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the best landing page on themeforest.

question; how can we use image logo instead of text?

really appreciate that @ahmetars!

I’ve provided a .psd in the main download that actually includes the logo itself. You could either use that as the image and add it in the necessary section (either through an image element, background image, etc.) OR change up the text directly.

The choice is yours… :)

Thanks @JOGJAfile, much appreciated.

Looks great, congrats :)

Thanks Bedros

I would love love love a login and signup page. Do you think we might be able to get one? Pretty please?

Hi @covic,

Thanks for your comment. I’ll keep your request in mind, though it’s not something I have in the pipeline at the moment.

Thanks anyway for your feedback and all the best.

Love the landing page.

However, I’m unable to upload the theme to WP.

WP says the css style sheet is not in the zip file. Although I see the css style sheet when I expand the zip file in my finder window.

Any idea why the error?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @stevendroyster,

This is a static HTML landing page and not a WordPress theme (which is why you’re getting that notification).

You can still upload it to your server and have it working there. Refer to the video within the documentation where I provide further details.

If you did wanted to purchase a WordPress theme you will need to get in contact with Envato Support directly.



(Google Translator) Hello, I have never bought a landing page and not manage. Its configuration is through the WordPress dashboard? I not speak english, sorry…

Hi @naval0n,

Thanks for your question. Let me see if I have understood you correctly.

If you wanted to know if this is a WordPress theme, then the answer is no – this is a static HTML landing page only. You will not be able to upload through the WP dashboard.

You can edit it to suit your needs through your own server and if you run into any issues you can always shoot me an email and I’ll help you out.



Hi, I will be purchasing the theme, but before I do so, can I ask… Is the Subscription Sign Up Form easily linkable with MailChimp? Many thanks.

Hi @Chaps81,

Super easy and I did one better for you…check out this video:

If you run into any issues let me know.



Great thanks… I will take a look… Cheers.

Nice work. Everything looks good until I look at it on a smartphone. There seems to be some rendering and alignment issues. The issues are most noticeable at the footer, but the maps section is disjointed as well. I’m testing on an android 4.x galaxy s3 with native and in chrome. Used Apache, nginx and s3 as hosts all have the same issue. Galaxy Nexus all has it too. Checked the demo theme and after removing the frame, it has the same issues. Happy to help work through it if you can take a look

Thanks for letting me know @Openbridge. I’ll check it on the emulator again and see if I can debug from my end.

The template has been tested on iOS native devices, but I don’t have access to Android devices. That being said, I’ll see if I can repro the bug you mentioned and go from there. Otherwise, I’ll see if I can get my hands on an Android device.

If you can email me a screenshot of the bugs you see that would be really helpful as well.



UPDATE: The fixes have now been submitted and are now in the review queue. I will update the thread again once these are approved.



ANNOUNCEMENT (updated to version 1.1): The revised changes have now been approved by the review team. These included:

- Fix to compatibility issues with native Android devices
- Improvements to page element fluidity (e.g. h1-h6, body text and grids)
- Improvements to embedded Google Map UI on mobile

in the demo there is a picture of a count down image – is that included?

Hi there,

Preview images are not included in the main download, though placeholders and references to where I sourced these assets are within the documentation file.

Hope that clarifies your question, thanks.


The tutorial for the maps is down:

I’d like to have a map with multiple markers. Can you send that syntax?

Maybe I wasn’t clear the first time. The website is down, and has been for several days. Are you able to see it? Possibly my IP is blocked or you have the site cached.

I can see the site from my end, yes. Clear my cache to confirm and still see it. Could be something on your end.

Send me a PM with your email address and I’ll copy across the instructions for you if you like?

I like the page only its so dark can i change the background to nutral lighter? Could you show this in the demo?

Also when scrolliing down IE10 zooms into the map so i wont reach the bottom of the page can this be deactivated?

Thank you for the fast reply it is working great, 1 more question will a boxed version be possible?

Thank you for the fast reply it is working great, 1 more question will a boxed version be possible?

Hi @t1rnanog,

No problem.

Currently the template does not come in a box version. That being said, it can definitely be customized to suit those needs it would just require some rework.



Whereabouts in the CSS do I increase the font size of the ‘Join Now’ and ‘Learn More’ buttons at the top of the page ?

I’d also like to change the colour of the body text when it is marked by but I can’t find that in CSS. It seems to be a light grey colour right now.

See below :)

Hi @rjay,

Thanks for your comment.

Re your first point – You will need to create a class to override the bootstrap default font-size value. You can do this by adding this on line 3271:

.btn-large {
    font-size: new value;

Re your second point – You will need to include your preferred body text color in the body selector declaration.

If you need more help let me know, thanks.