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Hello, Interested int he theme. Due to the many layouts you can create does the theme compensate for different post sections so none repeat?

So If I created a front page with 4 different sections consisting of 4 posts each will none repeat? I noticed some themes have an “offset posts” in the sections creator area. So each section can start pulling posts after the offset. So If I enter 4 in the offset for a section of posts, that section will begin loading from the 5th latest post.

Does your theme allow this? Also, the theme Demo slider is scrambled. Needs to be fixed. Thanks


Yes, Layout Composer allows you to make any WordPress queries for the posts. This means you can setup things like offset or custom filtering and ordering.


Hi – My ‘Single Posts’ are currently set to ‘Full Width’, with ‘Show posts from the same category in article sidebar’. There is one Post where I do NOT want posts showing (I just want a full page layout.) Displaying it as a Page is not an option, as it’s part of a category menu and must be a Post.

Any ideas on how to do this?


Report doesn’t support changing layouts based on selected posts.

WordPress supports using a different template for certain IDs, but this works only for categories and pages. Probably the only option is to insert a condition into single.php:

if (get_the_ID() == YOUR_ID) {
... code for layout 1 ...
} else {
... code for layout 2 ...

“Fixed the problem when changes made in Layout Composer couldn’t be saved”

Did not work?

Even if the new version does not solve the problem

Hi, could you please send me an email? I have a new version in the working, but I need some feedback. I will send you an updated theme that should hopefully fix this for good.

Where I can get this directory? /wp-sass-cache/

If Layout Composer is shown correctly in admin, there should be no issues with displaying the page. If Layout Composer is not showing, the content might be broken. Please try recreating the page or reverting (using Revisions) it to the last working state.

If the problem persists, could you please give me detailed information when it occurs and how to reproduce the problem?

The error happens when you want to use the LC. In the admin panel works without problems, but when the page is only the message [EQFW_LAYOUT_CONTENT]

I am using OSX and Chrome browser check, is online: http://totalstreet.cl/home/

Would it be possible to make me a temporary account so I can take a look at what’s happening? You can send me the credentials at equiet@equiet.sk.

On the slider how do I remove the description completely?

Interesting. I don’t see any reason why this should cause problems. I do not apply any special code filtering besides the WordPress’ built-in. Does it work in standard pages and posts?

It does not, no. kind of sucks :/

Looks like WordPress is filtering this, probably for security reasons. However, Google AdSense is pretty common, so I would look for some plugins which allows you to insert AdSense code into post via shortcodes, for example.

On my single posts where I ‘Show posts from the same category in article sidebar’ – the current page is removed from the list. I would like it to display and be bolded. For example. If I’m on a post called ‘Step 2’, my list shows:

Step 1 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5

how can I get it to show Step 2? I think the code is in the single.php page, but I’m not sure what to change it to:

<?php $categories = get_the_category(); ?>
<?php if ( get_theme_mod( 'post_categories' ) && count( $categories ) > 0 ): ?>

<?php echo __( 'In ', 'eqfw') . $categories[0]->name; ?>

<?php the_widget( 'Report_Widget_Post_List', array( 'style' => 'small', 'number' => 7, 'category' => false, 'category_id' => $categories[0]->term_id, 'title' => '', 'tag' => false, 'additional_parameters' => '', 'additional_args' => array( 'post__not_in' => array( get_the_ID() ) ) ), array( 'before_title' => ' ', 'after_title' => ' ' ) ); ?> <?php endif; ?>

Hi. I’m sorry for the delay. You need to replace

'additional_args' => array( 'post__not_in' => array( get_the_ID() ) )
'additional_args' => ''

perfect – thank you so much, no need to apologize for the delay! If I wanted to ‘bold’ that, so the active page is in bold text in the list, how would I do that?

I’m not seeing the layout composer. Where in the admin should I expect to find it?

Never mind. I found it. :)

Hello, I purchased the template some time ago and now I want to change it to get the photos in a different way from how they are. I would like something like this -> http://livesicilia.it/2013/06/25/mirko-vicari-scatti-di-una-vita-spezzata_339640/

You can edit in any way?

Hi – I love the theme – but can’t find a setting for the background of the main nav menu. I’ve set the theme colour to a chosen color – but the menu BG doesn’t change. In the demo, you have a selector that allows the menu BG to change color – but can you direct me to where it is?

Thanks – Andy

Hi Andy,

I’m sorry about the delay. You can change the color in Appearance -> Customize -> Colors. It is possible that browser remembers which color you have chosen using the preview panel, which overrides the global settings for the theme. If you are changing color and nothing happens, you can also try to write the color code manually (using the RGB HEX code).

Hi! Great theme!! Is it possible to get “pages” and not “posts” in dropdown menus? Or display subcategories of one category?

Yes, this can be done in Appearance -> Menus. To add categories and subcategories in the menus, make sure you have it enabled in Screen Options (top right corner).

Oh sorry, I mean this: is it possible to keep the “dropdown 1” template and get any pages, either the last articles? Thanks


We are using your theme for a French site. And, we will need to translate few terms that are still appearing in US. I found Default.mo file but it seems that CodeStyling Localization doesn’t recognize the theme. Which plugin can I use in order to generate .po file?

This is the answer to the question asked by mks222: perfect – thank you so much, no need to apologize for the delay! If I wanted to ‘bold’ that, so the active page is in bold text in the list, how would I do that?

To bold the current Step:

Edit Report_Widget_Post_List.php

Change the Title section as follows: <!-- Title --> <?php $permalink = get_permalink( get_the_ID() ); $self = $_SERVER['SCRIPT_URI']; $current = false; if ($permalink == $self) { $current = true; } ?> <h3 class="article_title"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php if ($current) { echo '<strong>'; } the_title(); if ($current) { echo '</strong>'; } ?></a></h3>

Everytime i save some html in layout composer it will go away from the layout composer – so i need to write it everytime i save it again.

Two questions before buying:

1 . The theme support featured images? I have to insert them in the post or is it automatic, if the post have a featured image? (I’m asking this, because all the images I have in posts are featured.)

2 . How it will look if one post don’t have any featured image? I notice that in your example, all the posts have some image associated at front page…

Hi, I want to know were I can choose the big slider option for the home. And get this excaclty layout: http://report.equiet.sk/ thanks

Hi, I’m helping a person who has bought your theme but via translation. Po doesn’t work. Which folder to the fr_FR.po please?

Hi! I have the same problem of @nimapirzadeh: “Everytime i save some html in layout composer it will go away from the layout composer – so i need to write it everytime i save it again.”

How can we solve this issue?


For those who have issues with layout composer in wp 3.9 (when you click on ”+” nothing happens). You have to “re-import” some scripts adding this lines of code in function php @ line 140: wp_enqueue_script( ‘jquery’ ); wp_enqueue_script( ‘jquery-ui-core’ ); wp_enqueue_script( ‘jquery-ui-dialog’ );


For the blog post view, is it possible to get the sidebar to show?

When viewing the home page with ‘big slider’ I want to try and bring in the layout of posts as shown in the ‘small slider’ view – the posts which are right at the bottom with their respective headers ‘design, movies, world’ – would this layout be possible on the big slider pages?


I’m seeing an error in my logs: [client] PHP Warning: Missing argument 2 for eqfw_convert_icon_title() in /var/www/sites/directorythesiteisin/demandrmnch/wp-content/themes/report/functions.php on line 367, referer: http://sbccimplementationkits.org/demandrmnch/

Any ideas on what do to to fix this? This is line 367: function eqfw_convert_icon_title( $title, $id ) {

For those who are having issues with non working layout composer in WP3.9.1 I have found a fix. Get the PixGridder plugin. Works like a charm!