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Nice design, welcome to forest :) and best of luck with sales!

Thanks mate appreciate the comment and good luck to you as well

Look good bro! GLWS! :P

Thanks Tam, you have got some pretty neat designs yourself

Very nice, welcome to Forest :)

nice, clean and fresh. welcome on board mate

I think you’ll find yellow / grey being the common denominator here

Nice Design …..Give me Your Email

hi codec124 you can reach us at contact@locothemes.com

Check your Inbox

Copy – too easy…

little bit disappointed, the “Pattern bg layer” in front4 is just an image, ... if u change the backgroudn color the parttern bg still yellow … please change this

The new update should be made available during the coming week,in the mean time if you would like we can email you the specific psd page with updated layer if you can share your email or drop us n email. Thank you

Hi W247be, we have updated the Republica theme to V2 and have added a bunch of other goodies and variations to the theme do check them out and if you have any feedback please do share. Appreciate your input and please don’t forget to rate us.

ok thanks, will download and chekc !

Hi we have just completed updating Republica Theme to Version 2. Hope you guys like the added pages and we have introduced a few added Home Page variations. Let us know what you think and please don’t forget to rate us.

Thank you :)