Discussion on Reserve - Coming Soon

Discussion on Reserve - Coming Soon

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Hi, will this template work in Elementor? If not WordPress?

Hello, i am sorry not. all the best

Hi I am trying to use only the form in my template but the CSS is messing my styles . as i have a style sheet called style.css

Can you please tell me what is the css and Java script to use only for the for to work ?

Thank you Stef

first remove 1) from the html pages in order to make the other scripts works <script src=”html/js/jquery-1.10.2.min.js”></script> <script src=”html/js/jquery.easing.1.3.min.js”></script>

2) in functions.js remove all the scripts not necessary. for example the modals pages and the the counter sections. leave only <!- Quantity input -> and <!- DATEPICKER ->

all the best

Brilliant ! , such a quick response, and such a quick solution to my problem !! I wish I could say that for the template I bought I wait days now for one answer Thank you again , you deserve 5 stars

thank you

Please take a moment to rate the item in your Themeforest downloads page. How to rate: http://ansonika.com/profile/how-to-rate-themeforest-item.jpg

I have removed check-out button and now the form is not centered on the page, how can I center and stretch the form?

I worked it out, after seeing that you didn’t respond to the last comment for over 8 months…....Still gave it 5 stars!

thank you…support for this item is stille available….8 months because there were no more issues from buyers. all the best

Not sure if this item is still supported,. Mt client has asked to disable the countdown, this has been asked previously, can you assist please?

Hi, I need “get directions” Google maps functionality on pop up bubble info window. Could you help?

Thank you


The numbers in the text for example in “Weather forecast” are not all aligned.I’d like to know how to have them all at the same horizontal level please. Other than that, the template is very well presented and its documentation is clear and helpful.

Thank you,

How can I have the exact same size and position for all the digits please?

numbers are little bit not aligned for the font family. try to change the font familiy

hello I want to know if it would be possible to create wordpress version ? please

no…i am sorry any plan for a wordpress version

HI, can be integrated to Paypal?

yes…it can as standard html site template using the code provided by paypal

Is it possible to change the check out in to time (clock am/pm)? if so the template is perfect!

you can remove the calendar from the second input field an with some minor changes give to the user the ability to write the time or a little bit more complex add a drop down select that display different hours

Hi Ansonika! I sent you an email regarding the following issu: I removed the Check Out box, but when i try to send my booking demand, an error message appears, telling me that i must select a check out date… even if the box has been removed. Your help would be great! Regards.

you must edit/remove the checkout from the validate.js

validate.js (remove) check_out: $(’#check_out’).val(),

php(remove) $check_out = $_POST[‘check_out’]; php(remove) } else if(trim($check_out ) == ’’) { echo ‘ Please enter your Check out date. ’; exit();

and from the $e_content ..always in php

let me know if you succed

Also, for the contact page, can you add a contact form (name, email, ask a question) natively or i have to install a new js ? Any help would be great sir, best regards.

this i need some days…it necessary create a new php file, js etc regards

Okay, cool! Even on the frontpage would be great. If a customer wants to ask a question directly, instead of using the “book form” it would be awesome really. Best regards, already rated 5 stars, good job!

Hi friend, thanks for this template. Is it possible to change the datepicker language to French? (months and days would be changed from english to french). Regards! ;)

hello…. 1) at the bottom of the page call lang fr js after the plugin…like the example below <script src=”js/bootstrap-datepicker.min.js”></script> <script src=”js/locales/bootstrap-datepicker.fr.js”></script>

2) open js/functions.js add the param language: “fr” ...like the example below
<!-- DATEPICKER -->        
var nowTemp = new Date();
var now = new Date(nowTemp.getFullYear(), nowTemp.getMonth(), nowTemp.getDate(), 0, 0, 0, 0);
       $('#check_in, #check_out').datepicker({
    autoclose: true,
    language: "fr",
    todayHighlight: true

Flawless! thank you very much.

Hi, best landing page I’ve seen so far. Have a couple of pre-buy questions.

1. How many slide shows images can we display?

2. How many offers can we display?

3. Is there an option to disable counter (time)?

4. Is there an option for multi-language?

Thank you.

Hi again, I purchased the template and I was able to set it up with no problems.

I just have 1 question regarding the slider images. How can I make/adjust so the images are not so dark?


Hi…..open style.css and for this class change the opacity to 1 or 0.8 …etc.

ul.slides-container li img{ opacity:0.4; }

Thank you! It worked and the site looks great !!!

For those of you who want to change the weather temperature to Fahrenheit use this code

$(’#weather’).weatherfeed([‘YOUR ID’], { forecast: true, woeid: true, unit: ‘f’, });

thank you!!! good support :)

Hi, very good job, i like it so much!

thank you!! please rate if you wont. regards

you can rate the item in your downloads page

Can the forms registration be changed for example to add a mobile field?

hi…what do you mean for a mobile field?

Hi Ansonika,

Do you have plans to make it a booking website?


not a the moment

well this site is done for Hotelliers by non hotelliers…... how should I book my children just to say one….....

thank you..will be considered in the next update

Wow!! Now this is different. I never saw one with these options LOL. Heck I may have to just have this one :-) GLWS

Thank you :)


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