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The layout composer isn’t working for me at all now – I’ve reloaded the theme, changes browsers – nothing works. When I click on the + sign to add a content type, nothing happens (i.e. nothing loads.)

Any suggestions???

Hi Equiet – any ideas?

It’s started working – I think I just needed to update my .htaccess file

Hi Equiet, are you planning new updates after the last release in January?

Does anyone know why on a post page there is missing column in the middle, to the right of the post text, but left of the sidebar?


Changing it from sidebar to full removes the main foremost right sidebar altogether, bit it still has a space to the right of the text. Putting the right main sidebar back doesn’t seem to change the missing column in the middle. You can see what I mean here: http://goo.gl/I1wK09

I see. The sidebar should be disabled when it contains no widgets. Thank you for reporting this issue, I’ll take a look.

Is there any quick fix I can make to the template for the time being to get text to stretch all the way? It does stretch all the way when the full width is selected in the customizations, but of course, then the sidebar disappears.

Dear Equiet, I’ve sent you 3 support requests via the support form, but I never received a reply.

I’ve uploaded the new update you recently released but the theme since the first day I have used it does not work properly. Namely, if I arrange more than a text box (e.g. simple text, visual editor) on a page with the layout composer, it will only keep data from a single box and dismiss all the other when I update the page or open it back to change something.

Anything but the title of the box will disappear. Could you please reply and hopefully solve this issue?

Latest browser I’ve tested Report theme with: - Mozilla FireFox 29.0.1 - Google Chrome 35.0.1916.114 m - Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.17107

WP version I’ve tested Report theme (same website, updated whenever there was a new release): - WordPress 3.9.1 - WordPress 3.8.3

Did you actually need the information you asked? They have been laying there for 2 weeks without any further comment from yours.

Of course I still haven’t received any reply (since MONTHS) to my support requests via your support tab either.

I’d remove at least “Top-class free support” from the Item details.

I’m really sorry, I have been very busy last few weeks. Hopefully I have finally fixed the issue now, the update (1.7) should be ready in few hours once it gets reviewed.

Hi. At first, sorry for my English. I like your theme. I´m have a trouble. I can´t change the content font size. I did it in other themes, but I can´t to do it in this case. Thank you for your help and for the theme. Bye :)


how to replace the favicon?

Currently the letter R appears. I want to put my logo.

Thanks, Joel

Hi Joel,

just replace favicon.png and favicon.ico files in the theme’s folder. To see the change in the browser, you need to clear its cache.

Thank you for your reply.

I have another question about the Widget Social links (on the header of the homepage and downstairs at right of the homepage):

- The header: where in the admin I can put the links? what format link? (Ifram or other?) - Low (right): what format link? (Ifram or other?)



Social links do not work into the post and within the homepage (bottom right);

On the demo there are social links (on the header). I installed the theme, but I did not see these social links

What is the solution?

Thanks, Joel

I have my slider restricted to show posts from one category – because the Post IDs option isn’t working. I added cat=33 to the Additional WP Query parameters box to force all the posts from that category to show. I’ve added a new post to that category, so I also need to indicate posts_per_page=5 (because the default seems to be 4) however, when I put a comma in as a separator – cat=33, posts_per_page=5 – it doesn’t work. Any ideas???

I figured it out, it’s cat=33&posts_per_page=5

I see support is lacking here?

Please see my email, the Layout Composer doesn’t work (when I click on this button happens): https://www.dropbox.com/s/rm0vhozanzomdqh/Screenshot%202014-07-18%2016.26.31.png

Additionally it seems impossible to add a video to the slider, the instructions are just 2 lines long and it’s not an obvious design.

Are you there?

Dude… Come on.

Do not buy this theme. It’s incomprehensibly buggy. Things aren’t working all over the shop, but zero support from theme owner.

I’ve requested a refund, but guess what.. NO REPLY!

Latest problem is that the featured images that are taken from posts are resized to smaller resolutions, then stretched – making all your featured images look terrible.

There seems to be a limit to the number of posts shown in ‘menu-articles-list’ (7) – how can I increase this to say, 10? Thanks.

Any clue as to why the submenus on the theme stopped working?


DISCOVER > SOUL NOURISHMENT > ??? (Listed in the code, but the menu will not pop out)

Hi, I want to add a slider on the front page. How can I do that? I can only add the slider on the side bar but I wan the same setting as I see it on the screen here http://themeforest.net/item/report-news-magazine-theme-for-wordpress/full_screen_preview/6175953 I also want to add the ‘Breaking News’ section on the main page.

Hi, is this theme WP 4 friendy?

do the author reply?

Did this guy abandon ship?

Hello, I bought this theme a week ago. Layout composer is not working at all. Sent you an email through your contact form about this issue. Unfortunately it has not been replied yet. How do I get Layout Composer to work? Thanks.