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I like the theme and I’m thinking about buying it, but first I have som questions.

1. Do you plan to make a “About the author”-box or something like that in the bottom om the posts?

2. Do you plan to make author-page?

3. Is it possible in a easy way to add the date of the post in the home page?

4. Can I in a easy way change the height of the small slider?

5. Is there a Recent Comment-widget?

Thanks. :)


thanks for asking.

1. It’s already there! Thanks for pointing this out, I forgot to include it in the demo. I have added there a small description now so you can see how it looks like.

2. This should be quite easy to do, just send me an email what you want it to look like and I will make some changes.

3. The date of a post is visible on archive pages which you can use as a homepage. If you show a date for posts with the current homepage design, this would require a little bit of coding. Again, send me an email I’ll help you with that.

4. There is no option for this in administration, but it is just one line in functions.php file. I can send you the instructions.

5. Yes, Recent Comments widget is supported.


I am interested in purchasing this theme but I have a few questions:

1. What is the theme speed load time? 2.Will I be able to add a pop-up email capture plugin?


1. This is really hard to tell, especially to compare. Report is pretty fast and you can make it even faster using some plugins.

2. This shouldn’t be a problem. But generally it depends on the plugin.

Which fonts for Romanian and Russian languages ??support template? Can I add social plugins and odnoklassniki.ru vk.tsom?


You can define your own fonts. Take a look at Google Webfonts, you can use any of them, but make sure it includes all the characters you need.

I haven’t tried these plugins. If you want to simply make a link with an icon, here is the list of all icons that are available: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/3.2.1/cheatsheet/


Is it possible to show a Gravatar in the “About Author” column in a post?



I’m not sure. I am using standard WordPress calls to do this, so I imagine some plugin could easily take care of this.


I tried the Layout composer. But it doesnt save the things i do on that tab. :(

do you know why? I have the latest version from you and WP.


I’m working on it right now. Meanwhile, this process seems to work: Click Layout Composer, then Text, then Layout Composer again and it should work.

Hey, I was wondering how I would add a Vimeo or Youtube video into a post. What do I put between <video> </video> ? Thanks


Some of Vimeo videos are supported. You need to link directly to the source files, which can be found in the “Download” link for some videos. Unfortunately YouTube is not supported right now.

Hi There, Just wondering if this theme supports subscriptions (full access to paying subscribers; limited access to non-paying news readers)? Thanks!

Hi. I didn’t write any special code for this, but I’m sure there is some plugin which can do what you want. If written well, it should be compatible with Report.

Where it sais “Back to ThemeForest” and “Buy this theme” over the main menu, is that another menu-section?

And I also want to know if it’s possible to have a horizontal sub-menu with regular text? Just like the Dropdown 1 in the demo but with text instead of posts.

Thank you.


Yes, header links are in a separate menu. Text-only horizontal menu is, unfortunately, not available.

Not compatible with IE8

Thanks for reporting this, I will look into it.

Is there a way to remove the category links generated when using the ‘Post with Sidebar’ (e.g. IN Category? ) without modifying the single.php file?

plus, when I switch to the child theme, and I suspect something in the child theme controls this too

Could you please send me an email at equiet@equiet.sk with whole file attached?

Update: the theme update took care of all of my problems with the child theme. Fantastic theme, fantastic support!

Hi, My layout composer is not working. i lay it out, and update and it resets to blank.


I am aware of this issue, but cannot reproduce it. Everything works for me.

Could you please try this process: click Layout Composer, then Text, then Layout Composer again. Now it should work.

If you still experience this issue, could you please tell me which browser do you use?

i use safari. i fixed it with a empty cache.

what i want now is for every post in a column i create to have an image so that my homepage can have three columns of posts, each column a different category, with each post in each column having its own image displayed. can’t do this….

any help would be appreciated.

There is no widget for this, but you can use a combination of Selected posts widget to show posts from a certain category.

How can I embed a Twitter feed like you displayed on your “Features and Typography” page example? http://report.equiet.sk/?page_id=380

How about other shortcodes (e.g. buttons, dropcap, code, etc..)?



To embed a tweet, just insert its URL into the text. WordPress will take care of the rest.

Other features are available in a WYSIWYG editor. Take a look into documentation for the exact place.

Good theme and I think to buy it. But there is one thing which not suit for me. In any post there is photo which has small text description. At main page all posts after title have this description text. Is it possible instead this description text use beginning of main text post?

Yes, this is possible. This short description text is called excerpt and I am using it to easily control its length to be similar to other posts. This is, however, optional. If you don’t fill the excerpt, Report will not show it and the post intros will behave as usual (you can use more tag to control it).

Hey Equiet,

Firstly, great theme, its been a gem to work with so far. I have some niggling questions I havent been able to solve.

I’m having trouble getting posts to appear on after the next, rather having posts appear in two different columns. I’m also unsure of how to create the additional column for the ‘featured’ articles in the simple layout for the home page and also the additional content just before the footer.

I know there’s probably a simple solution – your guidance is appreciated :)

Website is www.grassrootminds.com


Hi, I’ve sent you an email. In short, you need to use Layout Composer to arrange the posts in a way you want. You will be working primarily with the Post list widget, which offers various options for displaying the posts. Before-footer content in a post page can be customized in Appearance - Customize. The footer itself can be changed to a sidebar and contain different widgets.

is there a way to display Dropdown 2 menus for different categories?

For example:

Nav item 1 is called Cats Post 1 on Cats Post 2 on Cats

Nav item 2 is called Dogs Post 1 on Dogs Post 2 on Dogs

yes, I think you are getting it right, but where do I indicate which category the menu should follow? When I set up a Dropdown 2, it’s pulling from every post, I’m not sure how to control it.

You have to create a menu item for a category. To do this, select a category from the Post Categories section (if you don’t see this, you need to enable it first in Screen Options in top right corner).

got, thank you so much!

Hi !

“Layout Composer “

Does not work

Please check in


When writing my article layout using Composer to write posts Posts are not saved. Upgrade to WordPress is that it? Answer, thank you

Google translator called communication fits in there. Sorry

Hi – I’m trying to restrict the Simple Slider to only certain posts – however, even when I set the post numbers, it’s pulling from every post from every category.

it worked when I restricted by category (used cat=XX)

When writing my article layout using Composer to write posts Posts are not saved. Upgrade to WordPress is that it? Answer, thank you

Google translator called communication fits in there. Sorry

Hi. This should have been fixed in the latest update. It looks like its still present in some cases. :/ Try switching to Text and then back to Layout Composer before making any changes.

Hi, I’m also having that problem, my text is not saved in the layout composer. I’ve upgraded to the new theme and I’m still having this problem.

it doesn’t. Every time I go into change something that uses the Layout Composer, I need to hit Text, then Layout Composer, then re-enter all of my text/html.

Interesting… Could you please make me a temporary account and send me the login information at equiet@equiet.sk?

just sent, many thanks.

Hi I’m still waiting for a reply to my mail sent at your customer support last friday. I have updated theme version as you suggestedto fix Layout composer issue but unfortunately: 1. I cannot modify imported content (e.g. your “Homepage 1”, “Homepage 2”, etc. won’t save changes); 2. If I create a new page from zero it will save content only once: if I go back to make another change the input fields in the layout composer are empty and if I save the page again I lose everything.

Besides this major bug, there are minor ones such as those concerning a few fontawesome icons that won’t appear, such as: • icon-google-plus-sign • icon-youtube-sign

Please reply!

Just find out that fontawesome icons will appear ONLY when whitespace is entered before the short code. So: “icon-youtube-sign” won’t work, but ” icon-youtube-sign” will do.

Hi, thank you for reporting this issue. I’m sorry, I have been very busy last week, but I am working on it right know.

Could you please point out where exactly the icons don’t work? Is it in menus or do you use them somewhere in text?

I’ll let you know when the fix for Layout Composer is released.