downloaded the license from the downloads page of Envato. I’ve checked and checked again, still not working.

“The license key you have entered is either not valid, or could not be verified at this time. If you feel this in error, please try again later.”

Sure no problem, just drop me your email address and license code via our contact form and I’ll set one up for you, as we’re having trouble with our automated registration at the moment. Thanks,


The theme is broken in Safari. Need a fix asap!


I’m running Safari Version 6.0.5 (8536.30.1)

Hi there, please post this in our support forum if you haven’t already: http://meetmighty.com/support/

Hi! I really like your theme but would like to know if it’s possible to add a right column to put widgets in it.

Also, does the theme work for wordpress 4.0 ?

Thank you!

We have chosen with this theme to have a sidebar that his tucked away hidden until a user toggles it open. Therefore, this theme does not have a static sidebar in the content.

And yes, WP 4.0 is fully supported.



I’m trying to register on your site for support and I’m getting the following error.

“The license key you have entered is either not valid, or could not be verified at this time. If you feel this in error, please try again later.”

I’m copying and pasting the Item Purchase Code, but it continues to give me an error.

I’m having some trouble with the verify license feature in our registration module on our support forum.

In the meantime simply send me a message via the contact author form on my profile page here, and I will manually create your account and email your login details.

Please include your email address when you message me, since Envato does not provide this to me by default.



I placed a support request in the support forum 5 days ago and haven’t received a response back yet.

Hello? Anyone providing support anymore?

I apologize as I was out of town. I’m jumping in the forum now. Thank you for your patience.

No worries! Thanks.

Have sent out three e-mails over the course of a week and still have not heard back after my purchase last Monday…

Tried to set up an account on the support forum but was told my license code was invalid. Sent you a message through the contact author form on your profile page here today…

I’ve sent you account login info a few days ago, please check your spam folder.

Turns out it was in the spam folder. I’m able to log in fine now. Thanks for sending.


I wanted to know whether it would be possible use the image of the guy on the bicycle (on the About page) for my website? Who’s the original author of that image?

Thank you.


Sorry, was out of the country with no internet connection.

You can purchase that image from stocksy.com if I remember correctly.


Hi guys,

i have some trouble with the Theme.

Also (tenmillinsounds) tried to set up an account on the support forum = failed.

Please let me in.

I’ve emailed you your support account information many days ago. Please check your spam folder for account login info.


Hi MeetMighty,

i find nothing in the box or in my spam folder – look. http://up.picr.de/20088450uv.jpg

Please try it again. Thanks

I’ve sent this email to you again. Please let me know if you do not receive it. Thanks,

I am about to purchase for a personal blog. I will be the only writer. Can the author image be removed from the post excerpt from the front page?

Yes, but we will need to show you how to do this via a support request. Thanks,