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This is a great mobile theme and the tech support provided by luke is PHENOMENAL! Great work!

Wow thanks mate :-)

Hi, what addon needed in my smartphone to work the theme, i see only the 4 color points,


Hello, If you have trouble with page preloader “the 4 color points” you can turn it off anytime from Admin Panel.


Resans AP Menu – Slightly Modified Options Framework 1.5.2

could not allow any theme setting to save!!!!

it cause freeze web browser!!!!

very bad theme support!!!!

Please use another browser, SMOF may behave strange in some browsers, their team is working on solution. Will be updated soon.

Time for reply: 18 minutes. Pretty awesome theme support if you ask me :-)

If anything there’s still theme support on ticksy.


I can not edit the template with the backand. If I click on ‘Save all changes’ the page loads indefinitely. And now, do not charge anything. In my wordpress I just installed your template and two plugins. It’s a virgin!

Mine is a dedicated server with only three web sites with limited traffic. The template should fly!

The template does not work with Android?

It should work with all devices.

theme is not displaying correctly after uploaded and activated.


fixed it. nm

Glad you worked it out.

hello….i want to ask before i buy this , can this template post some video or sound for the post ? :D

thanks for you support!! its awesome :) cant wait to buy your another theme next time :D

errr…sorry , just notice i got white font collor in comment field, how to change that font color ?its different when i see you demo and i instaled the theme in wordpress new version

here the screenshot http://postimg.org/image/ud49skrqj/

Insert this into your CSS editor in wp-admin

textarea { color:#000; } 


hi i want to change size off images in articles please let me know i really want to do it. i want the size for every image can add by me not auto. thanks

i sent email to you and still waiting if you do not have any idea let me know. or what i have to fix it. thanks

Hello, use this CSS code to adjust your size:

article img, article iframe {
width:100% !important;

edit your W/H values and insert it via WordPress CSS Editor.


thanks fix it


I had a quick pre-buy question, does it support pagination out-of-the box?

Hello, there is infinite scrolling so there’s no need to go with pagination.

But if you want pagination instead of infinite scrolling you can disable infinite scrolling and call standard wordpress function for pagination.


I was talking about pagination on posts though

You mean like next/previous post?


hi… i want to have pagination for my index and all pages. i used some plugin but does not works. please let me how i can fix it.

thanks again

Hello, there is infinite scrolling so there’s no need to go with pagination.

But if you want pagination instead of infinite scrolling you can disable infinite scrolling and call standard wordpress function for pagination.


thanks for your reply… i just checked but i could not disabled, i check this http://en.support.wordpress.com/infinite-scroll/ but i can not find on my WordPress website. please let me know where i can fix it. thanks

This is wordpress infinite scroll you posted. Resans uses custom AJAX infinite scrolling jQuery plugin. If you want have it disabled you have to do it this way.


hi, i have problem with your themes. i follow the manual, but it’s display only one columns.

when i switch to desktop themes, the mobile themes only display progress animation :(

Please send me an email with your website.


luke, i sent you an email. please help me.

thank’s, nuansa.

i sent email to you and still waiting if you do not have any idea let me know. or what i have to fix it.

My mail below


I hav an issue on category list page. I mean archive pages.

When i click any category name, it islisting wrong category.

for example “corbalar (Soups) ” category but listing recipes which is not in the soups category. like dessert

you can check as mobile: http://mutfaksirlari.com

What is the problem do you think.

Hey there, do you use theme switcher?


No i am using Toltal Cache Plugin and i use “User Agent Group” option. ?t is forwarding to mobil theme if visitor in the user agent group (like iphone, galaxy series)

Well it might be it, these plugins may not be completely compatible.


Hello Luke, Many thanks for the development of this wonderful template. But I came across a little problem: The “read more” link doesn’t seem to work correctly (on my installation). The links won’t show. Not the “read more” link, and also links inside a message (on the pinboard) are disabled somehow.

Are you familliar with this?

Greetings, Erik

Hi Luke, can I use it directly with my RSS chanels?

Mmm… Can I convert this theme in apk?

It’s never been tested so it’s on your own.


Do you still support this theme? I sent you an email last Thursday but couldn’t get any answer.

Hi, Maybe someone already have asked you but I haven’t read all the comments yet.. If my question is duplicated question, I apologize in the advance.

I was wondering if you can update an article/blog on this theme by a mobile device. If so, do I use the WordPress app to update it? Before I purchase it, I wanted to know. :) Thanks!

Hello, unfortunately I don’t have this tested. Since what version WP offers this?

I found the WordPress app in iTunes and thought I could update my blog through the app. The WordPress needs to be 3.6 or higher it says. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wordpress/id335703880?mt=8

Yeah I think that this should be fine, if it says 3.6+ :)

Hi, one more question. Is that possible to create multiple blogs in your theme or WordPress? I created another blog template for my portfolio page by coping the template-blog.php file. Although when I go to my Portfolio page, it still reads the original blog template file. How do I change this for Portfolio page?

I tried to research in Codex Template Hierarchy page and other search results but I can’t find the latest answer there. I only find an answer for Version 3.0 that I have to install another WordPress with another database. Is this still current?

If you can point at something that I can edit the php file, I’d much appreciate it.

Thanks so much in advance. :)

Hello, I’m not sure if you can have two blogs on one theme, I’m afraid that you would have to do the another wordpress solution.

Ok thanks!

Does it support custom post types?

Template supports custom post types.

Can this use woocommerce?

Unfortunetaly no.

i wanna buy this. is it still updated with current trend?

Hello, this theme should be able to run newest Wordpress but it’s been tested up to 4.3 only.