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Is it possible to make that top menu sticky and scroll with you as you move down the page?

This has been actually implemented, but I removed it, because there were some problems with few edge cases.

I’m glad someone would like this feature and I’ll try to implement it in the next update.

Looks awesome! Good luck dude :)


News themes are very popular now a days and this theme has potential to fit this niche.

Wow!!!Very nice work!!Good luck with sales… :)

Wonderful touches here, congrats!

Thanks for nice theme!

I have 1 problem with the menu though. All the menu items automatically go in to the black menu icon although it has spaces to display. I’ll attach screenshot. How to fix this and display properly?


That’s weird, I cannot reproduce this behaviour.

Could you please send me an email with more details? What browser do you use? Is your site online?


I see this problem on all browsers. My site is online. I’ve emailed you the site address.

Thanks, I’m looking into it right now.

Very nice theme but I encountered a few problems on my Nexus 4 Chrome mobile browser.

1. The navigation sub-menus do not slide out (ie When Post types is clicked, nothing happens)

2. On Posts, the Featured image isn’t shown

I think you have a winner on your hands if you keep this theme updated frequently.

Thanks for reporting these issues.

I’m not sure what do you mean by #2. Could you please send me a link on which page this is happening?

Thanks, Equiet

Featured images aren’t visible in Posts on my mobile Chrome browser

There are 2 available layouts for Posts: 1. with sidebar (displays the featured image), 2. full width (doesn’t display the featured image).

An image can be embedded directly into the post.

I seem to get an invalid argument warning for the foreach() loop on line 121 in the header.php file. Haven’t changed anything exactly. Should I just ignore that? or has that happened to anyone else?

Hi, thanks for reporting. This is not a big problem, you can ignore and it should work fine. The fix will be included in the next update.

Please send me an email at equiet@equiet.sk if you want me to send you updated files right now.

Hi, Do you have option to display views counter in the Popular sidebar?


Hi. Currently it’s not available, but shouldn’t be problem to add. Just 2 lines of code, I will include it into the next update.

Equiet, I emailed you an issue I’m having with your theme and a Multi-Site installation that I’m having.

For whatever reason the SASS files are blank, resulting in no theme being applied to the site.

The theme is only installed on a child site, and not the primary wordpress install.

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.


The video-slide-feature shown on the demo works on this template. The feature I meant is the video playing alone on the slide show.



I’m sorry, I’m not sure what do you mean. Could you please rephrase that?

Sorry, I am not a code writer. The question was: how do I set up the auto playing video on the slider? Exactly the same way is displayed on the demo ( the jelly fish video). Is it a plugin?

I am using a Slider block from the Layout Composer. The video for the code can be inserted in the Post page.

I recommend importing demo data to see how it works.

you know Equiet, I’m looking forward to a gorgeous theme and yours seems promising.

However, I believe that the overall is great but it has few shortcodes :(

To me for example, something like this: http://themes.fuelthemes.net/exquisite/shortcodes/

is still “a few” eheh :)

However, do you plan to extend your theme with more functionalities soon or not? I believe it’d boost your sales…



I’m sorry for taking so long to reply. I plan on adding new shortcodes, simply say which ones you need. Many of these from the example are actually built-in. I should probably just try to advertise them better.

No problem Equiet :)

Well, I would first of all show the shortcode itself (together with its output), so that I know which syntax you used for that, and therefore I’m prepared to.

Besides, I’d like to have for example the possibility to switch easily fonts/colors etc. That’d be great if you had a demo online which could do that too :)

Good luck with this! Marco

The demo has a few models of home pages. I have installed the plugin but can’t see how to select the “Simple” home page style. Advice please…



The homepages are just simple pages. Go to Settings – Reading and set one of these pages as a Front page.

If you choose “Show latest posts”, the Archive template (like the one used when browsing categories) will be used.

Hello! Good theme! Is this function registration and rfisrtation with facebook?


I haven’t worked on this specifically. Take a look if there are some WordPress plugins for this available. If there are, they should work with Report, too.

Im not very happy at all actually, I’ve purchased this them and when I install it I get error /home/content/09/10972209/html/wp-content/themes/report/header.php on line 188

As well as none of the theme demo content is installable and it looks absolutely different. I must have purchased over 80 themes on theme forest so far is this one is very hard to navigate through instal .

I’ve just sent you the updated files. Also, the fix is included in the latest update.

Hi, considering to purchase it, when I am browsing it to test all the functions, there is one problem found now, hope it can be fixed, I like this theme.

The submeun of the main menu at the top can’t be clicked or hovered, unless you are quick enough before it’s closed when your mouse moves to the link you want.

don’t know if it still exists in the updated version.. but the problem is there on the live preview.

I am using the latest Firefox..


Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve found the fix will be included in the next update. Or I can send you the updated files sooner, if you want.


I have a few questions about the theme.

-How can I change fonts? I’ve found it under ‘Other’ display customization panel (you should not do this) but I could not do it.

-At the bottom of the page there is this ‘Load more’ section but when I click it, nothing happens. If you wanna try it please visit www.sinedrama.com

-Your demo page looks different. In a better way of course. I liked ‘small slider’ and ‘simple’ style in demo page so I bought the theme but whatever I did after purchase, I could not manage to get that look.

Need help I guess.



I’m sorry for taking so long to reply.

The fonts can be changed directly in the Customizer, in ‘Fonts’ section.

Thanks for reporting the issue. I have fixed it and it will be included in the next update. You can send me an email and I will send you the modified files.

Did you try importing the demo content? I have created all homepages using Layout Composer.

Hi – love the theme. When making updates to the layout composer element within the pages however, none of the changes update when I save and publish them. After saving, they just revert back to nothing there. Am I missing something?

It happens on every page, including the dummy pages. I just installed the new version of the theme and am still not able to save any page edits through the Layout Composer.

Actually after clearing the cache it looks like working now

Interesting… I will take a deeper look into caching mechanisms. Thanks.

Hi. Is there any easy way to remove default sidebar (the sidebar that can’t be customized) from the post page?


Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this. You would need to edit the code in single.php file (remove whole sidebar section).