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I need to change the template language to Spanish … how should I proceed on this. Thank you.


I installed this theme to my site which is running well on wordpress 3.6.1. I think its about time to update the wordpress and plugin. Before I invest couple + hours to update and test everything, I just want to make sure that the themes support the latest wordpress 3.9.x.

Have you tested the the theme with latest wordpress version ?

Thanks !

Yes, the theme has been tested and works in WP 3.9. Our demo site is running the latest version of WP at all times.

Where can I find the documentation of the short codes? They are not included in the zip file…

Responded via forum post. Thanks

PLS Update demo.

It is all set now. Thanks for the heads-up. :)

Hello. Page builder not all widgets and dont side by side. pls help.


Those are the Blocks that we’ve included to create the homepage layout as shown in the demo site.

To make them side by side you need to grab the side and size to fit.

Hi, I want to use your theme as a mobile only theme with Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin. I will not be using it as my main theme. Instead, I will have sahifa for my main theme and use The Daily Press as my mobile theme. Can your test if this will work? I am asking because I bought another theme for this and when I use it for mobile it just looses all its responsiveness.

Unfortunately, this theme will not work for you in that way.

I had installed Reporter 2.0 on a site by November 2013 and customised it completely with CSS. I had just upgraded to Wordpress 3.9.x Now, i enabled comments option in WP with anyone can post comment option, but i don’t see that anywhere on the website. We had not bee using comments till now. Is there anything to do with the Template or Wordpress?

Do you have comments disabled in your Discussion settings for the post? http://cl.ly/XIKv

Yes. I have comments enabled in Discussion settings. Also, i have made necessary configurations. Should there be any issue with wordpress itself? Because, even if i change the theme to default one, comments area is not displayed :-(

Hmm. All I can suggest is to make sure you have the latest version of WordPress installed and try deactivating your plugins one by one to see if one is causing the error.


Will this theme work with wordpres 4.0?



Yes. If you’re experiencing any issues be sure you are using the latest version.

working on a clients theme? 1.Please how do I make the header float 2. I observe the page builder homepagedoes not work well with adsense, 3. How do I influence theme colour and font?

Unfortunately these changes are considered customizations and outside the scope of our support. We suggest you find a developer to help you customize the theme.

Support Policy:

Support does NOT include:
  • Customization of CSS or theme design
  • Code/functionality modifications
  • Hosting or installation assistance
  • Support for third party plug-ins
  • Answering general WordPress usage questions
  • Or, any other requests to modify the theme beyond its advertised features and options
Support does include:
  • Responding to questions or problems regarding theme options and features
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues
  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new WordPress versions

Hi, the twitter widget does not seem to do anything… I have added my twitter ID to the theme options, but nothing changed yet… Is there something else I need to do please? Thanks

Do you have the latest version of the theme installed? You can check to see if there is a newer version available by going to Appearance ? Themes with the theme activated. If there is a newer version you will see an Update Available notice bar over the theme screenshot. You can click that link to auto-update the theme.

If you do then it there might be a conflict with another plugin that you are using.

Hi its the latest version, direct from the wordpress site as is the wp install itself, the only plugin atm is Akismet… The file twitter.php appears to be empty??

I have a client who will need this working for ie8..would it be possible or are there elements cant be changed?

Sorry, we only support IE9+. You would have to add your own custom CSS to get it looking okay in IE8.

Did this theme has the option of sticky menu?

No but it can be achieved with some basic CSS.

Will more updates and bug fixes come for this theme?

the last release was one nad a half year ago :(

You can check to see if there is a newer version available by going to Appearance ? Themes with the theme activated. If there is a newer version you will see an Update Available notice bar over the theme screenshot. You can click that link to auto-update the theme.

Hello, I need to know if this template works with Wordpress 4.3.1

I can’t get the PageBuilder plugin that comes with this theme to insert columns as shown in the docs. Tried updating pagebuilder but in that version something else is missing. Requested support direct from DesignerThemes, not had any reply in more than a week.


That’s a great theme!

How do I hide the comments counter from the front page made with page builder?

Hi, i would like to buy this theme before that i would like to check out a demo login , is that possible?